RE 24/7/365 Review

RE 24/7/365's “making, saving, and lending money” motto has recently burst onto the online marketing scene as a hot commodity inside the ‘we sell electricity' world…but is it for good cause or do we need to pause the hype and type the truth about what's ripe vs rotten – let's see whats coming down the windpipe for RE247365.


By doing a quick internet search, you can find Relationship Energy & Services' very own Peter PJ Jensen talking his truth and vision about his company and product.

On this unbiased RE247365 review we want to give you the facts about the company according to our expert analysis, to help you make a better decision to whether this company it’s a right fit for you or not.

What is RE24/7/365?

RE247365 it’s a new network company based at Fort Meyers Florida that was recently founded by Peter Jensen. According to their website their main objective is to save people money on essential everyday services for their home or business.

re247365-reviewSome of these services include:

• Electricity Services (commercial or residential)
• Natural Gas Services
• Travel Discounts, Deals, Vacations
• Commercial Funding Loans and Business Credit Lines

Electricity Services – Electricity is a product people MUST have and use everyday. According to their website RE247365 has formed an alliance and partner up with America Approve energy Services (AAC) which is how they can offer discounts to affiliates in the electricity department.

Travel Services – RE247265 has partnered up with Archer travel and (, which are a travel agencies that offer reputable discounts when you book your travel through RE247365 system.

Some of the notable discounts include:

• Resorts & Hotels discounts
• Individual & Group Travel discounts
• Cruises & Hot Car Rental discounts
• Airfare discounts

Loans and Business Capital – Re247265 has also partner up with America Approved Investment Capital Funding (AAICF) and makes it easier for entrepreneurs to get approved for loans to apply on their business.

One of the main features of the RE247365 is that they offer only services that people want and need, which could set them apart from most MLM companies.

The company motto is “If you can show people a better way to buy, they will buy from you”.

RE 24/7/365 calls every new rep a BF “Best Friend” and encourages new business owners to focus on sharing the MLM-styled business with people in their inner circle, hence RE247365 (relationship energy 24/7/365).

Is RE247365 Legit or a Scam?

The company has become extremely popular among network marketers this summer 2014 and seems to be catching a lot of momentum. Hundreds of affiliates are creating a profitable business with the company bonuses and lucrative compensation plan. But listen, we will be the first to say that RE may not be on par with a business franchise style system like iPAS2 – but that is not what their primary objective or aim is to be.

Network-MarketingEven though the company has a likable website and many people are making a lucrative income; it is not hard to see or pick up on the fact that it is still in its infancy stages.

Re24/7/365 has scheduled their first company wide event February 2015, which indicates they are preparing and setting up for maximum and continuous growth, which is great news if you plan to build this business. One of the downsides (compared to an opportunity like DubLi Network), is that they are not a world wide business and are only available to those inside the USA – but that is not the end all be all by any means.

Being that it is still in it's beginning stages and phases, it is going to be up to you to make the final decision on whether or not this company is the right fit for you. What we can tell you right now is that the company is NOT A SCAM and it offers a great opportunity to make money specially since you are finding out on its beginning stages, which makes for great timing.

It is noteworthy to mention the potential pitfalls and downsides to Relationship Energy upfront as we believe in honesty, integrity and transparency no matter what we review or recommend.

Whether it is safe to invest your time and hard work on building a team for the RE247365 business opportunity will come down to how much you are willing to act on instinct knowing how fast it has went viral to date.

We can help you do that if this interests you – the one big winning concept RE247365 brings to the table is the incentivized team build philosophy where it is more important to help others build than just all personal production.

To get more expert tips on how to grow your business with more leads, be sure to opt in to get advice from our Make Money Expert team!

If you have further questions about RE 24/7/365 – feel free to connect with one of our Make Money Experts on Skype or by leaving a friendly comment below!


  1. Lester

    Great post Troy, it seems like you and I have the same concerns about this new MLM. Anyways would like to connect with you on Facebook if you are there

  2. Junior Collado

    Thank you for sharing your review on relationship energy 24/7/365. Even though I have been looking to sink my feet into an online home based business opportunity for me and my family that is safe, secure and ligit I’m very hesitant into jumping into anything right away so I appreciate your honest feedback.

    • JC

      Mr. Collado,

      I recently joined RE and made some moderate returns. The company is truly in its infancy, only time will tell.

      Kind regards,

    • Jeff

      Hey man I joined RE thinking it was going to be a good company. I got two people right away and then I received an email from the company stating that due to merchant problems they will not being commissions to people. This company has MAJOR issues. Be glad that you didn’t sign up.

  3. Burkett Johnson

    RE offers only products, goods and services that people need and want. It does not get easier than electricity, money and traveling.

  4. Keder Cormier

    this is a great review for Re 24/7/365… Great stuff my friend

  5. Shawn

    If you want the best travel program out there Resort weeks from $150 and great and I mean GREAT training you got to check out The Legends Network! They are launching their new product TLN Destinations OCT 1 and it is going to be HUGE!!!

  6. J. Snow

    After doing some research, one of the founders is going to some FED time for tax evasion, plus after visiting a web site for them and entering some zip codes for where you “offer energy” there is no service. So where do you offer a product and how are you getting paid?

  7. Ron A

    If anyone has any questions about this great program please give me a call.

  8. Cass Decosta

    Awesome review Very informative.

  9. Jeff

    RE is a joke! I never got paid for the people that I introduced to the company. In fact, I know a lot of people who never got paid. DON’T SIGN UP!

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