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Network Marketing: Your Business of The Future

A True Network Marketing Success Story & MLM Business Tips Guide

Can You Trust Network Marketing for Your Financial Independence?

Tag along this transformational story of a truth seeker (just like you) who wanted to experience timeless success and become a ‘Super Networker' and master at the art of marketing online through the MLM model of people helping people.

Yes products.
Yes people.
Yes purpose.
Yes produce.
Yes profits.
All matter.

Let's climb the leverage ladder and discuss how to become successful in the networking-minded business space.

You see, Network Marketing is very near and dear to my heart so I will be simple and sincere by starting with the year (green as ever behind the ear) of 2006 – I was stuck grinding out the gears of graduating college transitioning into ‘adult' life paths – trying to get clear on my “next career”.

Flashback to February 22, 2006 – me – sitting awkwardly in the back of a ‘hotel meeting presentation’ about a “MLM company” (whatever that was) that had “the next best thing” and the timing was INCREDIBLE… unbeLIEvable I tell ya!


VITAMINS – in GEL form – WOW what more could life have given me that day?

I was hooked.

The shock factor at my core was positively shook – you should have seen the look I took after soaking up this professionally-packaged network marketing fairy-tell book.

Despite being a complete rookie (I had no idea what I was getting myself into), I had just deliciously (maybe delusionally/deliriously too) digested and drank the sweetest tasting Kool-aid you could have ever imagined (I think it even came with Santa’s favorite cookie too)…

I was IN. ALL IN.

How do I begin?!?

Next thing I know my student-loan-funded credit card floated out of my pocket and was dinged $1,100 for a trunk full of gel-based vitamins (that were going to change the world and MAKE ME RICH!)

Little did I not know many thought my MLM endeavors meant “Me Losing Money” and that home-based/online network marketing businesses would not be my savior and were in favor of me taking a safer route and path in life…aka 40 hours a week, 40 years of my life – … no way!

I have always associated and been attracted to entrepreneurialism. And by the grace of the human race, I knew deep down I was meant to enjoy success with marketing and networking online.

Picture this; an ex-collegiate Division One life-long basketball player and athlete, 3 weeks removed from his second major knee surgery in his senior year of school with cast, crutches and all; sitting in the back of a small Holiday Inn with nearly 70-80 other clueless but hopeful people watching a ‘bald guy’ in a crisply-pressed button-up suit (I’ll reveal the mystery man at the end but think about the dogma of a car salesmen or snake oil doctor) draw triangles and circles on a whiteboard about “how to get rich quick” (at least that’s what my ears heard and eyes witnessed)…

Needless to say, I was IN it to WIN it no matter what way you spin it.

Fame! Glory! Recognition! Yacht Cruises! First-Class Travel! Health! Generational Wealth!

You name it I claimed it THAT night with delight. ALL that was hidden was in plain sight. It wet and sold my money-hungry appetite.

I saw the light. There was no proverbial tunnel. It was a freedom funnel (get out of 9 to 5 corporate America jail free card) and a beautiful business-in-a-box bliss moment. In one conscious comment, it was an ocean of far from subtle emotion (which is the theme of this site) for my new-found devotion!

EASY MONEY!! …right?

It was as if all the pain from my recently surgically-hacked knee had subsided and was instantly replaced with pure pleasure and insanely-amazing hypothetical hypnotic profit making ability.

I was bit by the contagious MLM bug big time.

Out of child-like innocence and enthusiasm, I couldn’t even sleep that night with sheer excitement pumping through my veins laying next to my then-time girlfriend (who attended the meeting but apparently didn’t have the same effect [and might be why we are no longer together lol]) – I was AMPED up!

Dreaming, thinking, internalizing the exponential possibilities and substantial amount of potential commissions I was about to rake and pull in.




Levels and Layers? Uplines and Downlines? Matrix and Cycles? Autoships and BV? PV? CV? .. Hotel meetings? ..3 Way Phone Calls? ..Belly to Belly handshakes, Mouth to Mouth discussions gone debates gone debacles with dear friends and family?

Non-sense! I wanted that MONEY.

I do not know why you are here – but I assure you that I can relate and estimate that:

1) I know the ‘struggle is real’ but the ‘mogul inside you that you feel’ you are is real too

2) I can help you win at this multi-level pyramid-scheme marketing-thing regardless of experience or skill…

No matter your WHY or the HOW I will reveal how to heal your ideal professional and personal career – whether you’re looking for digital franchise style systems like iPAS2 or ‘quick hitters’ – we got you covered here at Make Money Expert.

From health and wellness products to personal development and self-growth businesses, we are going to help breakdown the barriers of going from broke to brilliant using the multi level marketing model.

Wheels up. We are about to deal the spiel of a lifetime and take off on a journey that only appeals to those who are not afraid of new heights or insights.

We are going to lay it all out in savvy symbolic fashion, masterful metaphorical language and innovative imaginative representations that support our soul goal here which is to connect and relate to you – the driven truth seeker and empowered entrepreneur – looking to leverage your time, energy, and money to live the lifestyle you want – this is what you need to hear.

There are 2 things we will tell you upfront before jumping into the nitty-gritty difference of details about how to succeed at this network marketing profession and MLM career path.

1) Get around the right people
2) Act on the right information

Whether you were recently fired, laid off, out promoted or simply looking to gain more financial freedom and independence – let’s all agree to stop trading our time for money verbatimly – what we are going to elaborately encode comes from a culmination of first-hand MLM experience and direct sales knowledge from all ways, ideas and methods possible.

Heck, to give you an idea when I first got started – I immediately went online and my method of operation could be better described as an “instant messenger marketer” aka I nearly developed carpal tunnel in my hands, wrists and forearms by typing so much at the ripe young age of 23/24 years old!

But, now that we have flash-backed for a moment, let’s fast forward to 2014 where the penetrating internet marketing prominence and presence was not near what it was as it is today.

Whether you’re here for success tips, recruiting secrets or prospecting guides, we are going to cover why there is a booming buzz building in the Network Marketing space.

Do I believe we are in the golden age of entrepreneurship and “being our boss” – yep, you can bet your bottom dollar I do – but first we need to get some historic rhetoric out of the way.

While any MLM conversation and active community can be divided and split into many different categories and distinguishments, we are going to look from the top down (pyramid style) to deliver and provide the truth in a tell-all 4-1-1 style.

What Is Network Marketing?

You know the best thing about network marketing? It gives you financial freedom and you don't need to do all the work yourself.

It's marketing – promoting a product or service – via a network, and the network is very important. That's because essentially you build a sales team (your downline), and you earn when ANYONE in your team makes a sale. Actual compensation depends on the deal, but it's pretty sweet, isn't it?

Unless you're a pro athlete (and why would you be here if you were?), this is one of the best ways to become a millionaire and create true leverage and time freedom in your life. Most people won't get rich overnight (unless they already have a large following), but you get the chance to earn high-dollar bonus checks and residuals if you learn to play the game right.

The main principle of any network marketing business is “people helping people“.

The concept has been around for a long time, going back to the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. You get one who gets one who gets one and we will all be rich! … right?

Compound effects? Everyone’s equal? We ALL take action right away!?! (haha sorry for the unintuitive injections of ideal environments..) riiiiiiiiight….

One of the most famous network marketing companies is Avon, founded in 1886 as The California Perfume Company (in case you are ever one a jeopardy-influenced trivial network marketing game show). If you've ever been to an Avon party, then you already know how it works. They set many of the industry wide standards and practices you still see today… Although network marketing has mostly moved online, the principles are the same:

You are the middle man (or woman). The marketer, the advertiser, the promoter. And just like in a corporate sales job, you earn commissions based on the revenue you bring in. But here's the beauty of it – you don't have to do it all yourself. You make money by guiding and leveraging the efforts of other people.

No matter what the politicians say, the economy won't be the same for a long time.

Let that play on repeat as repetition is the mother of all success.

You are here because you know there is a higher calling, a better route to embark upon (despite your doubts).

You can be in control of your “internet income” with our Network Marketing Expert MLM Success Tips Guide.

Our blueprint will give you the tools you need to grow an internet marketing business and achieve the income level you need. Here at we'll share the good and the bad – as successful network marketers we believe “we have a better way to become a network marketing professional and expert”.

Why Network Marketing Can Change The World:

The network marketing industry already exceeds a staggering $30 billion dollars in sales each year in the US alone! Individuals recruit, sponsor and enroll other people into the business and share their secrets so that others can all become as successful as the introducer (or upline in MLM speak). However, numerous amounts of aspiring network marketers fail (some 97% estimated) because they forget that these secrets listed below are the core of your business operation.

In order to see any level of success, let’s peel back the layers of what it takes to make it a life-long valuable and worthy pursuit to becoming a network marketing expert so you can live the life of your dreams and burning desires.

Over the years, I have accumulated (and accomplished) these 10 dead simple things you should always remember about creating network marketing traction and attrition with any business, product, service or opportunity.

The 10 Best Tips For Making Money with Any Network Marketing Opportunity:

1. The Truth About Making Money While You Sleep

Making money while you sleep is not a myth, but it takes time to get there. When someone in your downline makes a sale, you get your cut, even if you're on the golf course or taking a Caribbean family vacation. But to do this, you need to be the right type of person – someone who loves sales, is good at motivating others and can train their downline to use a system that works.

When you get into network marketing for ANY product, you learn a system. There's often a website template, sample videos and sales and marketing blurb you can customize and make your own. This is all part of a system, and it includes support from your upline while you make those first few sales. All you have to do is replicate the system, teaching your downline how to achieve success. Put in the work to build a solid foundation and expand your team and you will make money whether you are working an eighteen hour day or lazing by your pool.

2. The Rewards Of Being Your Own Boss

If you love the security of having a job, network marketing probably isn't for you. If you hate the thought of being on commission, you might as well stay where you are. Going it alone is scary, because you lose the security of having a boss and a regular paycheck. But it's also empowering. If you feel the smallest tickle of excitement at the thought of charting your own course, then network marketing could be the perfect business opportunity for you.

I'm not going to lie to you.

It takes hard work to be successful. Ask any self-employed person or sole trader and they will tell you that you start out working long hours, maybe even more than you did at the office (unless you were a junior lawyer, in which case this will probably feel like a vacation) .

You're going to have to learn new things that might take you out of your comfort zone – like how to explain your product so anyone can understand it, how to share your passion for the business, how to recruit and train your downline – and more.

But there's a payoff.

  • You will make money.
  • You will achieve your personal financial and lifestyle goals and learn how to motivate your team to do the same.
  • You will love the fact that everything you do in the business has a tangible financial and personal reward.

Most of all, you are in charge of how your business progresses. The more you do to build it, the more successful you will be. Well before retirement age, you can enjoy the best of the retirement lifestyle, choosing what you do every day while your business makes money for you.

3. The Importance of Depth and Diversity in Your Team

Many new network marketers start out by trying to build their downline among friends and family. That only works if all those people have the same mindset as them. Usually they don't, and that leads to stagnation and failure (remember that 97% figure).

Another approach is to recruit people who are just like you – another mistake, and I'll tell you why. If you only recruit those people, then your network marketing downline is monochromatic – it's not diverse. That means that all those people can sell to the same sorts of people you can sell to. For true success, embrace diversity. I'm not just talking about getting people from different ethnic and cultural groups, but people from different socio-economic groups, with different levels of education – you get the picture.

The more diverse your team is, the more different areas you can reach to sell products and services, and, of course, the more potential there is to increase income. Just as in an office job, you don't have to like people to work with them.

You will need to train yourself to approach everyone the same way, and not to discount someone because of their difference. And train the people in your downline to do the same.

The other good thing about a more diverse team is that you will get access to people with different creative problem solving ideas and innovators who will increase efficiency across your team. That will make it a better experience for all. If you embrace diversity and create a welcoming atmosphere, your business will be even more successful.

Finally, don't forget the importance of actively prospecting for team members. Once you have been in the business for a while you will know what kind of people are most successful and can search for those. Use online tools like analytics to figure out who's interested and what else they like, to give you a key to getting their attention.

4. How Your Individual Reward Matches Your Team’s Success

Assuming you have the right product at the right price and the right time, the success of your network marketing business rests on the success of the team. But you also need to be sure that every individual in that team is motivated.

As we've said, if you do it right, you will have a diverse team. To build success, you need to model success and to train your team (more on that later). What do I mean by modeling success?

  • Showing your downline how you have sold products and made money.
  • Using the example of strong team members to develop the skills of weaker ones.
  • Using motivational techniques to create enthusiasm for the process in your team.

The question of motivating is important. People like to feel they are part of something bigger, so creating a team feel is a big plus (and saves you time too). Every team needs a mission and a vision – as the leader your job is to create that vision, so that team members can see the path to future prosperity.

While everyone has a part to play, look for some strong individuals who love your business to be part of the team. If they understand the business model and can replicate it, they will recruit others who share the vision, building a strong downline. The stronger the downline, the better your income.

5. How To Mix Your Marketing For Greater Coverage

You've gotta love the web, because it makes it much easier to market your business. Sure, old-style party plans still work – never underestimate the power of a personal connection. But there's so much more you can do. For best results, combine a range of marketing methods. You can use:

  • Your website, of course, which has to serve two purposes. First, to recruit your own downline; second, to sell your product. Maybe you could have two separate sites for the two purposes.
  • Social media marketing – whether that's a LinkedIn group, a Twitter chat, a Facebook page or group – the best place to organize that is where most of your prospects hang out. And there's a simple way to find out – just ask!
  • Business networking events, industry conferences and your own events.

There are so many ways to market your business – online and offline – that I can't list them all here. And your upline will also introduce you to proven methods for your particular business. Whichever method you choose, practice your two minute elevator pitch presenting the product and business benefits till it's second nature. You can also record audio and video versions for your website.

You can use your marketing to actively seek prospects and share your vision for the success of your business. While you can and should use the materials provided for you, you can also create your own success stories.

And never underestimate the power of a good call to action for encouraging prospects to take the next step, while feeling totally in control.

6. Reducing Your Start Up Expenses

Most new businesses don't expect to make money the first couple of years because of the high startup costs. Luckily for you, network marketing is different, especially in the online era.

The cost of planning, preparing and operating a new online business is far less than the cost of opening main street stores or buying a franchise.

If you market offline, then it might pay to invest in some business cards, but these are relatively cheap from companies like Vistaprint and Online, you'll need to account for the cost of a web domain and possibly hosting, though sometimes this is provided for you.

You might also have to pay a small fee for your startup kit, but legally, all literature and welcome product kits offer a 100% money-back guarantee during the short evaluation period.

You can also keep costs low by choosing a business where you don't have to buy “unsold inventory” and can simply return it to the company. If your business is online, then this won't be a problem as you won't have products and won't have to make deliveries. Everything will be drop-shipped to the end customer.

Best of all, you'll likely get free online education and continuous mentoring and development – something many startups don't have. Think of it as your own personal YCombinator to help you build the skills you need for success!

And here's why I love network marketing – the minute you or someone in your downline makes a sale, you make money. Within a couple of sales you have recouped your costs. No offline business can match that!

7. Attracting A Worldwide Team For Your Business

Recruitment is another way you save money. Old-style network marketing meant getting a group of reluctant acquaintances together and selling them the idea of your product and the benefits of the network marketing business model. Sometimes you would get some new team members; often you wouldn't. And you would have to spend a lot of money before you built a single strong team.

The web has changed everything and that's lucky for you. Instead of being restricted to the people living in your neighborhood, you now have access to the best people globally via websites, email, social media and online business opportunity events. You can recruit people online without the expense of transport, food or hiring meeting rooms.

And here's the thing: you can recruit people by being yourself online and talking about what you do; you don't even need the hard sell. Your example alone will attract some people. Put your MLM website link in your social media profiles and people will check it out.

Others will be attracted by the benefits and the fact that they can do it from anywhere. Use the tools you get from your upline to tell the story of the product and business and show your potential downline how they can be successful.

And you know the great thing about an international team? It means people are making money for you in every time zone. There's a thought to make you sleep well at night!

8. Why Your Down Line Is Essential For Your Bank Account

Want a great network marketing business that brings you the financial and personal rewards you desire? It's all about the downline – not just your downline, but their downline and their downline's downline.

Of course, it's important to have the right product, but the right team is even more important. And the right training will make all the difference. You will have to work hard to attract and support your initial team, and to give them a proven template for success (which your upline gave you). After that, it's all about their ability to replicate your success and put money in their bank account – and in yours.

Sales from your downline will provide most of your income. Your time is best spent in motivating and supporting your team and helping them to do the same for theirs. The more people you can attract to the business, the better for everyone.

9. Why You Should Keep Your Training Simple

Training is another essential element for success. A good network marketing company will have a proven system and infrastructure that can include articles, podcasts, videos, webcasts and in-person events. They may have additional training for leaders – and you definitely want to be in that group.

Your recipe for success is to pick the training that's most appropriate for your team and your product and make it available to them. Be prepared to break everything down into easy to replicate skills. Many people lose confidence at the start, but can be successful with a little jump-start. Your job is to provide it.

My advice: keep training manageable. Guide your team through the necessary steps, and make sure they understand each step before progressing. Remember, the training given by your upline will be tailor-made for your product, service and industry.

Some people soak up the training and want even more. Ask your upline and mentors which resources they recommend to avoid the confusion of following every network marketing course online.

10. How to Use The Web To Your Advantage

The web is your best friend for attracting new network marketers; skilled networkers looking to change company, and customers that require your products or services. It's the easiest way to funnel in prospects.

A targeted website (often provided by the network marketing company) will give you landing pages that help people make informed decisions and capture leads for you.

Giving away free reports or ebooks lets people look at the business without commitment. When they come back, you know they are right for your downline.

There are a variety of web tools you can use to spice up your presentations and make your product site stand out, and you can also show your downline how to do the same.

The web allows you to invest time and energy when it suits you. When you’re doing other things, your prospecting tools and personal training pages are still available 24/7.

7 Questions to Ask to Avoid Network Marketing Failure

When things go wrong in a network marketing business (or any business) it's easy to blame others, but most mistakes can be avoided. Some people think that they can change tested systems and then wonder why they are not successful. Others neglect their training and worst of all, still others invent a persona that is never genuine, truthful or helpful and gives honest marketers a bad rap.

Here are seven areas to address to make sure you avoid the main pitfalls.

1. Are You Disregarding Your Down Line?

The heart and soul of your business is the people in your downline because network marketing is based on the premise that everyone completes a little business and then many people benefit from the sale and turnover.

If you fail to support or train your downline, you’re setting them up for failure. I've said it before but it's worth repeating. Training and support will help them – and you – succeed.

2. Can You Communicate Effectively?

Web communication isn't like face to face communication. You sometimes have to work harder to make sure people get the message. But there's still a human element, so it's important to hone your communication skills. Fail to communicate and your business will fail.

What do I mean by communication?

Well, I don't mean:

  • Chasing people who are not really interested. That's just a waste of time. Remove them from the interest list and move on!
  • Using every method possible to make sales and recruit new team members. It's better to use the right method for the right channel or the right people.
  • Spreading yourself so thin that you can't support new people until they are able to emotionally recruit and sell unaided.

Instead, spend some time getting to know your team members. Schedule Skype calls or Google+ Hangouts. Get to know what their goals are and what motivates them so you can speak their language. Connect with them and you will both succeed.

Communication is also essential to make your own sales, but remember, your downline IS your business, so focus on talking to your team first.

3. Are You Ignoring the Business Templates?

If you find it hard to recruit people to your downline, maybe it's because you're not using the materials from your product supplier or upline. Or maybe you're using them, but not the way your were taught.

The most successful network marketing companies have spent decades perfecting training and customer interaction. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Copy what works to achieve success.

4. Will You Saturate Your Market?

Market saturation – it's a worry for any business. Once you have recruited everyone in your area, where can you go? The answer: anywhere you want – but you don't have to move. Just let the web work for you.

Let's do the math – it's pretty simple. If you sponsor 10 people who sponsor 10 and so on, you will have 1000 people in your network at just three levels deep. With just three more levels, 1 million people will be involved in your organization.

Even if you never reach those numbers, there are more than enough prospects for a successful business, but you need to look outside your town, city, state and country. With the web there are no limits – why limit your business?

5. Is Your Niche Product Good Enough To Sell Consistently?

If you have the team and the training, then product choice is the next big thing. Many products are marketed exclusively via network marketing but you must choose wisely to find something that's always in demand. Here's a shortcut: over 25% of the most successful network marketing products are related to health, through supplements and health care. Pick a product in this niche and you already have a head start.

Always do your own research to find out if the product can stand up beyond the marketing. That way you can see whether it's good value for money and likely to sell again and again and again.

6. Can You Withstand Consistent Rejection?

When you start out, you will be rejected, more than accepted, as you present your product and opportunity to a wide-ranging marketplace. Friends and family may not appreciate being chased to purchase products or to join your company. Others may not see the opportunity the same way.

The good news is – rejection isn't the end of the world. You don't need everyone; just the right people. You'll probably get a dozen people saying no before someone says yes, but if that someone is the right person to join your team, it's worth all the previous rejections.

7. How Can You Widen Your Network?

The other major cause of failure is not expanding your network. If you settle for a few sales here and there, then you miss the point of network marketing. Heads-up: it's all about the network. Use the techniques I've outlined here to build yours so you can have a successful and lucrative business.

3 Questions to Answer to Determine Network Marketing Success

Everyone will have an opinion about your products, services or network marketing opportunity, even though they may not investigate it as thoroughly as you. But since it's your business, you need to make the final decision. Here are three questions to help you.

1. Is Your Product Essential?

Believe in your product. I can't emphasize this enough. If you don't, how will you convince others to buy it or to help you sell it? Get a product that your customers need or want regularly so you can make regular sales. If not, you don't have a sales business. However, if your downline can make regular sales, you can still benefit. The better the product, the better the business. (Side note: if you are selling offline, then aim for exclusivity within your territory; that will improve your sales potential).

2. Have You The Time And Energy Required To Succeed?

There's always some attrition in network marketing. People who see it as a get rich quick sales opportunity will leave when they see it takes time. And then there will be those who just can't cut it.

Be sure that you have the time and energy needed to sponsor people who are willing to become part of your team, and enthusiastic about learning, gaining knowledge and replicating systems that work.

This is the time to be honest with yourself and set targets for your lifestyle and your goals. Don't chase someone else's dream – if it's not yours, and you don't put in the time, you won't succeed.

3. Do You Want To Control Your Personal And Financial Life?

We're back where we started. If you want control of your personal and financial life, a network marketing business is one of the best ways to achieve it. You will also need:

  • Consistency and enthusiasm to help you run an ethical business and teach others to replicate systems, whether they work online, offline or both.
  • Faith in your success so you work to create the ideal personal and financial lifestyle, for you and your family.
  • The awareness to avoid scams and unpleasant business practices.
  • Great communication and customer service to drive your business forward.

You may not become a network marketing millionaire, (you might!) but you can achieve great personal and financial success.

Network Marketing MLM Final Thoughts

Let me leave by saying turning leads into leaders (team building for duplication) is usually the underlying element that will make or break your network marketing success.

Here are 7 tips you can apply and implement to building a strong core in your organization:

A) Active Prospecting Vs Passive Prospecting (creating A Compelling Vision For Results)
B) Cold Market Vs Warm Market (obtaining And Increasing Targeted Traffic)
C) Closing More People Without Being Pushy, Rather Pulling (secrets Of The Masters)
D) Time And Energy Management For Maximum Leverage (attraction Marketing)
E) Avoiding The Landmines (switching, Flaking, Misleading)
F) Team Branding And Leading (teach One, Teach All)
G) Inner Culture (speaking On Futuristic Prosperity)

If you utilize and understand these seven contributing forces for MLM results – no matter how long you have struggled, what business your in, how many rejections previously dealt with, how you sound or speak – if you have the hustle and in your heart – THIS can work for you.

If you think about my introduction and network marketing story (some 6,000 words ago lol) – I did not know anything from anyone.

I know at least one if not all about you:

  • You feel nervous about talking to new people about your business?
  • You struggle to get leads?
  • You don’t know how to approach people about your business?
  • You don’t have a solid source of leads?
  • You feel you lack credibility as you’ve never made money?
  • You worry what friends and family think of you?
  • Money worries are piling up?
  • Retirement is around the corner and you have no savings?
  • You’re having real trouble building a solid team that “sticks”?

Well if they do – then I would like to end by introducing my well-dressed mentor and ‘bald head’ friend – Mr “We have a Better Way” Eric Worre of

If the words of wisdom I have shared here today with you do not resonate or revoke a positive response – visit him now.

He started it all that night for me (little does he know) so I see it only fitting to end it there.

Thanks for allowing me to share some truth about Network Marketing and how it fortunately and faithfully has transformed my life for the better.

If you are wanting to pioneer and engineer a new lifestyle, then be about and treat the business as your brand.

Never stop learning. Never settle for second. Always be willing to further your self-growth education and personal development knowledge. Here are a few examples you can sample to learn ample amounts of legendary icons who ALL support the realm and religion of Network Marketing: people helping people.

  • – Robert & Kim Kiyosaki – Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  • – Paul Zane Pilzer – Author, Entrepreneur & Economist
  • – Harry S. Dent – Economist & Author
  • – Kevin Harrington – Original Shark from “Shark Tank”
  • – Joe Mariano – President of the U.S. Direct Selling Association
  • – Kevin Thompson – Network Marketing Attorney
  • – Les Brown – Author & Speaker
  • – Jack Canfield – Author & Speaker
  • – Brian Tracy – Author & Speaker
  • – Bob Proctor – Author & Speaker
  • – John Assaraf – Brain Researcher & Entrepreneur
  • – Mark Victor Hansen – Author & Speaker
  • – Ivan Misner – Founder of BNI, Author & Speaker
  • – Susan Sly – Author & Speaker
  • – Loren Slocum – Author & Speaker
  • – Linda Ferrell – Professor of Marketing & Business Ethics
  • – O.C. Ferrell – Professor of Marketing & Business Ethics
  • – Kody Bateman – Author of “MLM Blueprint”
  • – Richard Brooke – Author of “The Four Year Career”
  • – Jordan Adler – Author of “Beach Money”
  • – Sandra Yancey – Founder and CEO of “eWomen Network”
  • – Ali Brown – Author & Speaker

Let's connect and chat, chao!

Make Money Expert.


  1. Gavin Evans

    You remind me of exactly how I got involved in network marketing in 2005. Little did I know at the time just how much time and effort that would have to go into making my business a success. I believe that many people who get involved in a network marketing opportunity think that they are going to make a load of money with very little work. Let me tell you, I have worked 10 times harder in the past 10 years than in the rest of my life put together. If you want to make serious money, you have to learn a lot, invest a lot of your time and have a never say die attitude.

  2. Elliot Bermeo

    Thanks for the great ideas

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