Expert Dubli Network Review

Dubli Network (now Ominto Inc) and WUKAR are creating momentum in the world of online shopping and cash back rewards benefits. But Is Ominto Right For You in 2015?

DubLi Network Review (Ominto Inc Cash Back Shopping Business)

DubLi, DubLi Network and Ominto Inc (largest eCommerce network marketing business) is causing a crazy amount of commotion in the “online cashback rewards” world – but where did this seemingly spontaneous spark originate from?

In recent publicity, Dubli's Ominto Inc cash back shopping rewards partnered up with the high-profile, high-performance Infinia Services & Solutions technology payment solutions company to co-create the InfiCashBack online shopping portal – what does this new news mean to you?

The Ominto Cash Back technology platform will be featured on and is set to release in September 2015.

Being the self-proclaimed experts that we are at this making money thing via MLM and online marketing, we are going to boldly review the full spectrum of ‘forward-looking statements' of the two diametrically opposed fast-paced moving elements inside this up and coming customer-centric platform which are; the consumer-driven Ominto's Cash Back loyalty platform
for online shopping savings, deals and cash back reward offers as well as or versus the business partnership program at Dubli Network – by the end – you will have a much better picture of what is controversially unfolding and whether or not this will be the ‘next big thing' inside the network marketing space.

What is Dubli Network & Ominto Inc?

dubli-NetworkDubLi was founded by billionaire Michael Hansen in 2003 and has exploded with promising enthusiasm and excitement as of late but had only experienced minimal growth and presence inside a competitive cashback concept model – until now…

What caused the staggering web-based shopping growth and global networking outreach to boom for DubLi? Why have marketers and entrepreneurs alike suddenly caught the vision of an 11 year old company? Is it going to be the most promising MLM platform of 2015 and beyond?

Do they know something we do not? Can they see the changing landscape of consumer buying behaviors and global economic trends?

These are all the same expert questions we wondered about when reviewing the Dubli Network business opportunity in late 2014 and early 2015 (depending on when your seeing this).

Yes, the cash back rewards focused company offers business associates and affiliates an opportunity to earn commissions and create a stable income from the thousands of products that people buy online, on a daily basis – but why now?

You know our perennial philosophy here – there are 6 expert elements and penetrating pillars to ALWAYS judge a buzzing company by – those being 1) Timing 2) Trends 3) Company Management/Funding 4) Product Line 5) System 6) Compensation Plan

Without any of these crucial factors clicking on all cylinders – we would advise you to hit the back button and run to the next touted phenom – but first we see it as our job and DubLi duty to set the record straight and research from our own eyes and perception on whether or not to believe all of the hyped up type you may be reading or wondering about.

Dubli operates under a direct sales model and rewards their affiliates for referring new clients to their services. Because they have been around for a while and seem to have a loyal fan base, Dubli has become one of the largest MLM E-commerce companies in the world.

A side from being a legit opportunity for entrepreneurs, the company is mostly known for the solid services they offer, which many people enjoy and seek to join as a customer.

Earn Cash Back Shopping From Ominto Inc Network

shoop-dubli-networkDubli offers hundreds of discounts from traveling, shopping, and entertainment. Even though there is a potential business opportunity behind it, the company is a costumer driven organization where the needs of the consumers are met first.

Dubli specializes at providing the best deals when you shop at the same stores you would normally shop at through the Dubli platform, rewarding you with cash back and extra savings.

For example, you can use Dubli to schedule all your travel related needs including, hotels, flights, car rentals, etc and receive cash back from all your purchases. Also you can use the platform to shop for electronics, software including your favorite brands like Sony or Apple, and receive cash back as well. In a nutshell, the Dubli platform is a one-stop shop where you can satisfy all your shopping needs and earn savings regardless of what it is you are buying.

To join as a customer there are 3 different memberships:

• Free Membership – Free
• Premium Membership – $4.95 a Month
• VIP Membership – $99.99 a Year

* Discount stores
* Department Stores
* Computers & Electronics
* Telecoms
* Travel
* Clothing & Apparel
* Toys, Children & Baby
* Office Supply
* Health & Beauty
* Books
* Home & Garden
* Specialty
* Coupons


Dubli Network Ominto Inc Opportunity

The Network is based on an opportunity that allows affiliates to create teams of global distributors that can sell a diversity of Dubli memberships, which offers a complete platform for online travel, entertainment, and shopping. The revenue generated form membership sales are what allow the company to pay members and create a profitable and rewarding career from working with Dubli.

How Does Omnito / Dubli Network Work?

There are hundreds of new MLM companies coming out every week offering a variety of products, everything from weight loss supplements, beauty items, to travel discounts, you name it. Sometimes it can be hard for Network marketers to make their customers fall in love with  products they are not yet familiar with, and  even harder to persuade them to buy those products every month.

Dubli Network is unique, because it offers members an opportunity to get discounts on products they are already using. Imagine giving people an opportunity to save money and make money from purchasing items they are already using and buying every month.

As one of the largest multilevel marketing e-commerce's today, DubLi Network is filling in a big gap in the market place by providing products people actually want.


DubLi Network offers an opportunity where you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. The company provides plenty of support as well as a strong foundation to affiliates who promote the opportunity. Everything from; organized business presentations, brochures, leadership/sales training, cutting edge tools, technology, and information to properly inform potential customer about the business.

As a DubLi distributor you can earn commission from sales and create a powerful residual income by either promoting the opportunity to costumers or developing a huge organization by offering the network to larger companies who already have an established customer base and could benefit from having their own branded shopping portal.

How To Make Money With DubLi?

dubli-shoppingYou can join Dubli either as a business associate or as customer. As a business associate you can potentially earn the highest commissions but there are also some pretty nice incentive when you refer people to the program as a customer.

To join as a customer there are 3 different memberships:

• Free Membership – Free
• Premium Membership – $4.95 a month
• VIP Membership – $99.99 a Year

As a Dubli customer you will receive 25% of each subscription and an additional 25% from their commissionable revenue. This means that you will get 25% of what everyone that you refer to Dubli saves, when they use Dubli to shop for products and services they are already using.

You can also save money by using DubLi as a customer and taking advantage on the many discounts on their site.

One important advantage about Dubli is that they are a company that can stand on its own feet with the services they offer, since they actually provide value to the market place. Meaning that if you have recruiting skills and decide to build a serious organization with this program, not only will your associates stay for the compensation plan but also for the services the company offers.

Joining Dubli as a Business Associate:

The lowest you can join Dubli as a business associate is $499, this unique membership will pay you larger commissions on the work that you and your organization build. As your organization grows within Dubli you can get promoted to higher ranks that will allow you to earn even higher commissions.

WUKAR (DubLi Team System)

Team WUKAR (Wake Up. Kick ass. Repeat) is the performance engine behind DubLi Network’s online cash back shopping platform as it has been the fastest growing team in the sudden internet interest of DubLi.

WUKAR was created by Art, who then gave permission to SEO tech guru Matt Trainer to further the brand as one of Dubli Network’s fastest growing teams by leveraging the global outreach of their product-driven business model and concept.

team wukar benefitsIt is safe to say the combination of DubLi Network and Team WUKAR has taken the network marketing industry by the horns and is putting up a shell of an idea behind a threshold of thorns that is hard to penetrate for weaknesses.

Whether they truly got the tiger by the tail or are full of bullsh!t and fail, one thing is for certain – the growth experienced thus far has been anything but at a snail’s pace as their meteoric rise to fame within many leaders and experts perspectives has not happened this fast in many years to date.

Our job, or goal, is to give you an expert review of Team WUKAR inside the Dubli Network business opportunity.

Like we said, WUKAR is the sexy souped-up performance engine and team system that is supposed to make DubLi a 360 degree slam dunk for all its current and future team members (or shoppers).

As Art put it, he lend his brand name to a direct marketing company because it is foundationally and fundamentally a customer-focused business philosophy that helps and hopes to attract users by helping them save cash on purchases they are already making online.

That is what sparked the origins for the Team WUKAR as it is not a solely-concentrated business-focused membership or distributor-laden presentation that is an instant turn off to most prospects.

So when Matt told Art he was making this his primary plan of action for the next years to come – he felt the brand synced up with the vision and was created to help spread the word about getting cash back from shopping all around the world on the internet.

In October 2014, just 6 weeks since the inception of Team WUKAR inside DubLi Network, it has already grown to nearly 3,000 people and generated over a staggeringly impressive $4,000,000 in revenue to date.

What are Benefits of WUKAR?

Ok, now that the fancy introductions and hand shakes are all out of the way – let's discuss in-depth what makes this performance engine so sexy behind a global outreach business model like Dubli Network.

shopping systemBy now, unless you are a caveman stuck in the dinosaur age you are likely reviewing, shopping and purchasing your favorite “must-haves” online. And because of DubLi's universally penetrating capability to attract the masses or potential prospects, ranking and being in front of those shoppers showing them how to earn cash back savings on the purchases they were already going to make will make for an extremely profitable and valuable endeavor.

Enter WUKAR's outspoken brain child Matthew Trainer.

Matt, the guy who has earned over 8 figures online selling and consulting, happens to be a major SEO wizard who can rank things at will with his ability and knowledge..well WUKAR was born to help spread and share that wealth of direct experience and how to know how of obtaining rankings for ALL kinds of related products, services, and items that users can save money on… we are talking hundreds and thousands of products that can ultimately be attracted by and to .. because entire huge brand name stores are under the DubLi cash back shopping umbrella.

This idea is what makes the honeypot that W.U.K.A.R. is and will continue to be (if executed as intended).

Some of the top players and heavy hitters you will see inside the WUKAR marketing system are:

– Matt Trainer
– Kristian Hoenicke
– Tony Rush
– John Lavenia
– Jason Cardamone

And many more (we will update this as time goes on so you can see and research for yourself)

Until we update this and know more thorough information about the rising Team WUKAR system – it is safe to say it is the iPAS2 to Empower Network, the key to the lock, the door to the portal for more if you are interested in the DubLi business opportunity.


  1. M Rodeghier

    My 83 year old father who lives in an assisted living facility and suffers from Congestive Heart Failure, COPD and stage V kidney failure requiring dialysis 3 days a week is convinced he can make money by becoming a Dubli business associate. He can’t drive and his only real networking would be with other seniors at his assisted living facility. He is on a very fixed income and requires us to supplement his income to even make ends meet, so he clearly doesn’t have the $499 dollars to become an associate and I would imagine his ability to actually make any money is almost zero??!!

    Please advise!


    • Kare

      It is a total scam. Don’t let him get involved!

  2. George Mills

    Tell me more about the marketing!

  3. Roger

    Please send me an info on how to make money with DUBLI.

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      dear roger,
      you are involved dubli family … wait and watch ….and do work full enthusiam in this platform….. this is such a wonderful plan….. contact to people who are online shopping …. that sit

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    The Nasdaq registered really? Expected in 2015?

    Thanks Gabor


    dubli business is very power plan

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    I come from a small town in Missouri Carthage i grew up one house from matt trainer i would love to make money and be better with money help matt

  7. Subhash Majumdar

    Want to know the business plan and working method.
    How is income generated for an independent business associate?

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    Want to know the business plan and working method.
    How is income generated for an independent business associate?

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