Four Corners Alliance Review

4 Corners Alliance Group promises to be a simple, fast, easy to setup online business that is gaining momentum and attracting leaders. But is 4Corners Right For You in 2015?

Four Corners Alliance Group Review (Fly By Night or Just Right?)

Four Corners Alliance Group is setup to be a one size fits all, everyone get in the door ‘wealth creation opportunity' that's been causing quite a stir as of late amongst online business gigs. Our goal is to give you a no-non-sense approach and appraisal of the buzzing affiliate program like this that will further help break down the business inside and out.

From our research and review process, we can see Four Corners was started by David Harrison and was meant to attract the attention of everyone who is interested in immediate cash flow using the phraseology “money in, money out”. Let's dig a little deeper into an up and coming MLM scheme to see if this is spam scam or a worth while deal.

What is Four Corners Alliance Group?

4corners-alliance-group 4Corners Alliance Group is a new matrix MLM that offers a way for you to make money online. The company has recently become popular in the world of network marketing for its universally applicable and flexible compensation plan that gives on lookers an easy opportunity to create a residual income.

The company’s corporate office is located in Las Vegas and seem to have a solid business models in place with IT and support available to all affiliates and members.

The concept of four corners alliance group is pretty simple; when you join you get access to digital products and a business educational newsletter that comes out every month and allows you to get pay a residual commissions (hopefully these are not more me too type products because there is already an overwhelm here).

Many people have become attracted to the company since they offer a low buy-in fee of only $18 to begin earning commissions. That's really one of their biggest selling points and attractions from what we have gathered and that's why we call it the ‘everyone get in the door deal'.

At first glance, there is nothing really special that makes this company unique (like iPAS2), but at the same time many people could be attracted to the simplicity of the business and the opportunity to earn 80% to 100% percent commissions from building a team with this organization.

4Corners Alliance Group Products

4Corners offers 2 products that are presented in an easy to access instantly downloadable format.

The products are educational and offer information on how to attain financial security and create a lasting business online.

Four Corners Alliance Group Financial Education Set

The first set of products four corners alliance group offers comes in a set of 16 books that are distributed into 6 level membership purchases.

The information in these books is available in multiple languages, including Spanish, Malay and Thai and it focuses on helping you reach your financial goals and build a solid online business. This can be beneficial for building your organization since not only you will benefit from learning how to build a business but at the same time your growing team can take advantage of the information and create a strong organization as well.

Educational Books Details –

Level 1 – Book 1: the Essentials
Level 2 – Book 2: Become a Smart Investor
Level 2 – Book 3: Millionaire Mindset
Level 3 – Book 4: Dealing With Credit Card Debt
Level 3 – Book 5: Living Trusts
Level 3 – Book 6: Economics The Truth Behind The Spin
Level 4- Book 7: Protect Yourself for Identity Theft
Level 4- Book 9: Debt Crisis
Level 5 – Book 10: Real State Investment
Level 5 – Book 11: How To Invest In Gold and Silver
Level 6 – Book 12: Investment Principles
Level 6 – Book 13: Time value of money
Level 6 – Book 14: Real State Investment Trust
Level 6 – Book 16: Investing For Impact

Monthly Newsletter Subscription

The second product that you can have access to when you join four corners alliance group is a monthly business and lifestyle newsletter.

To get the newsletter is $29.95 from what you are paid an 80% commission residually.

Four Corners Alliance Group Retail Store

If you are not part of the business you can also purchase the books and the newsletter from the company’s retail store.

Is Four Corners Alliance Group a Good Business?

The program is very new to make a prediction to whether it will stay around the market place or not. Obviously, like we mentioned the iPAS system and even opportunities like Dubli Network or MAPs – we believe 4Corners is not in the same classification or group as these – however, I do not think that is there direct aim or primary function they are trying to achieve – like I said, not to use the word cheap in a condescending way, but they are trying to attract people from all walks of life around the world.

Even though their info products offer good information its hard to tell if anyone would be willing to pay for the products alone, after all there is a ton of free information at our fingertips with a simple Google or YouTube search. With that said it’s likely that most people who join the business will do so because of the compensation plan and not the info products.


  1. Kevin

    I live in. Saint Lucia in the Caribbean its been hard to find someone to do network marketing with or trust i would like to be part of a group where I can earn extra income with trustworthy ppl ASAP

    • Frederick Powlett

      Hi Kevin,

      I’m from Barbados and so far we have approximately 160 persons who have been confirmed to join Four Corners. I was in only a month and 76 persons are currently in my downline. I joined on January 7th.

      My team and I even have a method of getting visa cards for interested persons to sign up because of the trust and cohesiveness we share in the team.

      Feel free to reply via my email and attached is my signup page.

      • patricia okafor

        please how do i acquire the visa card. pls any help line available?

        • Augustunus

          I personally joined Four Corners alliance group in march 2015 and running in my level 5 now. What I can tell you is that it is not really easy getting more people but it only took me a day to get my 4 people. Now that people have seen I am making money then it is when they are calling me everyday that they want to join.

          So what I currently do is I put such people under my hard working people in my downline and I do so almost everyday. I have personally made money with it and I am happy with the results. The best thing is that once you get your trusted 4 friends that are really willing to make money out of it then you can sit back and relax while your matrix is multiplying itself with every day you wake up. I am defending what is brings money into my bank account and I mean it. If you too are interested in joining my fast growing downline then feel free to email me or sign up on my attached link and I will help you grow fast just as I am doing right now.

          • Heph

            Hie I must say am really encouraged by your post on Fc business since I recently joined the biz,but am facing tough time recruiting.Any tips you can offer me?

          • nosipho

            Can I join even don’t have matric

          • Samuel

            Hi, I want to join four coners can you give me more information.Thank you

          • Rob

            I’d like to work with you if you can help me make money.


          • Pepukai Begede

            l want to join as soon as possible, how can l do that.l am from Zimbabwe, in Africa

      • Olawale Daniel

        I joined 4Corners last year, just trying to see if it does work, but I was surprised with the results till date. I’m from Nigeria, and I’ve helped fellow Nigerians in benefiting from this opportunity. If you need a truly reliable leader and a team that will help to the top in this business, get in touch with me.

        Thank you.

        • belinda

          hi please explain this business to me i am really interested.

          • Petrina

            Hi Belinda, I would like to answer all your questions about 4c and to have you as part of my team

          • Jennifer

            Hello Belinda are you still interested in four corners ? Would love to have you on my team !

        • Kwasi Kumenya

          Hi, I’m interested in this program and would like to be apart of it.

        • Nkechi

          Please oluwale daniel how may I contact you. I need more clarifications

        • nosipho

          Iwant topic

        • Samuel

          Hi can you help me on this fpour coners venture I am intrested

          • Augustunus Augustus

            Hai Samuel. Please contact me

        • Victor

          Please, I will like to know more about this.

          Honestly, I have been hearing about it and now m ready to be part of it.

          Please assist.

          I await your response.

          Best Regards,

        • Amaechi Jude .C

          P/s sir Am @ Abia state & hw can I get registed? I need Ur number 4 easy communication. God bless U sir

        • Femi

          I am a Nigerian that is quite intrested in the business, kindly contact me via the email so that I can meet you for assistance as to how to join the business and be successful. Treat as urgent. Thanks

      • Methodear kajuna

        Hi am methodia from Tanzania I want to know main purpose of this

        • Innocent sosthenes

          Iam a member of 4corners group from Tanzania.i benefit a lot iwant to connect with Methodear Kajuna from tanzania

          • janeth

            hey i am j from Tanzania can you help understand the 4corner group….

      • Kevarr Whyte

        Hey Kevin, I’m Kevarr. I just joined four corners and I would love to dialogue with you. I’m also a West Indian man myself doing business from Jamaica.

      • Kevarr Whyte

        Frederick I would love to have a dialogue with you about the business as well as I’m in it and channelling the difficulties through Jamaica to become successful.

      • Cheryl

        How did you incorporate Visa cards into this?

      • nyarai

        hie how do i do this visa incorperation i am from zimbabwe and would like to grow my line

      • mlingo

        can I join your team?

      • Sharmaine

        Awesome, would you like to sign up? What an excellent Idea about assisting your down line to get their debit cards.

    • Jhonathan Rodriguez

      I work in 4Corners and I been doing well, if your interested to start with me I’d be glad to help you build up!

      • Ritty

        I’m looking to build a team and be apart of this program.

        • Tracey Hahn

          here is the link if you are ready to sign up. Come join my team and find out what financial freedom is all about

          • Victoria

            Hi, I received an email which lead me to 4 corners but could not find it. I would like to join under you.

          • nosipho

            I don’t have much understanding

        • Sharmaine

          If you have not join yet here is my email. Thanks

      • Methodear kajuna


      • Victor

        I am interested.

        Please assist.

        I await your response

    • Lee

      We are a great team here and we offer 24/7 guidance via whattsapp and regular meetings and trainings

      • Rector

        A friend told me about 4 corners business opportunity. Its sounds exciting and like something I would be interested in. Could you assist me with some guidance in this regard? Thank you.

      • Lim Andry Wibowo

        Dear Lee ,

        Please advice me how to start this bussines, BTW can earn money from this bussines already,
        Thnks for your kindess

    • corey

      Alureve and livelite international is the best and most legit mlm out there. Best support and training there is. Plus we have operas support.

      • Jacobina Iiyambo

        I want to know if this 4 corners alliance is really or scam, because I want to join. Nangy from Namibia

    • Akeem Robinson

      I’m an Independent Business Owner with the Amway Cooperation, I live in Jamaica and looking to find ambitious people to work with. I saw your request and I’m interested to speak with you to give you a chance to qualify yourself to be in business with.

      • nosipho

        Work with me teach me

    • Akeem Robinson

      Make sure to Google search “Better Business Bureau” before signing to any Network Marketing company. To ensure that you get accredited information about the company, because the rated all US Network Marketing companies.
      P.S. Check out Amway then contact me.

      • Sam Barnett

        I hear a lot of people talking about Better Business Bereau but they need to check the procedure for getting a BBB rating. Ignorance is no excuse for wrong conclusions

    • Petrina

      Hi, I am in Jamaica and would love to work with you my Caribbean neighbour in building a four corners business. let’s get to making you some money.

    • Cynthia Brown

      Hi I am from the Bahamas, and I have been working this business since the end of August
      and I am doing well. It has taken of with much excitement here. This can be done in USA, India, Ghana, Bahamas, Kenya, Jamaica, etc.

      Check out my link and get back to me. You can also go to youtube and look for Four Corners Alliance Group

    • Chaba Walker

      I am from Johannesburg South Africa. joined 4Calliancegroup 5 weeks ago. i m on level 5 now. i am pleased with Fourcorners. it augment my income. please dont hesitate to join my group. Regards Walker


        Hi Chaba,
        I heard about this amazing opportunity, i have been trying different MLM companies but i think this one has an edge over others because there is no subscription. i would like to try it. i will need your guidance on how to register.

  2. Brian Sokalski

    Just 1 question. Are all of the educational series written as per US laws. I realize many of them are general info, common sense strategies etc, but of the ones that may refer to legal strategies I think they may be different in Canada. I have seen many books etc, on realestate strategies, techniques, laws, legal procedures, etc that are vry different in Canada than in US. Are there Canadian versions of those that may fit in these categories so that I am not purchasing material that does not really help me in Canada.

    • Antoine Bishop

      I would be happy to check that for you with corporate office, my information as far as I know is written to US law but as you know different countries have slightly different strategies but as far as investing and such or financial information. It is pretty much the same all around. So the information is always useful no matter where you are at.

    • David Self

      Are you kidding me that you are worried about “US Laws” when the Internet is full of AFF websites and politicians are taking our money as they please for their buddies in the financial industry. You pay your fair share of taxes as anyone else, you make as much money as you can for yourself and family members; then, who in the hell would care, your Congressman or Senator? Where were they when you lost your house, your job or even a family gotten injured for life because of their failure to perform rules of bull poop; and, you are worried about US Laws – LOL…..

  3. Ron

    How do I join>>>

    • Frederick Powlett

      Hi Ron,

      I’m from Barbados and so far we have approximately 160 persons who have been confirmed to join Four Corners. I was in only a month and 76 persons are currently in my downline. I joined on January 7th.

      My team and I even have a method of getting visa cards for interested persons to sign up because of the trust and cohesiveness we share in the team.

      Feel free to reply via my email and attached is my signup page.

      • tenasia

        Awesome. I have been in 4 Corners for almost 2wks, it’s going ok, not how I expected it to be it does take patience. People I have talked too, just don’t believe

      • julie

        Hello Ron,
        I’m interested in joining 4 corners can you get me info?

      • Shama

        hi fredrick, how is the visa card part working out 4 u. Aren’t you losing when you do that?? Please explain how that part works. Thanks

      • Imoudu Adeyinka

        how can I join
        your tea
        m? I am from Lagos Nigeria

      • Prince

        Great I like to work with you in your team How do I join you?

      • Hilia Ndeshihafela

        How does one get in touch with you…?

      • grace

        my name is Grace
        I’m from south Africa and I am interested to join 4 corners, please explain more. My email is grace.mahase1

    • Darlene

      Once you have joined I will be in touch. Or
      you can email me and we will go from there.

    • C Freeman

      Hey I’m looking for motivated individuals to join my team! The advantage about joining my team is that I will invest in you by covering your $18 start up fee. Serious inquiries only!

      • rod

        Hi im intrested can a mentor teach me im from jamaica feel free to email me asap thanks

      • Lebert Brown

        I’m living in Jamaica and is willing to join your group but having very serious financial challenges… I’d be very happy for your assistance.

      • Jeffrey

        Hi, I would like to join or team. Pls email me ASAP

      • Dionne

        Hi. I am really interested in joining and was wondering if you are still willing to pay the $18.00 on peoples behalf. I reside in Zimbabwe and am having financial difficulty so if you could pay the $18.00 for me I would be truly grateful.

      • Alisia

        Hi Carol

        Please can you email me more details.


    • Piedy

      how do i join you

  4. tenasia

    I just started 2wks ago. Really not doing that great

  5. Lee Dickens

    I have been in the business for just over a week and I have made my money back 10 times over, its a very simple business yet seriously affective.
    what it comes down to is very simple do you have $18 as I cannot see any other reason why you wouldn’t jump on, it does not make Business sense.

    my time towards this business is about 3 mins which is how long its taken me to write this review.




    • R Tendo

      Precious, get in touch with me. That is my facebook name, so just send me a message and I will set you up.

    • evans-fritz

      the business is real and true,am in Ghana and I must say that this business opportunity has turned many lives in Ghana round,thus people are taking control of their can contact me via email. I am available to help you build the business.

      • Mabel

        What is their payment method? How will you get paid in Ghana?

      • Frank

        Hello Evans-Fritz.

        I would be grateful to know more about 4Corners from you Sir.


        Expecting a reply soonest.

        Warm regards,

    • zowie

      Zimbabwe is rolling. Everyone is excited. get in touch

      • Tricia

        Zowie. Please send me your email so I can get in touch with u. Would like to join as your downliner

      • Philani Mathe

        Please contact me i want to join the 4Cs

    • Rickson

      Hi. I am from South Africa. My Brother in law is from Zimbabwe and he is part of 4 Corners. Drop me a mail

      • Nejadeen Braham

        Please join my team at this link. It will be d one of the best decisions you’ ll ever make

    • Rutendo

      Hie Precious
      You can join my team using the above link. 4courners is really rocking in zim.

    • Nejadeen Braham

      Please sign up via this link if you are interested in the business. Need vibrant ready to woel persons on my team.

    • Joe

      well you still haven’t concluded if 4Corners is a scam or not.

      • dorothy

        be glad to send you an application!!!no scam

  7. John

    I live in England does this system work here?. Do you pay out to bank accounts here and in GP pounds

    • Maungo Lesetedi

      Hello John, you can do the business in England as well and you will receive a MasterCard which you can use to withdraw in GBP.

  8. Bill

    I have been doing this for one month now and have not put much effort in, as I do not currently have the time. That being said, it is very inexpensive to get started and you can easily sign up

  9. Nandy

    I am part of a team here in St. Lucia and we are very dedicated. As soon as you sign up people, you will see the returns on your dashboard.

    • Frank

      Hello Nandy.

      I would be grateful to know more about 4Corners from you please.


      Expecting a reply soonest.

      Warm regards,

  10. Irv

    Hi John, yes 4C works in the UK. I’m a member here in the UK based in Milton Keynes. 4C offers an International VISA debit card with which you can withdraw your profits. Hope that helps 🙂

  11. sceptic

    The numbers don’t add up. 5460 people who pay $18 totaling $98,280 allows the company to pay u $559,824. How? Unless I’m being completely retarded it makes no sense. They would have to pay u $400,000 plus out of their pocket. Right? Comment back if I am wrong on my math. Pretty sure this is a scam.

    • Stephanie

      Yeah I would like to know the same thing lol. How exactly does that work out?

    • Kristal

      There is also a 100% match paid to you on your downline’s earnings. As well as 3 other streams. This business model has 5 streams of income to be made in total. That’s why the payout doesn’t seem to match the math. You were only considering 1 stream.

    • David Self

      I don’t you watched the same video as me, makes perfect sense. You’re only out 18 bucks, you recruit 4 people (all you personally can recruit in step 1), that is your immediate down line Matrix is a 4 x 6, which means 4 people, 6 levels deep. Those 4 you recruit replicate what you just done, and so on down their lines to, and you get paid off their down lines because only way they got in was you sponsored each of the 4 in your down line it is a no brainier. Damn right I am going join because the residual side is exponential….So, what if you loss, you’ve only lost $18 bucks! Every…..

      Give you some upside about scams. Email Processing online is an AFF, you pay $25 to get their backoffice link that will not convert unless you pay another $10 to another company to get their webpage that will not convert, so you must join another payment processing company that pays a fee to collect each payment, plus you pay on the other end at PayPal to get your payment processed for each payment, and all this is “none refundable”, no support, no address or numbers to contact webmasters if customers have trouble nothing, you just lost min. of $35 bucks, and you have “nothing…nada”.

      At least hear there they seem very upfront because if you don’t produce 4 people and your down line is lame (your poor marketing skills) then it is your fault, not some AFF organization. These governments know about most these AFFs, but don’t have the manpower or you pay more taxes to go after them, so use some common sense when it comes to a job on or offline. Your worst enemy in decision making is yourself, that’s right the person standing in that mirror. This business is simple, don’t think so in depth when it is only less than a Jackson, what a hamburger and movie pass – Awe….

  12. Energy

    No body seem to respond to Sceptic on his mathematics

    • Foarai

      David Self did

    • Glory

      You have 5 different streams of income, referrals, matching bonus, sales, etc. Most people only look at the referral bonus which starts at only $4 but the 100% matching bonus is most interesting and that is where the mathematical logic is. 100% matching bonus means that you as a sponsor of a person receives 100% of any earning of that referral not just the initial $4 commission from his $18 investment. If you are not yet registered, get in touch and I will guide you through

  13. temzie

    This is a great business opportunity to consider

  14. Sophie Aka.

    Hey people?iam from Rwanda,Africa and we would really love to join the 4c too but don’t know how.can anyone help.thanks and God bless.Sandra

    • Rutendo

      Sophie hie
      You be part of my team. Will assist you. I hope you have a mastercard to pay for your order

  15. Jane

    Hae fred, am from Kenya and would really like to know how genuine is this deal. How will i get my money once i recruit members? I want to be cautious i can’t afford to loose any money because am not employed. Please send me some detailed info about how it works via mail

    • Dedan

      Hi did you join four corners,am Dedan from kenya

  16. John Kay

    Hai Jane, kindly inbox me.

  17. Humphrey Sedumedi

    i really want to join can an active person get hold of me, iam a hard worker

    • thuli

      Hi, lam an active member will help you understand

  18. shae

    Explain this to me please..

  19. ketshepile ncaagae

    I would like to join too

    • vana

      still interested in joining

    • Pamela

      4 Corners Alliance is a great business. I would love to have you guys join my team. I live in America in Las Vegas.

      • Frank

        Hello Pamela.

        I would be grateful to know more about 4Corners from you Sir.


        Expecting a reply soonest.

        Warm regards,

  20. trish

    I am not a part of this but I want to comment on the math asked. My understanding is that as you move through the levels, the cost of books is higher, this cost is taken from your commission. Therefore at level 6 with 4000+ people at a cost of approx. $ is then possible to pay out approx $98000+.

  21. Samuel

    I am from Uganda, East AFRICA and would like to join this opportunity. However, I only need to know the potential of the team before I jump onto it……are you recruiting first enough and having spillovers? If this is the case, then count me in with a relatively huge team of hundreds

    • Akashni Rohit

      Good afternoon Samuel, if you still need help joining this team, send me your email address and I will assist you. Alternatively, watch the webinar tonight and get started.

  22. samuel

    I am from Uganda, East AFRICA and would like to join this opportunity. However, I only need to know the potential of the team before I jump onto it……are you recruiting first enough and having spillovers? If this is the case, then count me in with a relatively huge team of hundreds.

  23. Eric Kofi

    Let me ask: assuming i registered 4 corners/pple but less that the four continue to register others, what happens? To add, that number(less than the 4) have registered and with their branches (4 pple) all the four works very well.

  24. Ali

    Please i want to find out whether this business works in Ghana too.

    • Emmanuel Aryeetey

      yes you can join my team

  25. Rosemary Semu

    Am in Zimbabwe I need to be part of

    • gerry

      i would love to help you. I joined about a month back

  26. also skeptical

    So let’s say I don’t register the four people is there a reoccurring payment or surcharge I have to pay monthly? What downside am I at if I don’t get through immediately? Do I have to continue paying the 18 dollars like another similar scheme.. Akin to world ventures?

    • Glory

      It is only $18 one time payment, no monthly fee and fee that will be paid in the future (like if you subscribe to monthly news letter) will be deducted from your earning, not out of pocket. The only thing is that you do not earn anything if you do nothing but your website and access will be open. So get in and begin building team. Also help your team to get others, that is the secret

  27. Ernest Soumtoh

    hello i joined this opportunity last month and now i’m helping my fellow pacific islanders .. so i’m really proud of what i’m doing , its like giving them a new hope of life and be happy .

    i will glad for you to join our pacific islanders team Four corners alliance group.

    Thank you …

  28. Lucia Mawrdzere

    You dont have to pay a recurring monthly18.00 dollars follow the above to join it does work

  29. Veronica

    Want to join, how do l do that pliz

  30. zethu

    Hi…I am in Kzn in South Africa and would like to know more about 4Corners.Can someone pls help me

  31. Emmanuel Aryeetey

    i am from Ghana and you can join my team on 4c and i will mentor you through to success. how can you fail in our team

  32. Augustunus

    Hi alove interested buddies. it is very easy. To join you need a sponser ( member that already joined ) and then sign up under him / her. You can watch the videos on YouTube also for you to understand the whole business. I recommend you to watch a video named FOUR CORNERS ALLIANCE GROUP FULL PRESENTATION on YouTube.

  33. Navraj Singh

    thanks is this one time payment only

  34. Robert

    Hey this sounds great! Someone please help me get started. I live in New Zealand

    • Nicole

      Has anyone responded to you?

  35. tawaz

    this is a great business guys,less than a month i joined and im enjoying the team is so amazing,they helped me understand the business fast and in no time my team started me if you would like to be part of a motivated,winning team.

  36. J Vittur

    I can proudly say that I am also a member of 4 Corners. I have personally sponsored 23 people into the business and will continue to recruit more and more, and guess what, I am getting 100% matching pay off of those 23 people even though only 4 of them are directly under me. While yes, I only needed to recruit 4 people, the others that I recruited are passed down to those that struggle in getting theirs for what ever reason. I have and will also pay it forward to a few people I know that are out of work and struggling in order to get them started, and yes they are building teams. There is no quitting on my team as we help and build each other. I want to also so, if a person can not make money in this program, it is because they do not want to make it. As with any business, you have to invest in it, and I am not talking about money, you have to invest in your self as well as time to build it. It is not going to build it self over night and is not a get rich quick scam like people make it out to be.

    People need to stop letting other people think for them, that is what one of the things wrong with this country, people are too worried about what others think!!!! We are all adults and were born with our own minds to think for our self. Sure it is ok to get advise from others, but you have a mind for a reason, to think. A person can not fail unless they never tried in the first place, As was stated in the Movie Balboa (ROCKY) – life is not about get hit, but rather how hard you can get hit and get back up from it, and for 18.00, you can knock my head off and guess what? I will still get paid, not to mention the $18.00 is tax deductible 100% here in the US as having a home based business. So you are not even out of that because you can write it off on your taxes as a cost of doing business.

    A Study was done once where a group of scientist placed 5 monkeys in a cage, and in that cage there was a latter, at the top of the latter was a bunch of bananas, however, there was also a water hose just under the bananas that would hose the moneys down when they tried to reach the bananas. 1 by 1 the monkeys tried to get them only to be hosed down, to the point that they no longer tried to reach the bananas, so at this time the scientist, replaced 1 monkey out of the cage, as the new monkey tried to reach the top, the others attacked it to prevent them from getting hosed with it, then again the monkeys sat at the bottom, and again the scientist replaced another monkey and again they attack the new monkey. This continued until all the original monkeys had be placed, then the scientist removed the hose, now at this time there was noting in the way of the monkeys reaching the top to get the bananas, but guess what? None of the monkeys reached the top, because they we conditioned by the others that they would not make it. Just as people tell you that you can not run your own business and will fail at it, why? Because people in the US are taught to go to school, make good grades, then get a job flipping burgers while they continue their education while piling up student loans and credit card debt. So with this in mind, how does that 1 time start up of just $18.00 sound now? Which would rather pay, 18.00 or thousands of dollars in interest on payments that you were told that you needed?

    Joe Vittur

  37. Emmanuel Dzansi

    lm from Ghana and I’m part of four corners alliance group. I joined some weeks ago. It’s really a working plan. Please join my team and let’s build together. Send me an email and let’s take it from there.


  38. Entsil Abraham

    how do I join four corners alliance group

  39. Tola Sashi

    Hi guys,

    I am Adetola from Nigeria, I joined 4corners 2months ago and I have cashed out money easily so far. At first it was difficult getting people in but when I started cashing out and showing them payment proof they obliged and sign up.

    I have dropped my link and my email, if there is anyone still doubting the group, I recon you wake up, join my group and lets wake this bad boy up!!

    Hit me up ASAP for more questions.

    • dave

      I’m interested

    • francess

      how did you cash out?

  40. Lloyd Teveraishe

    4 corners is the best thing that has ever happened in my life..I am under one of the fastest growing team 4 corners has ever had and my team is benefiting from the spillovers…The first day of joining I witnessed for myself money adding up ryt infront of my eyes on my dashboard..If you want to grow in this business you need to be on the team global impact..My Sponsor is number 3 in the whole company so you definitely would want to be on my team..This thing is not a scam don’t be fooled by people that want to promote their own Network marketing companies…4 corners is crashing boards so there are many haters…Look me up on Facebook and I will personally show you my results and those of my leaders directly above me

    • Javier Torres

      I am interested in this opportunity. Can you help you in how to join what do I do?

      Thank you,

      • Glory

        Have you got response yet? otherwise get in touch with me and I will guide you

  41. david

    oh yeah, its interesting to hear but i would like to get more information about how u earn the commission, and probably who can help me join im uganda

    • Glory

      There is no barrier to where you can join from, it is only your willingness to build a team that matters

  42. obinna

    I joined last yr but just started promoting it,it is a worthwhile venture.l encourage people in my home country Nigeria to join.


  43. Cheng

    $18 of investment in Four Corners Alliance Group is worth it!! I must say this is the BEST company so far. Hit me up, If you’re interested to join our growing team today. Best of luck to all! Happy earnings!

  44. Glory

    Hey guys, I am a member of four corners alliance group. I have discovered that it is not only about making money but it is also a community of people who want to succeed in life. The forum creates an atmosphere of hope and some inspirational quotes of members can lift your spirit. Join my team, not just because of the money (of course, you need the money) but also get inspired and let your hope come alive!

  45. Loriaan

    Hello everybody i am from cape town south africa,contact me if you are serious to join this business! It works…my fellow partners are taking international trips already from commissions earned!

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