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MyAdvertisingPays (MAPs) has an aura and stigma of slippery slopes and higher hopes, but let's not let hope slide just yet because everyone wants to know “how does it work, how long will it last, how to do you make money“?

The My Advertising Pays ‘secure and stable internet income system' (since December 2013) says, “if you can click a mouse, you can earn with us”.

Imagine that image so easily or hopelessly-painted out? it's like it should be clicking for coins, but anyway be prepared to get both the the positive potential benefits and down-n-dirty detrimental side effects of online businesses of this nature.

Elaborately-encoded or eloquently-expanded upon, every expert needs to examine and evaluate the business opportunity as a whole.

my advertising pays

My Advertising Pays is our showcased-event here. This interestingly-observed and preserved opportunity has become incredibly popular in the internet marketing community with over 40,000 members and growing.

In just a few months, there expecting to hit maximium momentum and marketability with their advertising and promotional “credit packs”

But as experts, money ones at that, is this opportunity a blinded-by-the-light bluff or are people making real money?

What is My Advertising Pays (MAPs)?

To boil it down into its simplest terms, My Advertising Pays is an advertising platform that marketers, businesses, and entreprenerus can use to get traffic to their website, landing page, or blog.

MAPs aside, it's critically-important to understand the fact of if you to make money online – traffic/visitors/people are the essential building blocks of your lock-in-key offers. In a gnarly nutshell, MAP's allows you to drive traffic to those offers.

(*We will share more in depth how you can potentially make money but for now lets focus on the service.)

Their backend advertising platform allows users to buy “MAPs Credit Packs” that can be use to dive traffic anywhere you want. Sounds easy enough, what's the catch?

Quality? Targeted? Bot Traffic? Country? Questions of cause and concern, but let's learn about how you earn.

The cost of a single “Credit Pack” is $49.99 – it gives you hundreds of visitors to your offer or business opportunity. On the flip side, these Credit Packs can also be an investment for your business since they pay you 1.5-2% daily (*when you click at least 10 ads daily), which turns out to be around $60 after 60 days. According to the official My Advertising Pays website, you can potentially profit a minimum of $10 for each “credit pack” you buy…sound a bit dicey and sketchy? let's see

Quick overview of how My Advertising Pays works

• Buy a Credit pack for $49.99

• Click a minimum of 10 ads per day

• Drive Free traffic to your business

• Receive daily residual commission

That's it, period?

How else can I profit from My Advertising Pays?

Profit Sharing – To guarantee yourself a profit sharing commission, all you have to do is buy a credit pack and be sure to click on 10 ads daily you will continue to make a fluctuating amount depending on the number of sales MAPs makes on that day. Obviously you can buy as many credit packs as possible and the more you have the more you will earn from profit shares since each pack turns into $60 every 60 days.

According to members viewing the 10 daily ads only takes 3-5 minutes of your day but it’s the best way to ensure a profit sharing commission.

Affiliate Commissions – Buying a credit pack also buys you traffic. You can earn affiliate commissions if you have an offer than converts and are sending this traffic to an opportunity or products. So you earn from a second time from the traffic that has already pay you.

Referral Commissions – For every person you refer to My Advertising Pays you will receive a 10% on every credit pack they purchase. According to some of the top income earners at maps this is one of the best ways to turn this business into a 5K , 15K and even 20k a month kind of business!

MAPs sounds-semi-great but am I too late?

By now at – you know we reflect upon the 6 Expert Elements that make up any good business, opportunity or venture.

According to the company's latest reported stats I could locate, they have a staggering and highly-impressive unheard of 95% retention rate (5% attrition); which means that people who make a decision to invest in these so-called My Advertising Pays Credit Packs are actually making money and sticking around (who wouldn't).

Over the last few months, which sparked the need for an expert review of MAPs to be born here, the company has grown to over 40,000 users and affiliates – which symbolizes thousands of active affiliates who are actually clicking the 10 ads on a daily basis and profiting from all their hard work (*is that the catch, sounds too good to be true?).

According to anyone I could a respective responsive from (ask around), many users reported back saying they have seen an average of an 8% click through rate, which means people are actually viewing the ads which helps the entire cycle come full circle..

Even though everyone who clicks on ads is incentivized to see them (slippery slopes), every person clicking has bought at least 1 “credit Pack” (high hopes) inside MAPs which technically are viewed by the list of 40,000 members/buyers/users (*correct me in comments if not correct).

Why People Join My Advertising Pays?

Guaranteed Buyers Traffic – When you join MAPs you have instant access to a list of buyers, who have already made a purchase into an online business.

Credit Packs Money – When you invest on as many credit pack as possible you will make $10 over a period of 60 days.

Referral Commissions – Receive 10% for every purchase of referral credit packs.

Profit Sharing – Everyone who buys a credit pack and clicks 10 ads a day is guaranteed to make a profit.

To get more information about MAPs and how you can join the business, visit this link. To learn more tips on how to make money online, be sure to opt in with your e-mails to receive free advice from our Make Money Experts!


  1. Dave C

    I understand why people think that MAPS is a scam but it could quite possibly make a lot of people a lot of money.

    There are people who are sinking in large amounts of cash and earning a lot of money bringing people in. Right now there are no problems currently with the product. Maybe there will be in the future but right now it earn people like Deese and Simon money and regular average joe makes a % of what they earn which too them is quite a lot of money, if you could earn $1,200 per day for as long as myadvertisingpays is live then thats ok for only a small amount of effect e.g clicking just 10 ads per day.

    • Marc

      It is a scam. All the money dupes pay in moves up the PYRAMID to the recruiters. There is no product. Clicking mindlessly on ads is of no use to any company who wish to reach customers. Like Banners Broker this will end in tears.

      • Ade

        I have been on MAPs since July 2014, and I have been making money. I was skeptical initially, buying only 1 credit pack. I just bought my 450th pack.

  2. Michele

    This seriously is NOT a scam. As long as you invest in the credit packs, you profit $10 for each one that you buy, and as long as you click on 10 ads a day, you’re making money. It really is that simple. Yes, there are fees, but the profits outweigh them considerably. Then once you max out at 1200 credit packs, you’re in pure profit! It’s also not like you have to keep putting your own money into buying the credit packs. For every $50 that you earn in profit sharing, just turn that around and buy more. In essence, MAPs is paying you to buy more credit packs. Of course, I buy them whenever I can. When I max out at 1,200 – Let’s just say that “life is good”.

    • Joe

      Hmmmm… What about if you reach 1200 an the company actually collapses… Your up shit creek then, I sincerely hope that not the case… But I do think that’s a reality.

      • Ade

        That’s neither here nor there. I have been there almost a year now. I could have started pulling out six months back. However, Deese’s principle is a little bit different from those of others. He started MAPs because he referred his friends to such programmes which eventually collapsed. He felt bad because his friends lost money.

    • Marc

      So it is an investment? Is it a member of any organisations which regulate investments for the protection of investors?

  3. Ray

    I started in January 2015 with $300. So far as of the beginning of May 2015 I have not put anymore money out of pocket and I have earned my $300 back plus almost $250 in profit. Besides being able to roll those profits over into new credit packs I have been able to build my primary business. It’s a win win situation. I love it!

  4. venkatesh

    this company will for life time

    • Marc

      This company won’t last much past lunchtime.

  5. ilker

    I’ve joined my advertising pays on the 10/07/2015 and so far it does was it says so long as I click the 10 ads my account is growing what I would like to know is what about taking money oit of the atm machine will is really pay out hard cash

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