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Instapage landing pages and all their story's glory depends upon 3 elements; 1) build/idea 2) split test (templates/layout) 3) simplicity (what the name implies)

Once these are created into existence – success can ultimately ensue by lowering the bottom dollar cost of new customer acquisition and current audience engagement – and Instapage's fully-functional lead capture squeeze pages do have many features worth mentioning and covering.

instapage landing pagesFor starters, if graphic design isn't in your particular skill set or hobby past-time, then you're at a huge disadvantage because a solid landing page is vital to any marketing campaign (especially paid ones). So what do you do? Give up and try something else? Or Neglect the need for creating, capturing and converting leads?

As all my experts can expect, InstaPage stands for “instant page” and it provides exactly that. (this sentence was so worth it lol)

Do InstaPage Landing Pages Really Work?

In one word, yes. But our biggest cause for concern is the price points and options available (there might be better leadpages worth the money on the internet).

But I am confident in reviewing Tyson Quick's relativity new service and Instapage user-friendly landing page editor that you will get and gain enough value regardless if it is too expensive or costs out of your allocated budget.

Let's talk about the process of why having this system/funnel setup is so significant to your business growth and success.

Once you sign up for InstaPage, you're ready to start building your own custom landing pages. The most compelling benefit is that everything is that it is designed for speed and simplicity. You can literally (and instantly) drag, drop, and design a landing page on their custom platform within minutes (where was this 3-4 years ago).

Once you build your landing page you can integrate it with many popular tools with a few clicks of a button. That's right – there's no coding or design skills needed whatsoever.

InstaPage Features:

InstaPage has a huge list of features, which are available in the user dashboard. Some of the popular features include:

  • Automated Optimization
  • Landing Page Templates
  • Simple, Easy To Use Interface
  • Thousands Of Extra Widgets
  • Easy Custom URL Setup
  • Free Cloud Hosting
  • Performance Tracking
  • Lead-gen/lead Capture Forms
  • Over 250,000 created pages!

The InstaPage Advantage & Difference?

Now that we have all of the long-winded review of Instapage landing capture pages,

InstaPage does not have nearly the customer base compared to competitors but it has nicely carved out it's own niche. There are many benefits of using InstaPage, which include:

Lightning Speed Landing Page Creation: No other landing page tool is going to help you create landing pages as fast as InstaPage. You can signup for InstaPage and have a dozen landing pages created within twenty minutes. It's really that simple.

InstaPage Is Great For Newbies: Those new to the Internet marketing industry will find InstaPage especially useful. Compared to other tools, InstaPage is much easier to use and it's much more affordable, something most new marketers are very conscious of.

Offers Pre-made Landing Page Templates: Don't have time to test out whether or not a landing page template will convert? Don't worry; InstaPage will take care of it. InstaPage has premade templates that have already been tested and therefore you know they will convert Simply customize the template to fit your audience/niche and you'll have the perfect recipe to start capturing leads.

Simple To Use: InstaPage's main goal seems to be to provide a simple, cost-effective way for marketers to create landing pages. Everything about InstaPage is easy to understand and simple to use, which is why anybody can use InstaPage.


InstaPage is a fantastic landing-page builder that is best used by newbies or people who don't have the time or money to split test landing page templates. There are competitors that offer more advanced tracking metrics and other features InstaPage does not offer but for the most part, InstaPage offers everything that other landing page tools offer.

Overall, InstaPage is well worth trying out (it's free up to 29 landing pages) before deciding whether or not it's the right tool for you. If you like simplicity and want landing pages quickly, you'll love InstaPage.


  1. Kieran Daniels

    Hey there!

    Thanks for reviewing our software! It seems its been awhile too 🙂 Almost all of this information is outdated! I would love to extend a fully UNLIMITED account to you to re-review and compare with leadpage as well.

    We would love to invite you to do any sort of review or direct comparison. Please let me know if I can help in any way!

    Kieran Daniels

  2. Kieran Daniels

    Any update on this? I would love to correct some pretty massive misinformation in this article 🙂

  3. Jeff

    Please send me those corrections. I really want – no -need an effective landing page. I’m running on the pay-as-you-go budget plan – when subscribers sign up to my new site, I’ll earn the money to pay for more services.

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