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Leadpages is known for being the “Internet’s Easiest & Fastest ‘Next-Generation’ Lead Generation Software System and Platform“…the only thing we can promise after that elaborately-rich and bold title is not to say lead again too many times in our respected review…

lead generation strategyBut LEADS are why these PAGES you are on right now exist…to create, capture, and convert ‘interested spectators’ aka TARGETED LEADS into active buyers, customers, and consumers (or builders depending) of any offer it is you promote, advertise, or market.

Ironically, our experts get a steady influx of emails pertaining to something along the lines of “how to increase the conversion flow of email subscribers and list building signups” – and our answer pretty much lies within the same question of “what are the best ways to establish a profitable business?”

Simply said, GET BETTER TOOLS!



In the process of creating a reliable and residual income stream, it’s hard to ignore the importance of utilizing optimized lead capture pages/landing pages/squeeze pages.

Throughout our discussion regarding the umbrella topic of “the significance of lead generation”, we are going to take a deep, picture perfect, high up look into the single most popular software used by internet marketers, businesses, and entrepreneurs all over the world: LEADPAGES.

Consider it a 2-for-1 done-for-you enlightening and educating piece of internet business peace and prosperity. Of course, never played out always laid out with simplicity of style in mind.

landing page optimizationWith that being said, there are two schools of thought when it comes to WHY you should TRY the best lead gen software on the planet – website optimization and traffic conversion.

If the holy trinity of marketing to make money is a) Automation (always) b) Outsourcing (be) c) Systems (closing) – then you better find the best of the best when it comes to lead generation software, tools and experience.

Any webmaster who runs, manages or assists with a business or eCommerce website – knows the prominence and eminence of having targeted traffic and gaining quality visitors… (without it your mute, not cute and need to salute to a rapid reboot)

But what you do with those active people surfing your site (aside from increasing the quantity) – flat out matters and will make or break your business bank –

And depending on the call to action layout and structure, visual design and funnel development process you present on your website/landing page to your valued visitors – you could very easy have cash-money slipping right through your website’s digital doorstep and virtual fingertips…

If not, now is the time to tie up that knot fast. We may need to call the virtual paramedics for the loss of primal life-force bleeding out of your site’s lifeline; targeted traffic.

Anyone care to answer this question: Do you know what the Holy Grail and Chief Aim of ANY Business-Related Website is?

Safely stated, GET BETTER LEADS (and MORE of them)!

Business Strategies For Lead Generation

Let’s begin by saying, no business in the world is unworthy of MORE LEADS…

get leads = see sales = new life-force
Not to sound radical and dramatical, but having a fluid pipeline funnel starting out with beautiful landing pages can bring to your business to new heights in a hurry. As the Internet Income Age dawns upon us all, the overall buying process has changed by adapting into a much more peer-reviewed, cerebral (have to see it a few times) feel to it all.

capture-pageWhen reviewing what a typical (very basic and common theme) lead capture page might resemble: you’ll usually see a headline, subheader, bulleted benefits, video/call to action and email optin autoresponder form. That’s it.

This is where LeadPages really starts to shine and their inherent power and authority take root. They are experts and specialize in lead generation strategy and tactics – just like we do at “making money”…just like there’s a big difference between optimizing for traffic or conversion.

It’s like two green peas in a pod – you can’t have sales without leads, and leads without sales.

We can talk until we are blue in the face about the differences and distinctions of increasing website visitors vs increasing lead generation email optins – but one thing is for sure, the more the merrier.

If you don’t have a lot of traffic yet, then you have a traffic problem – not a conversion problem – if you are getting hundreds and thousands of hits a day but only double digit leads then you have a conversion problem, not a traffic issue.

The key is to cut through the clutter and chatter that is everywhere online – how to make things STAND OUT – to get through the noise you must be poise and ready with the right tools!

Important Elements About Capture Pages


Design: Basically capture pages are pages with a special design that you can use on your website to persuade visitors to buy your product or opt-in to your e-mail list so you can establish a better relationship with them and eventually turn them into buyers.

Testing: You can split test capture pages to see which ones have better outcomes. You do this by sending traffic to different pages and measuring the results.

Messaging: You can try to build your own capture pages but likely wont achieve the optimal result you could get using predesign landing page templates already known to work.

Call To Action: A call of action is an important component of a capture page, you must be clear on what you want people to do once they land on a capture page.

The LeadPages lead page generator does all of this in stunning detail with the ability to have fully functional capture pages working within minutes of deciding to try.

There are many different styles, fashions and templates to choose from – no one’s product, service, opportunity or brand is quite the same as the next – and that’s what makes the flexibiliyt and adaptability of Leadpages so rare, unique and exotic (I had to go there).

In order to provide the best email optin conversions, the software navigates and aggregates the conversion rates of all customers to know which capture page format works best. This allows you to sort throughout their options and pick the best converting template very smoothly and seamlessly.

LeadPages Landing Page Software Features

No software of this magnitude can have too many bells and whistles right? Well, not to overwhelm, but let’s take a proverbial stab at outlining all the information (fruits and veggies, nuts and bolts) of this one of a kind platform.

Lead Pages has quite the selection of options, including:

lead-pages-featuresFifty Landing Pages Templates: As of now LeadPages has fifty landing page templates already created that have been tested and are proven to convert, they are always updating template to give you more options. With just a few clicks, you can customize any of the templates to create your own high converting landing page.

Easy WordPress Integration: WordPress is the most common CMS (content management system) used by marketers and Leadpages can be use with it. The Leadpages™ WordPress plug-in allows users to customize landing pages and post it on wordpress with only a few clicks.

lead-pages-facebook100% Mobile Responsive Landing Pages: Every landing page created on Leadpages will be 100% compatible with mobile devices, regardless if the visitor is on an Android or iOS device. Not having a mobile responsive theme is like not having an email optin form on your wbesite, just don’t do it!

100% Facebook Compatible: Facebook Traffic is huge on mobile devices and Leadpages offers users the ability to capture this web traffic by offering landing pages that are compatible with mobile traffic while browsing Facebook.

These are just four of the features you can employ while using Leadpages. Any professional online marketer can benefit from using this software.

LeadPages Advantage

leadpages advantageWhat are the advantages of the most versatile, stable, reliable, durable and trustworthy lead generation software and landing page platform?

You Never Have To Touch A Line Of Code: Most people don’t have coding skills and even if they had the code already created, they would have no idea how to integrate it into their website. With Leadpages, you never have to touch a line of code! Everything is done for you.

Leadpages Is Stock Loaded With Features: As we just discussed, Leadpages hs multiple features that have been tested and integrated by conversion experts who know how to make money.

get better leads fasterLeadpages Can Save You Time & Money: Designers and coders are very expensive and are sometimes unreliable. Leadpages costs a simple monthly fee based upon your needs and has the potential to save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year.

Compatible With All Major Email Marketing Partners: Leadpages was brilliantly designed to be 100% compatible with all major email marketing providers and services like Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, Constant Contact, and many more. Therefore, it does not really matter what service you use – Leadpages has you covered.

By now, you should be getting the drift on why this is a no-brainer for your growing business! Yes, there are other alternatives like ClickFunnels by Russell Brunson – but leadpages has carried the torch for many years now!

LeadPages Capture Pages for Mobile Devices

Over the past decade, the smartphone and tablet has enabled millions of people worldwide access the Internet at any time and in any place.

mobile lead genUnfortunately, most websites are not designed to be compatible with mobile traffic, which means online marketers are losing potentially customers and money by not having mobile optimized landing pages.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of online marketers do not have much if any design and/or coding skills, especially to convert on mobile traffic. This can make life especially difficult for marketers because they have to constantly outsource design and coding work to freelancers. Luckily when using Leadpages all pages are mobile ready so not need to worry about any special coding!


  1. lauren

    Great article. Leadpages was a pricey option for me when signing up but it’s definitely been worth the money because I’ve had great conversion rates off my opt-in pages – which I guess is the best proof that it does what it claims!

    • Katie

      Lauren are you still using Lead Services, if so how is it going?

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