Prosperity Cash Machine

Prosperity Cash Machine (PCM) system thinks they have the final solution to your financial freedom.

After visiting the website, I wanted to write a simple review about programs of this nature and what you can expect to find (or not find) that will help make an educated and informed decision.

The premise that Prosperity Cash Machine is a reliable and trustworthy opportunity comes from a simple evaluation of their website and product line, as well as their sales presentations and content.

Prosperity Cash Machine

They claim you can earn fast commissions via their products of $100-$900 a pop, all the way up to $10,000 bonus paydays (ummm) – money in money out .. that means there has to be some major expenses here but lets keep reviewing for the whole feel.

What is actually cool about PCM is their product diversity, covering 3 major platforms.

The flagship product line consists of Brainwave Entrainment and Training audios with a set of binaural beats and relaxing music.

These “green platform products” cover all Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta frequencies, also including an assortment of audio guided meditations and affirmations.

They also provide a collection of easy to access eBooks and text files you can read on your own at will.

These ambient sounds and binaural beats are what make up the Prosperity Cash Machine’s Green products.

Next they have the Gold Platform Products, which is basically just an upgraded version of the green platform just more of each category and product.

They did not quit with their Gold either, moving all the way to Platinum which are exclusive training product featuring Dr Wayne Pickering or The Mangoman.

These audios and videos focus on creating wealth and staying healthy, and having the time of your life.

The Prosperity Cash Machine Opportunity has 3 options to earn “big” according to them, with Fast Start, Teambuilder, and Retail commission options.

Having been on the internet for 8 full years, searching and hunting for viable business opportunities and make money funnels, I have seen so many opportunities like Prosperity Cash Flow come and go.

When their products are digital information based products consisting of audios, videos, and other visuals, they tend to get watered down and have no real fruit for value.

Not to say this PCM is a pure money grab hosting half-ass-made ebooks and audios you couldn’t find free online, but I would make sure you at least do your due diligence before joining.

Programs like Prosperity Cash Machine are a dime a dozen, although this one may have some merit and legitimacy if you are attracted to it.

For me, it does not jazz or give me a income buzz. It feels like fizz that I do not want to biz with. I guess to me, this program is what it is and not much more.

Because I have not joined PCM and went through their product line, this is semi-unfair review as I am just giving my overview after visiting their website, watching their videos, and reading through their website.

You can read plenty of typed up (user or webmaster at that) testimonials about Prosperity Cash Machine, but for me – I was not sold and would rather stay with the likes of Empower Network.

Their personal development and self growth inner circle audios and marketing training are some of the best you can buy in the business.

Do me a favor; leave your comments and feedback below, also your recommendations and suggestions about future visitors and people reviewing the PCM system.

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