2014 Millionaire

Wow..I am not sure what sparked the urge to write this review about ‘2014 Millionaire by Stan Lutz' – but here I am – hoping you on the other end of this message – receive it well and sound.

Make Money Expert's first post about being a millionaire in 2014 should not revolve around this video – but – it does because I think it will resolve a number of issues with what's currently wrong vs working in this industry.

2014 millionairePainfully, I just unwillingly watched both videos of this unbelievable ‘how-much-more-ridiculous-can-it-get-video' and immediately felt compelled and prompted to write something that expresses my 2 cents on what I just witnessed.

Regardless of your background, experience, knowledge, or potential end result/outcome desire – after reading this and watching that 2014 Millionaire video (assuming you have) – I want to share some insight on how you can perceive the language, promise, and structure of this offer – for the better – without actually falling and following the trap..

Before we begin the beatdown, I mean breakdown (sorry can't spell tonight) of 2014 Millionaire – I do want to clarify that I am by no means a hater or resenter of what was presented…honestly I just found it comical.

I am going to break down the start of the timeline of how this video unfolds, because its quite hysterical when all said and done.

Literally within the first 5 seconds, the video starts out by saying can you imagine how making $15,867 in a day might feel? (my red flag goes up?) then proceeds to say that's $75,000+ a month and 4 million in a year…then Mr. Lutz (who obviously and obnoxiously is a multi-millionaire) posts his dis-stilled 100%-verified non-PS bank account screenshots of a cool $4,200,000.00 in it ….. (I screenshoted his screenshot for one of my future videos)

Then immediately after, he wants to invite you into a very exclusive special group that “will not cost you anything because I am not selling anything – do you see any add to cart or buy now buttons”

but…wait, there is just one catch

(and this is my favorite part of the whole presentation – Stan names off every possible scenario of living a poor life vs executive lifestyle he lives)

“This is for members only and whomever shared this video with you thinks very highly of you”

From struggling and frustrated to frozen dinners and being treated like a dog and paid peanuts for busting your ass – he asks you to put away your wallet and spend the next few minutes hearing about an exclusive group of ‘top earners' or the 1%'ers (the mystery continues)

This is where our 2014 Millionaire co-pilot Stan Lutz hangs out – not with the 99%'ers – but with us, the 1%'ers faithfully watching his video in which our wallets are outta sight and there's no buy now buttons on the site..

He's already got homes for his kids, multiple vacations, and other investments (and 4.2 million dollar screenshots) which explains why he will never worry about money again..that long commute in a junky car, getting stuck on the freeway while driving, failing at ebay with dropshipping, flipping websites, stocks and forex, binary options and seo, none of it worked he said…

That one time he hit rock bottom, he was tired of the guru gimmicks and BS claims in which he never made any money…

Then, like the red-sea parted – his friend Jerry sent him the ‘million dollar email' – it was a magical day he enthusiastically expressed..and the email only contained 1 word (at first) – and that was FINALLY.

Jerry said to Stand, “you can't miss this one bud, this is it, our golden ticket”

Then the magical email had Ferrari's and yachts, more screenshots of millions, and pictures of beaches from Aruba (if i recall) – it might have been Cuba but you get the idea (I think)

So now that Stan was tired of schemes, lies and smoke blown onto him he was ready to join Jerry in his exclusive secret group of investors (who were clearly mentioned NOT TO be doing penny stocks, commodity stocks, secret software or hacking into broker sites) (glad that's cleared up I was starting to get worried)

And NOW…we all get free access to it by just making one simple promise: donate $50,000 after you have made your first $1,000,000




Sorry where was I…

Oh yeah – there was even big time traders who were offering MILLIONS of dollars to buy the rights to their system – and they said NO – turned it down for YOU and ME!

(I am pretty sure we are all hooked by now, but let's continue)

And they did it all because they are not paying it forward, they are paying it back. Stan said call it good fortune or good luck – karma or being at the right place at the right time, but only 35 PEOPLE (lol) are allowed to get in this once-in-a-lifetime-gig…(so you better hurry – quite reading and go!)

(please don't)

Even though if you do – the first of the 2 videos says you will be a millionaire within 6-9 months (great choices there my friend)

2014 millionaire reviewAnd after that and the punch line, “don't kill the goose that laid the golden egg” – I had to get out .. I told you it was painful

I did manage to sneak in a shot of what their ‘backoffice membership area' looks like here

And now I have no idea what to tell you about 2014 Millionaire – this review is for the light-hearted – in truth I know nothing about what they are offering (other than the sky and to be a millionaire), but it sure *sounded promising*

For now (since this is relatively new to the marketplace) – I am going to rely on YOU to share, spread, and tell the truth about what you think about the videos, the offer, and the 2014 Millionaire thingy (still not sure what it is other than a winning lottery ticket from the golden goose herself).


  1. red

    Yes!! Totally agree with you. I followed the unbelievable videos because I wanted to see how bad it could get! The secret nature of the ‘free’ private members club, the appeal to our charitable side, fake scarcity, the pressing time limit and those 6 figure bank balances all on automatic: Marketing genius!!

    Look this trading bot maybe as good as any of the others that are spammed to me every week, but if you go that step further and see the broker that I was sent to (presumably selected by region or…who knows? ) then it rings more alarm bells.

    The forums are full of bad press about the broker. How they limit withdrawals, sucker you in with bonus deposits that make it almost impossible for you to withdraw anything until you have reached very high balances, and it starts to sound no better than casino gambling.
    Binary options trading on short times; it is toss-of-a-coin gambling and use the Martingale strategy of doubling your bet on losing wagers until you win and you soon realise that you need deep pockets to stay in the game.

  2. chachi

    it all sounds so good but its all bullshit to steal your money!buy the product to then tell you you have to sign up to five different brokers.these people on the videos get paid to lie and scam you! not one of these brokers are regulated and most of them don’t even have an office but only a mail box but they would list there office in a well known building but if you do your home work and look it up it doesn’t even exist in the building.people please do not fall victim to these overseas binary options if you are going to dip in it go to NADEX they are regulated along with maybe two other not sure…….they manipulate the numbers and expirys…..be very careful!!!!!!

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