Traffic Authority Review

Review The Traffic Authority MLM business opportunity and products (Traffic Optimizer, Traffic Academy) along with the cost of Traffic Authority Packages. Is it right for you?

Traffic Authority Review – Quality Traffic Generation Company?

Traffic Authority is a network marketing business opportunity that features the fountain of youth product line; targeted traffic.

If you are familiar with the Internet Marketing industry at all as a whole, you are bound to know traffic AKA website visitors AKA real eyeballs are the most important component, characteristic and commodity to generating sales and revenue that money can buy.

This will continue to be the painful plague pushing and pulling of all big brands and small businesses unless they increase website traffic (create), leads (capture) and sales (convert).

Let’s face it, if you are in any type of business online you should know from direct experience that you are in constant search for quality traffic which creates seekers into captive followers into hungry buyers.Traffic-AuthorityBecoming an authentic authority about generating targeted traffic is not easy or done overnight. It takes time, trial-in-error, and consistency.

However, we all know 1 major shortcut in business and life. Mentors.

The show you the ropes, been there and done that, proven track record and historical rise to rank and fame … or somewhere in between too.

But mentors are the shortcut to creating profitable income streams and long-term wealth.

Let's review Traffic Authority and all of its major touchpoints along the way for your path 2 purchase pursuit .. is it right for you?

Read our research on buying traffic and building profitable businesses and how you can decide for yourself today.

Quick – What is Traffic Authority?

With over 18 years experience providing premium traffic (to leaders inside Empower Network and many others), a company formerly known as Infinite Leverage System has now transformed into the entity to bring you the new and improved Traffic Authority company.

They have become a popular in-demand opportunity because it offers the very vital and significant element all Internet marketers need – “Quality traffic” – a honed-in source of targeted potential buyers inside your business. In attempt to become a one stop shop for all things traffic and authority, the relevant question of do you need high quality traffic for your online business might as well be a cliche these days – because of course you do.

With a promise of “we don't just deliver traffic, we deliver results”, we are excited to witness the specialized traffic products with a proven track record and historic rise in rank status.

To tell you more about the company let’s start by saying it was developed by Doug Wellens and Chad Stalvey, who are pioneers in their own rights among the internet marketing traffic industry.

Can You Use Traffic Authority In Your Business?

traffic-sourcesTraffic authority is intended to be use for entrepreneurs of multiple niches especially, direct sales individuals, affiliate marketers and network marketers. Their main focus is to be a one stop online destination for optimal and practical tools to grow a business.

So if you haven’t figured it out yet and are wondering exactly what traffic authority is all about— the name says it all – TA's core product is Traffic.

Everyone knows you need traffic to grow and build your online business presence and that is exactly what this opportunity and service is meant to do. Traffic Authority wants you to join their expert community who knows how to drive quality, targeted traffic at will utilizing the world's biggest online platforms, Google & Facebook.

Inside this industry of traffic, leads and sales, there is an abundant of misleading, half-truths being shared and experienced that we hope one day stops. But until that problematic scenario is completely gone, there is only one right thing to do in the meantime – that is follow the right people and act on the right information.

Is a well known fact for any business owner that traffic is the one aspect that runs their business, Whether you own a “brick and Mortar” business or are swimming in internet marketing sea, you need traffic, that is People at your door step, in your website and capture pages.

If Internet marketing/ network marketing/ affiliate marketing are some of the niches you are on – Traffic Authority can help your business in two ways:

1 – As a customer, by providing a source of quality traffic where you can send your offers.

2 – As an affiliate, by giving you an evergreen, massive appeal product that you can share and make commissions from.

Traffic Authority Background –

For the past 18 years Greg, Doug and Chad have built their reputation by operating as premium traffic suppliers to multiple well known successful Internet marketers.

Today they are moving on, to service the traffic store at traffic authority. This move, will give you access to high quality and targeted traffic, professionals have used to create real results.

Traffic Authority — Spit Up The Punch Line

business-JVSo what’s the big kicker, what’s the big opportunity that can potentially make traffic authority special in the now more competitive fast growing internet marketing space?

If you decide to invest in Traffic authority you can eventually begin to feed traffic to your OWN online business and offers for FREE.


By applying some of your Traffic Authority earnings to personal traffic packages. This can potentially give you large leverage inside the business and allegedly, greater results.

Traffic authority stands out as the only big direct marketing company selling traffic, as an attractive, mass appeal product.

Inside View — Traffic Authority Functionality

Traffic authority sales traffic packages proved for any sized online venture.

You will be able to order from a range of packages of with clicks 100% from Canada and the U.S.

Inside the traffic authority back office you will have total control over the clicks, to start and stop them as you see fit.

According to the company main website, traffic is guarantee to be deliver with in 24 hours of ordering.

traffic-authority-businessThe Opportunity

When you become a reseller of traffic authority you can make large commissions from selling traffic sources to business owners and aspiring Internet marketing entrepreneurs.

Traffic Authority can potentially be a win win situation inside your business, if you are proactive and active in the laptop lifestyle.

Traffic Authority Core Products —

Traffic authority packages starts up as $220 for a basic start that delivers up to 190 clicks.

The packages range from low to all the way up to the Diamond Packages for a whooping $8397 targeted clicks.

How Much Can You Make In Commissions?

As an affiliate commissions range from $100 for basic $220 packages, to $4,000 for a diamond traffic package.

Also you can earn from selling tools such as the traffic customizer, which is a monthly $27 a month tool. As an affiliate you will have access to earn $20 for every traffic customizer referred.

Traffic Optimizer – Additional Tools

Aside from getting traffic clicks – when you get involved with Traffic Authority you will have a access to The Traffic Optimizer, which provides fully customizable capture pages to help you have more control over sales.

The Traffic Optimizer includes multiple tools that will make easier to get results.

Full Customizable Capture Pages

Fully customizable email capture page builder.
Access to highly-converting capture pages and marketing material.
Point and edit templates that can be customized to a specific offer, fast.

Advance Link Tracker Rotator

This toll can help to know exactly where traffic is coming from and make it easy to adjust to websites as needed, fast and comfortably.

Split Testing Software

This software can help you test multiple version of your site and capture pages to determine which ones have better conventions.

Pop Ups , Timers And Exit Pages

These tools are designed to optimize lead generation, by helping fine-tune funnels and making necessary changes to your marketing campaign fast.

Traffic Academy = Aside From The Tips & Tools…

traffic-communityBy becoming part of traffic authority you will have access to Traffic Academy – a program that will be continually updated with live training courses from people who are generating real results in the Internet Marketing world.

In here you will hear from 7 and 8 figure earners who direct large amounts of traffic to their offers.

You can begin to see the growth potential inside your business you could have when you follow advice from real result creators.

Access to traffic academy is a commission-able $97 a month, which ultimately is only a faction you would pay from buying experts coursers alone.

How Big is The Internet / Direct Marketing Industry?

Industry leaders have estimated over 100 million people to be involved in the Internet marketing and direct selling industry.

This could be an open flow of customers that can potentially be targeted with the traffic authority program.

When you are an affiliate of Traffic authority you will receive a portion of every time someone buys traffic to supplement his or her business.

That’s Pretty IMPRESSIVE and potentially very lucrative.
Traffic authority sets you up to earn anywhere from $100, $200, $300, $500…
All the way up to payments of $1,000, $2,000 and even $4,000…

Is Traffic Authority Right For You?

Here at Make Money expert we are committed to share with you the potentially most lucrative opportunities emerging in the market place.

We focus on handpicking opportunities run by credible entrepreneurs who have skin in the game and experience with real business.

Traffic Authority has multiple reasons to succeed. Your results will always depend on your personal commitment and the care and tenacity that you put into developing your business.


  1. richard


  2. Allen

    Is the “traffic optimizer aditional tools” apart of basic sign up plan?

    • Michael


      There are three levels of Reseller packages.

      – basic package ( Reseller License)
      – Traffic Optimizer (Reseller License + Traffic Optimizer)
      – Traffic Academy (Reseller License + Traffic Optimizer + Traffic Academy)

      In summary, here’s what’s paid out for each advertising package sold through your reseller link once you are setup:

      Basic (170-190 clicks): $100 commission

      Bronze (340-380 clicks): $200 commission

      Silver (510-570 clicks): $300 commission

      Gold (850-950 clicks): $500 commission

      Platinum (1,700-1,900 clicks): $1,000 commission

      Titanium (3,400-3,800 clicks): $2,000 commission

      Diamond (8,100-8,400 clicks): $4,000 commission

  3. Steve

    What kind of traffic does Traffic Authority provide? Is it purely in the IM niche? If so, how does it stack up against the decent traffic sources out there that already exist?

  4. Jey Fish

    So far after 5 days of running traffic through Traffic Academy I have had %10 opt in and 1 sale. I’m very satisfied so far. You can see for yourself

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