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Unbounce is the king of self-serve landing page platforms. Now, that is up for a debatable discussion no doubt about it – however many are calling it by far the most professional and popular landing page platforms due to it's huge list of features and easy interface.

Let's throw the bouncing ball at the wall and see what kind of review retrieval we can write up. I'm sure between the two of us we can test the theory of a) build a page b) publish it c) test & optimize to see if it works and is worth while for you.

Unlike InstaPage, Unbounce is not targeted towards the newbie market. They primarily target higher level marketing agencies and consultants as their customer base, but have expanded and now offer a new small business & entrepreneur package (see leadpages).

How Unbounce Works

Like most landing page platforms, Unbounce has a simple to interface where you can make simple or complex landing pages in a matter of minutes. Unbounce advertisers its’ “WYSIWYG” (what you see is what you get) page builder, which means anybody can pretty much make a landing page with Unbounce.

As your building your landing page you can add video, social widgets, and customized features on your landing page, which separates Unbounce from its’ competitors. In addition, you can upload a file so that new leads can download the file directly on the form confirmation page, another exclusive feature.

Unbounce Features

In addition to the few features we just mentioned above, some of the other main features of Unbounce include:

Real time statistics: Unbounce tracks each landing pages’ visits, unique visits, conversions, conversion rate, variant conversion delta, and statistical confidence.

Easy integration: Unbounce integrates with over 60 partners including: Google Analytics, Aweber, MailChimp, KISSmetrics, Wufoo, HubSpot, and Constant Contact.

Multi-user management: Have multiple clients you need to manage? Not a problem. Unbounce allows you to add clients to your Unbounce account in an organized, simple fashion.

Free templates: Unbounce offers 80+ pre-made templates that have been tested and have returned sky-high conversion rates guaranteed to deliver you a positive ROI.

Dynamic Text Replacement: This feature enables you to change your text, not the entire design of your landing page, which can help you test out headlines and specific CTAs (call to actions).

Why Unbounce?

Unbounce is clearly the most popular landing page platform on the Internet for a variety of reasons. Unbounce has several advantages over its’ competitors, such as:

Mobile integration: Mobile is the future of marketing and Unbounce is the only landing page design platform that creates templates that are truly mobile-ready and optimized.

Easiest to A/B test: Capturing leads involves a lot of A/B testing and Unbounce makes it simple to test various pages. In fact, it only takes three clicks to split test landing pages.

Most professional templates: Agencies and marketing professionals prefer Unbounce because it is the most professional platform and it has the most professional-looking templates.

Advanced data tracking: Many landing page design platforms offer data tracking. However, no other platform offers the amount of data Unbounce provides.


If you’re serious about marketing but can’t design your own landing pages, then Unbounce is really the only option. Competitors have carved out their own niche but the serious agencies and marketing professionals choose Unbounce for a reason.

Unbounce is loaded with features, is the most professional service of its’ kind, and it provides users with the best data to improve clients’ ROI on marketing campaigns.

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