SlickText Review

Most people will agree that the marketing industry can be very difficult to work in. New marketing tactics are created each and every day, and keeping up with all of them is a full-time job in itself.

What Is SlickText?

However, by using a new and amazing service from the company SlickText, you will be able to enter the text marketing world and stay ahead of your competitors.

SlickText is the surest way to reach out to new potential customers while simultaneously keeping current customers in the loop with your company’s advertisements and promotions. It covers all bases, and is both affordable and very user friendly. What more could you ever want in a marketing service?

How To Use SlickText?

SlickText allows you to complete text marketing in just three simple steps. First, you must reserve your very own keyword. Generally, it is best to have this keyword be the name of your business or something similar. Every time an individual texts this keyword to the number “31996”, they will be added to your very own marketing list.

Immediately after they text this number, he or she will also receive an auto-response that you have the ability to personalize to whatever you like.

The next step to being successful in text marketing is to add more and more people to this list. The more people that text your keyword to this number, the more people that you will be able to send your advertisements and promotions to. It is best to promote in many ways, including word of mouth, social media, and physical advertisements, such as flyers.

Finally, you can send out text messages to your list of numbers. If you have a special sale going on, or a promotion that you want your customers to take advantage of, this is where you would tell them about it. Text marketing has been proven to be effective, and it is the perfect way to get mass amounts of customers to spend money at your business.

SlickText Features

Plus, with the never-ending list of amazing features that SlickText provides, you will be able to gain more customers than ever before. With the basic SlickText package, you can take advantage of things such as customized promotional codes, automated birthday texts, Facebook integration, age verification, picture messaging, text message scheduling, and so much more.

If there is something that you would like to do, chances are that SlickText has an option for it.

How Much Is SlickText?

Additionally, SlickText is one of the most affordable text marketing tools out there. This company offers a free package that is constantly available and has no time limits, as well as several other packages that range from 29 dollars a month to 140 dollars a month. No matter what your budget or personal needs are, we guarantee that there is a SlickText account that is perfect for you.

You can always upgrade or downgrade your account at any time, and there is no required contract. If you decide that you would no longer like to use SlickText, you can simply cancel at any time that you choose.

Is SlickText Worth It?

If you want to beat your competition and have your number of customers multiply, using SlickText is an absolute must. This company has taken text marketing to a new whole level, and it is perfect for absolutely any business or service. Everyone can benefit from SlickText, and your customers will be thanking you for instant discounts, sales, and promotional codes.

Try SlickText today, and we promise that you will be amazed by how user friendly and effective it is. Plus, with its great customer service, you will always have instant help if you ever get stuck or confused.

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