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Rounds Live by is a category game changer in the way they have revolutionized the generation of video chat by re-purposing web surfing into an live online viewing party where 12 people are invited at any given time!

We review a lot of different yet related subjects and services in the online marketing space, but this one could be a special enhancer to any business that is looking to achieve more interconnectedness with their visitors and website traffic.

rounds live video chatRounds say you can now have live fun together on any website as it combines communication with social activities. This platform for live social experience will allow friends and strangers from all over the world to discuss and elaborate on whatever they want whenever they want.

Why should these conversations be limited to only skype or google hangouts?

The Rounds Live social video chat formula currently maxes out at 15 people (likely to expand) but has a great user interface displaying personalized chat bubbles spread throughout the website.

The Rounds Live software capability is not limited to any one particular type of site or page. A blog post, news story, or video uploaded to Youtube allows you to conduct private chats or carry on public chatter boxes with the world.

With a promising and smooth integration with Facebook and Facebook Mobile, Rounds has already amassed 10 million active users and growing. How can one to ask or see this being the wavy of the future?

The only way this could fail to find any legit merit and online traction is if people were or became uncomfortable with the controlling or lack thereof who is eavesdropping on public or private conversations.
But as with anything online, what or when isn’t privacy and security an issue?

video chat rounds live

While there are mobile video chat apps available for usage, their advantages seem to be prominent amongst avid advocates and supporters.

Rounds helps break down barriers in the world of video and chat, allowing users to do simple things like send text messages and watch videos to more advanced linking of playing games and sharing photos fast.

If I were you, I would keep an eye out for this type of technology that teaches us more about what we want with who we want, and how to go about getting it – personal or professional – the web brings us all together in a better way – and we will leave you with no better quote in saying, “where the press is free and every man able to read, all is safe”.

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