OptimizePress 2.0 Landing Pages

OptimizePress (since 2010) has been and currently is one of the true pioneers in the space of creating high-converting landing pages, sales pages and membership websites.

The diversity and versatility of OptimizePress 2.0 does not stop there, upon further review you can quickly see how OP2.0 can help launch complete funnels and authority blog sites and templates.

It truly is one of the higher-quality full spectrum systems that can help you do it all – from websites and blogs, to landing pages and sales pages to creating a membership community – this one does it all (and this may or may not be what you want) – because I mean be honest, how many of us are looking to create a membership community and be worth your time to setup/maintain/grow.

Now, if you are looking for a way to design landing pages, sales pages, or blog sites in under an hour? Then you're in luck because that's what they specialize in, the marketing site creation as a whole package is an incredible service and one of the most complete suites you can use.

Chances are you probably have heard of it and that's why you are reading our OptimizePress review – but we want to not only highlight the fantastic features and beautiful benefits, but also give you alternatives to know whats available and whats out there.

How Does OptimizePress Work?

After you purchase OptimizePress you can open up the LiveEditor application and design your own web pages, leadpages, and sales pages as fast as you are willing to learn (there are free training and course tutorials included).

Remember, you can do it all with OP – sales pages, landing pages, membership portals, or blog sites – and they are all mobile responsive (fit and display properly on any device/tablet) – there's simply not many of its kind. The design portal is incredibly simple to use and you can have a web page designed within minutes. That's right – for a one-time free you can essentially eliminate your existing web design costs. Pretty awesome isn't it?

OptimizePress Features

OptimizePress offers a few dozen benefits including:

  • Pre-made High Converting Templates
  • Mobile-ready Landing Pages
  • Easy Integration To WordPress
  • Over 40 Custom Elements
  • Email-integration With Popular Mailing Clients
  • Free And Unlimited Support To All Users

OptimizePress Advantages

There is one clear advantage over every other landing page platform. It doesn't just focus on sales/lead capture pages – it does it all. OptimizePress enables users to design pages for their wordpress sites in a simple, hands-off manner so users do not mess up the code of their wordpress blog.

The membership site aspect to OptimizePress is unlike anything offered by other similar services. You can design, upload content, and finish creating a membership site within minutes using their templates and system. Plus, you can integrate shopping carts directly to the landing page, which means as soon as you publish your page, members can subscribe to your site through various payment channels like PayPal, Clickbank, or Infusionsoft.

If that still isn't enough for you, then you should know you can also schedule your content to be drip-fed onto the membership site, create protected content, and integrate and existing membership plugin so your members do not need to sign up again.

OptimizePress Cons

OptimizePress is really OptimizePress 2.0 and there have been some complaints of the new software. While most people still find OptimizePress simple to use, there are more features in OptimizePress 2.0, which means it may be a bit overwhelming to some people the first time they use the tool.

Another complaint is that the new version of OptimizePress is slower than it's predecessor. Although for most people this isn't a big issue, if you're in a time constraint, you might find this problematic.

Overall Thoughts

If you work with WordPress a lot and have a large network of membership or blog sites, then OptimizePress is absolutely a must-have. No other similar service can integrate with WordPress the way OptimizePress can. Plus, OptimizePress 2.0 has only been on the market for a short while, so chances are we will see bug fixes and updates to fix some of the complaints.

The bottom line is this: If you work with WordPress and need to design landing pages, membership sites, or anything else, then you need to have OptimizePress. It'll save you so much time and in the end, it'll make you so much more money in the long run.

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