Vince Reed's MITS Pages are attempting to compete and challenge amongst industry giants for landing pages like Leadpages and Instapage. Let's review and their ability to build high converting landing pages. We all know it is essential for any online marketer's success. However, most people do not have the skills, coding knowledge or patience to create and design high converting lead generation pages.

Let's see if the new My Internet Traffic System (MITS) pages is a viable option and worthy of a good look or you should try one of the more familiar lead capture generators/software platforms.

What Is MITS Pages?

Mitspages is a new, full customizable landing page template service that allows online marketers to build landing pages within minutes. This means you no longer have to hire a web designer to design your landing pages then have a coder actually code it onto your website.

Instead, you can design and build a high quality landing page in minutes.

Mits Pages Features

Mitspages comes loaded with features to help you customize your landing pages however you want them to be. Here are some of the features of Mitspages:

Fully Customizable: Want to add videos to your template? Go ahead? Don't like the color scheme? Change it! Mitspages allows you to build a template based on your needs and desires and you can customize the landing page however you desire.

Facebook Integrated: Facebook is become a popular way to capture leads and potential customers. Mitspages allows you to add a landing page directly onto your fan page to capture leads.

Mobile Optimized: More people are using mobile phones to surf the Internet each and every day. Every landing page from Mitspages is mobile-optimized so you can maximize your conversions.

SEO Friendly: SEO is a great way to obtain organic traffic and Mitspages offers SEO-friendly templates that enable to harness this free traffic and turn them into leads.

Easy WordPress Integration: WordPress is hands-down the most popular blogging platform and Mitspages allows you to easily upload your landing page onto WordPress so you can convert your blog readers into customers.

These are just a few of the many features of Mitspages that you can utilize to make more money and to build high quality landing pages.

MITSPages Pricing

There are three pricing points for Mitspages, which you can choose depending on your needs:

Free: The free version of Mitspages offers almost all the features of Mitspages but it only costs a $1 setup fee. However, this version does not offer Facebook tab integration or WordPress integration and you cannot download HTML to your own server or remove the top advertising from your pages. Still, it's free.

$29 Monthly: This package will cost you $29 a month and it includes all the features of Mitspages including unlimited page views, all templates available, free hosting, and all the features mentioned above.

$297 Yearly: This is clearly the best deal for serious marketers because it works down to less than $29 per month. Essentially you'll get all the features from the monthly package and get an additional month free.

Mitspages – Worth Using?

If you do not have any design experience or skills, then you'll benefit from Mitspages. Mitspages is easy to use and has pretty much every feature you could possibly need. Plus, it's very affordable so it is definitely worth using and it'll make you money in the long run.

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