LaunchRock Review

Launchrock is a web application that allows business owners to setup a landing page for launching a new product or business. In fact, unlike other landing page design services, Launchrock is completely geared towards product/business launches.

LaunchRock Landing Page Creator

Let's start by going off of some current LaunchRock examples. Think of it like this. You're about to launch a brand new incredible product and people are starting to get hyped up about it. Rather than just have a coming soon page, you can create a landing page with Launchrock to capture email addresses to alert potential customers on your progress.

Pros of LaunchRock

LaunchRock isn't perfect by any means but there are still several pros to using it verses other applications:

Simple Setup: Launchrock has a very simple interface and setup process. You can sign up to Launchrock and have a landing page for your company within minutes. The user interface is much cleaner than similar services and chances are you'll find it is easier to navigate and much less cluttered.

Exportable Data: Once you collect email addresses you'll need to export them to start emailing your prospective customers. With just a few clicks of a button, you can export data to Excel and then import the data into your mailing software.

Clean, User-Friendly Designs: In addition to a clean interface, Launchrock also enables users to build very clean, user-friendly designs. All of the few examples Launchrock displays on their official website are simple, attractive designs that will help you collect email addresses before you launch.

Cons of Launchrock

Launchrock is far from perfect however. In fact, there are some notable complaints among Launchrock users, which include:

Limited Functionality: If you're launching a service that may require phone numbers, then you're out of luck. As of right now, the only field Launchrock allows for is to capture email addresses. While it makes sense that Launchrock only enables to collect email addresses (since most startups are okay with it), it would be nice if you could add phone numbers, names, or other information.

Configuration Can Be Difficult: To enable Launchrock to properly operate, Launchrock requires you to setup a sub-domain, which points to Launchrock, then put your @ domain back to the sub-domain page. If you're experienced then this doesn't really matter but for some newer users, this process seems a little complicated.

No Multiple-Site Support: Existing users do not have the ability to create multiple sites within one account, at least as of right now. For entrepreneurs who are launching multiple projects, this can be a real problem and a pain to have to deal with so many logins. Hopefully they will address this soon.

Launchrock – Is it Worth Using?

If you're starting up a new company and want a clean, basic landing page to collect email addresses, then Launchrock is perfect. It may not be flashy by any means, but it gets the job done and at the end of the day, that is what matters most to launching your new business idea/venture/website.

We recommend LaunchRock for newer entrepreneurs who don't need all the bells and whistles but still want to collect data before a launch.

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