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Landing Page Monkey Review

You many have already noticed that selling something online now seems to require the much-buzzed “landing page”.

Landing pages aren't just for selling things, however: they're for capturing emails, too.

Whether it's sales or leads, an effective landing page is de rigeur.

If you don't speak French, that translates into: absolutely necessary. Required.

A landing page should grab attention of viewers and make them do what you want them to do: click to buy, enter their email to join your list, subscribe to your newsletter…those are the most common goals of landing pages.

The Problem With Landing Pages

It's hard to make your own landing page. It requires either superb writing skills or incredible design skills, or both. Books are written on the subject. People make a living writing copy that sells. Graphic designers study how to make designs people will respond to.

When you're trying to do this by yourself, you're up against some pretty slick competitors, and unless you have a lot of experience, you're probably in way over your head.

Here are existing problems with making your own landing page:

  • Takes Time To Build
  • Then You Have To Tweak
  • then Wait For Results
  • Then Maybe Tweak Again
  • It's Basically Hit Or Miss

Time is money, and if you don't know what you're doing, you're wasting both.

This is where Landing Page Monkey comes in. This is a business that offers business owners a page building platform for making professional landing pages. Here are some of the features of their service:

  • Web-based Software
  • No Coding Needed
  • Works On Phones, Tablets, Etc
  • Easy To Pick A Layout, Customize
  • Use It To Build Your List
  • Nothing To Install- It's Web-based
  • Affiliate Pages, Webinar Registration Pages, Etc
  • Can Collect Emails After A Sale, Too
  • Works With Ppc, Too
  • Built In Tracking Tools
  • Add Media From Vimeo, Youtube, Etc
  • Animations
  • Make Edits On The Fly
  • You Can Host Your Landing Page Yourself Or They'll Host It For You For Free!
  • Integrates With Wp
  • Page Cloning And Replicate Your Page
  • Special Pricing During Launch Period- See Below

The Downside- Or, What You Don't Get

Unfortunately, Landing Page Monkey isn't going to write any copy for you. it's a platform, not a landing page creation service. In other words, this is a tool for you to use- it takes care of the design element for you.

Now, if you can choose backgrounds, arrange images and write a few titles and a bit of text, then logically you can assemble your own landing page without the use of Landing Page Monkey.

But think of it this way: that's like saying you can publish your own html pages and piece together your own blog, rather than using WordPress.

Yes- sometimes a nice, easy to use platform makes all the difference in the world. Landing Page Monkey makes everything having to do with building your landing pages easier, faster, and better looking.

Landing Page Monkey Pre-Launch

Right now, Landing Page Monkey is offering their services with no monthly fees, no annual fees, no recurring fees and free updates. That lasts until the end of 2014, so you have until then you sign up and make your pages look amazing.

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