What is AWeber Autoresponder?

AWeber Communications is one of the leading autoresponder services and email marketing software platforms used by bloggers, businesses and entrepreneurs all over the internet.

It is one of the most well-known, reliable and flexible all-in-one email solutions that any business can utilize to capture and collect more leads, engage more people, and build a bigger audience faster.

We talk extensively about the importance of obtaining high-quality, targeted traffic and leads for growing your business – and Aweber is our MAIN go to auto-responder product/service that we capitalize on in a major way to connect, communicate and create consistent rapport with our leads/customers/audience on a daily and/or weekly basis.

From newsletters to broadcasts, to auto-responding email sequences, funnels, and follow-up series – Aweber email marketing software is one of the best options and choices for the price as you can start small and scale as your business and subscriber base does.

I know if you are here researching email autoresponders or going through our recommended expert tools list, then you need one – because if you do not currently have or operate one (even mailchimp, infusionsoft, getresponse etc) then it should be one of your top priorities to have and use to your advantage (so congrats for being here to find out more).

As any online business is and should be, constantly looking for new ways to attract leads and customers (and keep existing/current ones active) is at the top of the totem pole of significance.

A quick story – the second domain I ever bought back in March 2007 was ProduceLeads.com – and while the domain says it all – my actions nor mind did not – something didn't register that I needed to (more on that in my personal posts)

I decided back in April 2012 that I wanted to invest in the best autoresponder and email marketing service out there – and all signs, marketers and businesses were suggesting Aweber – and now I see why.

It does feel like there are a million different options out there, and I couldn't tell one from the next. Who had the most benefits, the best price/cost, the best functionality and uptime etc

Let's focus on those features and see why Aweber rose to the top for me.

AWeber Email Marketing Autoresponder

I finally talked to a close friend of mine, and he recommended that I give AWeber a try. I looked at the price, saw that it seemed very reasonable, and figured that I had nothing to lose by testing it out, especially with a $1 month trial.

Now, I can confidently say that it was one of the best business decisions that I have ever made, and that it has made all the difference in regards to my marketing techniques.

AWeber Benefits and Features

One of the things that I love most about AWeber is how customizable it is. When I was looking at other email marketing services that were within the same price range, I noticed that many of them left very little room for creativity. Most of the templates looked the same, and there weren’t very many to choose from in the first place. But, with AWeber, it was the opposite.

Email Templates

AWeber offers over 600 different email templates that allow you to choose the one that fits you and your company the best. Plus, they work great on both computers and smartphones, so I never had to worry about technical issues.

Newsletter Templates

In addition to email templates, AWeber also has a vast selection of newsletter templates, which are great and easy to use. I had never used a newsletter template until I signed up with AWeber, but I’m so glad that I tried it out. It made creating a newsletter so much easier, and they now look much nicer and more professional. My customers love reading them, and I have received several compliments from happy clients.

AWeber Signup Forms

AWeber also offers access to sign up forms at no extra cost. They’re very easy to add to your site, and there are a lot of different color schemes and aesthetic options that allow you to manipulate the form into looking exactly how you want. I was able to set mine up on my website in no time, and I’m not necessarily savvy with creating websites.

AWeber Issues

I have very rarely had issues with AWeber, but during the few times that I have, all I have had to do is call their customer service hotline, and I was helped out almost immediately.

They fixed the problem quickly, and they were very nice and answered all of my questions. I have always been very impressed with their employees.

Final Thoughts On AWeber

All in all, I strongly recommend AWeber for any individual who is looking for an autoresponder email-marketing program that they can trust. It is one of the best in the industry, and it is sure to meet all of your needs. Plus, if it doesn’t, customer service is more than willing to help you out with everything they can.

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