2015 MLM Leads Guide (Expert Tips for MLM Lead Generation)

How to Generate MLM Leads for your Network Marketing Business

Ever feel like you need to be superman just to gain, attract and find quality, targeted, enthusiastic leads for your network marketing business or MLM company?

Well you are not alone – by any stretch of the imagination – and this guide will help for finding and recruiting better identified prospects much faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

People either succeed or fail at network marketing. Someone with the right motivation, connections, and sales skills will succeed and make a lot of money, while someone who wants to get rich quick overnight with little work will likely fail.

What’s the difference between network marketers who succeed and those who fail? Here’s a quick guide on how to generate MLM leads for your network marketing business and enjoy a longer, more successful career in one of the world’s most lucrative industries.

Never Approach Network Marketing Like a Get Rich Quick Scheme

To start, let’s lay the foundation for network marketing success: you should never approach it like a get rich quick scheme. You should approach it like you would approach the launch of any business.

What does that mean? It means you should be prepared to invest lots of time, money, and effort into making your business grow and succeed. It means you should map out the future goals of your business and create a concrete business plan. It means you should be prepared to lose money over the first few years of running your business.

Many people fail at network marketing because they don’t approach every day like they would approach a real job. Some people struggle to focus when working from home. Others simply don’t have the right work ethic or self-motivation.

Now that you know that, we can move onto how to generate qualified leads that make your business grow.

Use Craigslist to Find Qualified Local Leads

Craigslist is one of the most effective and popular marketing tools in the multilevel marketing industry today. Craigslist can be found in every major American city. Some cities also have more popular local classifieds websites, in which case it’s okay to use those as well.

Using Craigslist to generate leads is fairly straightforward. Typically, network marketers will post in the Jobs section. Many of the people who browse through the Jobs section are unemployed. Some are underemployed. And some are just unhappy with their jobs and looking for a new opportunity. Your network marketing business can be that opportunity.

If you’re trying to sell products to customers, then you can do it on the Craigslist For Sale section. If you’re trying to generate leads to build your network of successful salespeople, then you should post on the Jobs section.

Craigslist isn’t exactly a secret weapon for network marketing. But it’s certainly an effective weapon.

Don’t know how to get started writing a Craigslist ad? Go to Craigslist in your city (or any city) and click on the Sales / Biz Dev section. It’s a hotbed for multilevel marketing advertisements. Find an advertisement you like and emulate it. You’ll be raking in leads in no time.

Build a Personal Website

Websites are an underutilized tool in network marketing. Most network marketers have a website, but unfortunately, they don’t really know how to use this website to generate leads.

Your website can be your most powerful marketing tool with a little bit of work. Your website never goes to sleep. It’s running 24/7/365. It’s constantly advertising your presence to the world and quietly attracting leads while you go about the rest of your life.

Here are some things that will turn your personal website into a lead-generation behemoth:

Write Articles

Write daily, weekly, or monthly articles on your website and publish it in the form of a blog. Share the articles on social media. Maybe you’ll comment on the latest news in the multilevel marketing industry. Or maybe you’ll review one of the newest MLMs generating buzz. Writing articles is a surefire way to bring traffic to your website and tell the world what you’re all about.

Maintain an Active Social Media Presence

The MLM industry is filled with people who have big personalities on social media. You can be one of those big personalities – or you can be more reserved. It’s up to you. But those who maintain an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media can effectively fake it until they make it: even if you’re not a big name, having a few thousand Twitter followers and Facebook fans will make people think you’re a big name.

Share Good Opportunities Through your Site

Some network marketers make the mistake of using their website to pump out reviews on every affiliate product or network marketing business. They claim every new network marketing business is the world’s next biggest opportunity. Instead of doing this, be more selective with your support. Advertise network marketing opportunities you genuinely believe are good. Talk about products you’ve genuinely used and loved.

Setup a Newsletter

Virtually every network marketing website these days advertises a newsletter or weekly email subscription. In exchange for your email and name, these websites will send you weekly reports on the best information in network marketing. Setup an email submission form on your own site. If you have decent traffic, you could build a list of hundreds of people within a few weeks. That’s a list of people who have demonstrated interest in your business. They’re warm leads. A good email list can earn you income for life.

Share your Story

Do you have an interesting story? Did you turn to network marketing after being broke, unemployed, and homeless? Even if you come from a privileged background, you can probably think of an interesting narrative to fit your story. People love hearing a motivational story. They’ll be more interested in hearing what you have to say and are more likely to sympathize with you.

Ultimately, implementing the tips listed above is an easy way to generate more leads for your network marketing business. If you’re handing out your card at a convention, people can Google you. They’ll see your Twitter handle, your Facebook page, and your website with weekly blog posts. They’ll understand you’re a legitimate and committed member of the network marketing community – and that’s a good way to bring in leads for life.

Leverage the Power of Local Meetings

Starting a website is good. But in most cases, the best leads come from people living in your local area. These people can see you, interact with you, and work with you to enjoy network marketing success.

So how do you create a network of local leads? Local meetings or parties are the backbone of a local network marketing business.

If you’re selling a product, host a product party. If you’re creating leads for your network, host local meetings. We talk about this much more in depth in our local lead generation guide here.

You can advertise these meetings any way you choose. As mentioned above, you can use Craigslist. Put up flyers around town. Advertise on Facebook and Twitter. Tell your friends about it, and ask them if they have any friends that might be interested.

Hosting weekly meetings will allow you to grow your audience over time. It will also show you’re committed to network marketing long-term – and that’s something people are attracted to.

The Top 7 Best MLM Tips

Looking for more multilevel marketing tips for growing leads and building your business? Here are the best network marketing tips people just like you are using today to succeed:

1) Choose Your Company or Product Wisely

You’re going to invest lots of time and money into your network marketing business. You don’t want to invest all that time and money only to realize you’re selling a bad product. Work with companies that offer genuine products, honest support, and a long-term approach to network marketing. As tempting as they may seem, stay far away from new companies that claim to be generating “a lot of buzz” with a flash in the pan product. They usually don’t survive longer than 1 or 2 years.

2) Choose Companies Based on 6 Essential Qualities

Some network marketers recommend choosing companies based on six important qualities. Those qualities are as follows:


-Excellent products or services that consumers will use and need

-A fair and generous compensation plan

-The integrity and experience of the company and its management team, including network marketing experience and previous successes (or failures)

-Momentum and timing (where is the company going and how fast is it growing?)

-A commitment to good support, training, and business systems

3) Copy from the Best

This lesson can ring true in any business. When you copy from the best, you can emulate their success. What are the people at the highest levels of the company doing right? What kind of lead generation systems do they have in place? How much money are they making? How many hours are they committing to their business every week? If possible, shadow them for a few days or sit down with them for a lunchtime meeting.

We also talk about the importance of getting around experts, coaches, and mentors who are willing to show you how its done from the ground up – you can read more here in our internet marketing coaching program guide.

4) Don’t Orphan your Prospects

Your prospects are like gold. Each prospect has demonstrated interest in your business and each prospect has the potential to earn you a lot of money. Unfortunately, some network marketers take on so many prospects that they can’t pay individual attention to each one. These untended prospects are known as “orphans” in the network marketing industry. Start with a small number of prospects at first and focus on quality over quantity. Don’t take on too many prospects and get overwhelmed.

5) Write Reviews for MLM Companies

Before joining an MLM company, people will inevitably search for reviews of that company online. Write reviews for these companies and it will attract search traffic to your website. This does a few different things. It builds up your reputation as a reputable network marketer. And, it builds traffic to your website. You can convince that traffic to join a particular MLM company and join your downline. Or, you can convince that traffic to subscribe to a weekly/monthly newsletter.

6) Be Friendly with Social Media

Most people won’t go out of their way to do something for you on social media. But if you show a willingness to reciprocate, then that may change. Be friendly on social media. Retweet people. Comment on their blogs. Like their Facebook pages. Link out to their sites on your personal website. Comment and interact with them. This builds up your following and enhances your reputation in the network marketing community. Plus, when you post content in the future, these new friends will be more likely to share it and post links on their own websites.

7) Write Articles Like This

When people are new to the MLM community, they start looking for expert tips and tricks online. They start to wonder how other people succeed and build leads.

Write articles that attract this kind of search traffic. This is one of the best secrets you can implement into your MLM for success. You can read our direct sales guide here which will show you much more about the art and science of being successful inside the growing network marketing industry.

You’ll be able to attract people who are relatively new to the network marketing industry. They’ll start to see you as a guide and mentor and trust what you say. Maybe they’ll sign up for your newsletter or become a successful member of your downline.

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