Online Business Hope vs Hype

The Dream & Broken Promises…are they not everywhere you look inside the work from home business and online marketing spaces?

Like it or not, as we learned about in the Wolf on Wall Street movie, everything in the world is for sell, the question is how well can you sell it.

Our plan is to reveal the hidden in plain sight online business hype vs hope, showcasing prime factors and benefits to keep an eye out for. Let's sift through the jungle and carve out the basics to creating a profitable business online.

Businesses, of any kind, form, size or shape, require some sort of marketing. Whether it is local, regional, national, universal or simply word of mouth – marketing is vital to spread awareness about your product/service/opportunity/solution.

If you've started reading this Beginners guide to making money like an expert, then there's probably a good chance you have a dream of being able to support you and your family without being a product of the constant rat race and average life of a desk job. Have you ever heard of what J.O.B. stands for? It means “Just Over Broke.”

It can turn into a vicious cycle of rinse and repeating that takes 40 hours a week for 40 years of your life. Not here. Now is the time we adapt and evolve into a new mindset. Going from dollar store mentality to VIP status.

There's a difference between Knowledge and Passion, Truth and Purpose. There are in-depth levels of understanding that effect both speed of implementation while keeping quality intact.

That's the Super Networker difference on how to win big online. Doing what you love to do, express, share, and contribute.

Back up to the J.O.B. – Just think about that acronym for a second. If your company you are currently working for can afford to pay you a salary that means they are making more money from you that what they are paying you. That means you are worth more and that you are making them rich. It also means they can replace you with someone else. In the corporate world, everyone is replaceable.

I don't know about you but that does not sound like financial security to me. You are not developing an asset that would allow you to retire with enough money to live a decent life. No, it means you're going to struggle for your entire life living paycheck to paycheck.

Now, before you go quitting your job right away, remember this, you're not going to be able to quit your job and keep getting paid. As soon as you quit your job you have to look for another job or risk going broke.

This is why so many people just like you want out of that daily grind and want to obtain financial freedom. The Internet can provide you with this freedom if you play your cards right. However, before you just go quitting your job and jumping right in, you need to become aware of what you are putting yourself into.

While everybody has a dream of being able to make money online sitting on a beach with just a laptop, the truth is this dream is not achievable for most people. In fact, it's largely an illusion made by those same guys I told you about before you are trying to sell you snake oil.

When you are working for yourself and building a real business, you're going to have to work twice as hard. For some people this is going to be where that fire inside them dwindles and fizzles out. That's fine though because by the time you read through this entire guide, your will either burn hotter than ever or burn out completely. This is dependent on your personality and I can assure you if the fire is burning hotter for you then chances are you have a great shot at success.

Now, back to the dream everybody has. People desire this dream so bad they forget to use their common sense. They simply jump from one thing to another without having any of the necessary knowledge, skills or idea of how things really work.

Generally, these people get blinded by the hype of internet marketers so that start believing those ridiculous statements that I found myself believing and seeing since I started making money online.
Do you want to know what their problem is? It's that there is another group of people who already found success making money online and give the people starting out what they want to hear.

If you're still on this page then chances are you in are the beginning stage of your journey. Some of you might even be desperate to make money online. This state of desperation is a dangerous stage to be in because it can make you vulnerable to marketing messages that promise to give you the world but don't deliver on their promises. On the other hand, desperation may motivate you to work as hard as you need to be to be successful.

The group of people I mentioned just about already knows how to market and know how to put out marketing messages that lures vulnerable beginners to just click buy without actually reading what they are buying. This would be fine if these programs and courses actually delivered what they say but often times, this is not the case.

A lot of these courses and systems promise to guide you to the exit but in reality they are just going to lead you into a maze. Hopefully you're starting to see the full picture.

Don't believe me? Let's use a real life example. Let's say you are brand new to working from home and you simply search for “make money online” in the hopes you could quit your day job. You'll probably spend hours in front of the computer reading a lot of material and everything just seems to difficult to do. You think to yourself, “This all seems like so much work, I want something easy and quick.” Sound familiar to you?

Then bam, right on he corner of your screen is an advertisement that says, “One Simple Trick to Make $475/DAY!”…Bingo! You think that through some divine intervention you've discovered the key to make money online.

So what do you do? You click the ad and visit a website where some video starts playing. Chances are the video is telling you exactly what you want to hear. You can make hundreds of dollars a day by just pushing a bunch of buttons. At the end, it says you can discover the secret to making money online by paying a simple $47 charge to gain access to the magic two-click bulletproof system to make money online.

So what are you going to do now? Swipe… there goes $47 from your bank account.

However, that's not all the program offers. You probably feel great to get to the members area to discover the secrets.. but wait. For just another $97 you can upgrade your membership so that you can fully automate the process. That's right for only $97 you can completely avoid having to any work whatsoever and you are guaranteed to make hundreds of dollars online.

So what do you do for the third time? Pay and there goes another $97 dollars.

Now you are out of $144 and you didn't really even get what you originally paid for. You're not really worried though because you're confident as soon as you finish paying you will reach the download page and discover the secret to making money online.

Just as you click the download link, bam, another page comes up that says for only $197 you can learn how to use the software. You're hesitant to purchase the coaching but then realize you need the coaching to understand how the system works. So you're hesitant to buy but you end up paying anyways because you're guaranteed to make that or more in a few days, right?

So once you start using the program you hope for the best. A few days go by and nothing.. Then a few more days go by and nothing…A month goes by and nothing… What is going on? What are you doing wrong?

Here's what happened. You were sold on your dream and told exactly what you wanted to hear. It was the easiest sale the seller could possibly make. They made $341 from you but you wasted a lot of time and all of your money.

What I just described is the typical sales funnel in the make money online niche. There are some real products out there with actual upgrades with value but you needed to know the worst kind so you know the process.

Now that you are aware of this scam, hopefully you will make the right decision if you are considering buying a product.

Now answer this. Would you rather be the buyer with a dream or a seller who accepts real payments? The answer is obvious but you need to think about that.

Now you should not go out building out a scam like the one I described. You should never try to intentionally rip people off. What I am trying to help you understand is that you need to figure out a way to deliver people a product of real value in order to make serious money.

You should stop chasing a lost dream and instead start taking action so you can create your own success. That's truly the only way to become financially independent and how to build a real business online.

In the next chapter I will describe how people are currently making money online so take a break if needed otherwise let's continue.

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