Yevo Global Expert Review

YeVo Global specializes in organic health foods via distribution of the MLM Marketing 'money model'. Let's review Peter Castlemen's newest company YEVO to see if it is right for you in 2015 or have we found a better, faster, and easier way to make money?

YEVO Global International Review (The Health Food MLM)

YEVO Global International is the latest health and wellness MLM food company opportunity to hit the pre-launch stage that will attempt to try and capture the attention of the growing “natural and organic dense food alternatives” crowd.

Headed by billionaire Peter Castleman, YEVO tries to stake its claim in the 4.3 trillion dollar food industry by rolling with the network marketing model of choice by providing food-grade supplements (estimated $33-$38 billion dollar annual business).

To start, it looks like the “Join the YEVOlution” campaign will officially start in February 2015, with over 100 superior food related products, such as breakfast rice and oatmeal with protein, fiber and omega 3 fatty acids.

While information on this company is still surfacing, it looks like there are 4 price points in which you can get started:

– $50 starter kit
– Siliver Pack: $224
– Gold Pack: $480
– Platinum Pack: $540

Once we can see a complete review of their health products, company leadership and management team, and their compensation pay plan – we will be able to give a better summary of what YEVO Global is all about.

For now, we found a video presentation that talks about it … it gives you the whole MLM residual income pitch, how ideal and leveraging that lifestyle can be ..

As experts, what we will be identifying in the near future about YEVO is their unique selling point and the real advantages of the products. For now, it seems like their perspective and pitch is about how the body optimally needs 43 essential nutrients per day and that you can get them all from their products.

We know, after over 9 years of full time network marketing and direct sales tactics, that there will be a lot of rehashed details and regurgitated information that you have likely heard time and time again.

What will really make or break this opportunity is there ability to create a marketing presence for the masses through creating a ‘duplicable system', while keeping product prices competitive and real nutritional value.

So before you get your hopes up too high off of the YEVO hype, and think the being at the top is enough .. just remember to get your ducks in a row and facts straightened out before you jump on this extremely early pre-launch MLM food company.

Full Yevo Health Food Review

Capitalizing on the Healthy Eating Phenomenon

Now in the pre-launch phase of its marketing campaign, YEVO Global International will offer its “soft launch” on February 1, 2015. What that means for you is that until then, we have preliminary information, gleaned from the YEVO website and a document entitled Prelaunch FAQ's.

YEVO Global International: What's the Product?

The YEVO food system should be a very easy sell. YEVO is capitalizing on a strong, continuing and pervasive movement that supports healthy eating and organic and/or natural food. There's also a smaller but growing movement in the world called “Non-GMO”, which is against the production, marketing and consumption of genetically modified foods. YEVO also gets in on this wave.

As an associate, you always want the parent company you're representing to be as convincing as possible. So far, YEVO's marketing is slick and effective. Their promotional video is based on the sad state of how we eat –

  • food is how we bring our families together
  • food is how cultures come together
  • food should be a critical piece of our social network, not simply a function

As an associate, you also want to believe in the product you're selling. That's very easy to do with YEVO Foods. Who wouldn't be afraid of what “100 years of processed foods” manufactured for convenience and shelf life does to our bodies?

The way YEVO's marketers (and associates) see it, there's even a touch of global human rights urgency to eating healthy. Everyone in the world deserves healthy food that's rich nutrients, and if you believe in humanity, you'll buy in!

As an associate, you have free license to employ any or all of these basic tactics to market the product. Whether it's healthy eating or world peace, go for it.

Here's a sample from the video:

“the small guy stepping up for what's right, you have to do it… … we're picking a fight with people who are much bigger than us but if we don't do it who will.

As you can see, the product is completely easy to get behind.

What Are Your Prospects as a YEVO Global International Associate?

All we have now are the package buy-ins and their prices. YEVO executives state on their FAQ document that “During the Yevo™ prelaunch period we are not calculating commissions.”

They state that you can find out about the compensation plan in the YEVO Backoffice, so basically you must commit to find out what you committed to!

Here's what we have so far:

  • Starter Kit $50
  • Pre-launch Silver Enrollment Pack $224
  • Pre-launch Gold Enrollment Pack $480
  • Pre-launch Platinum Enrollment Pack $560

The higher the package, the more “goods” you get, like:

  • food items (Silver+)
  • Back Office (Silver+) or Premium Back Office (Gold+)
  • Marketing Materials (Gold+)
  • YEVO ribbon cutting ticket (Platinum)

So, if this is a cause you believe in, and you think you've got the market to make it work, you can buy-in for as low as $50. At least you can find out more, in these initial stages…which of course is a great advantage. YEVO lets you use the awesome ‘awareness' video on your social media accounts, and you can use it in “opportunity” meetings and events as well.

Pros & Cons of The YEVO Opportunity

Pros of YEVO Global Interntional, insofar as we can tell at this early stage:

  • easy product to believe in and market
  • potential world-wide market
  • huge market: everyone needs to eat

Cons of YEVO are hard to pinpoint now, since there's no info on the founders, the executive team, or the compensation plan as of yet. Suffice it to say, this is the only “Con” we know of so far!


  1. Luis Fernando


  2. Dani

    Great review. As Peter Castleman said “We have a product for every person, every day, every where.”

  3. Alecia Stringer

    Thanks for trying to put both sides of looking at Yevo. Looks like it is early to predict more of the details of the success this product will bring.

  4. Jeannie Halseth

    Amazing opportunity for the times we are living in. As an expert in MLM ………..we are in!

  5. Robert Frank

    I really appreciate your review of Yevo, you provided much to think about and I REALLY appreciated your unbiased opinion of the Yevo opportunity. The FAQ document was very helpful as well! Thanks again!

  6. Tom crockett

    like to know the comp plan as soon as possible thank you

    • Lisa Chollet

      I’d be happy to sha’re the comp plan with you, along with many other details not included in this article.

      • Michael Osborne

        please call info on Yevo and Comp. plan

  7. Jason

    From further investigation the packaged food has a shelf life of up to 3 years (dehydrated)
    – i will not eat food that has been sitting around for up to 3 years
    Also as a distributor for this company you do not have to be a consumer of the food – so will likely lead to thousands of people just selling the product without actual experience in using the product – I prefer to be a Product of the Product!
    This company is not instilling the confidence in its product into its people so with that mindset it will fail!

    • Dani Walker

      Jason, I just wanted to take the opportunity to clear up an misconception about the process in which the foods are infused with 43 essential nutrients. YEVO’s raw ingredients are “live dried” using a patented process called cold baking (sublimation) which removes all moisture from the ingredients at -55 degrees. Thus the ingredients are still live and will not require any preservatives to increase shelf life. These ingredients are then used in the recipes such that every serving of YEVO provides 25g protein, 14 vitamins, 11 minerals, omegas and fiber. All are preservative free, gluten free and non-GMO.

      People are having great result and even though the shelf life is actually 18-24 months at full nutrient values, we should be eating at least 1 serving a day every day to give our cells the nutrients they need to repair and regenerate health.

  8. mr.rodolfo ramirez

    i would like to know how go to be the open en mexico city or where?

    • Lisa Chollet


      We are officially in prelaunch in Mexico as of this week! You are welcome to contact me directly for more information!

  9. Ramon

    The food industry is actually a 4.7 trillion dollar industry in 2007 as per Forbes magazine. 8 years latedr we have got to be closer to 5.8 trillion dollars. In that same Forbes Magazine thgey say the soup and noodle industry in 2007 was about 50 billion dollars wordwide. Yevo will be launching Udon noodles here in the near future as we roll out Korea and Japan which are two on the top industries for MLM. One product, noodles, will be larghe than many companies entire oppoprtunity and we will have over 100 products here in the future. This is an unpresendented opportunity at a time when our government and governments around the world are taking notice of the food problem as they have no choice. Food worldwide is a worlwide crisis. The timing of Yevo International couldnt be better.

  10. vonda

    I was wanting info about the products offered and costs before I consider becoming a distributor, which I am a rep for essential oils. I would like to diversify. This sounds like a perfect marriage. Goes hand in hand…
    Thank you. Vonda

    • Libby

      Right now Vonda, we only have breakfast foods. Oatmeal, hot rice cereal, vitamin coffee, vitamin black tea and vitamin green tea.. There are more products coming.. I believe 14 in the next month or two.. They will eventually have around 200 to choose from.. All of the 43 nutrients we need are in a serving of YEVO foods.. I am really excited just for the health benefits!! If you want to look at a website, you can go to mine and watch the videos and look at the products.. will give you an idea.. 🙂 will also be somewhere to go to look around and get information..

    • Lisa Chollet

      Vonda –

      It would be a great addition to your Essential Oils company. You are welcome to contact me directly. I would be happy to provide you with all the information you need.


  11. chadwick comeau

    Im so happy that there will be a food company that is willing to take on the major food companies .. I look forward to becoming a part of Yevo 🙂

  12. Brandon Mihalik

    While everything looks promising,
    from the basic concept to the limited products currently available for sale, I’m curious how many households will want to pay $4.50-$5.50 per serving for a bowl of morning oatmeal.

    Add in the cost of another meal at lunch and one at dinner, and if the prices stay consistent and in line with the cost of breakfast per serving, I just really am curious what the market will be for a days worth of Yevo products when it comes in at roughly $15-$20 per day.

    Any advice or feedback from current Yevo reps would be much appreciated and I wish you all well with all that you do.

    • Dani Walker

      Hello Brandon, the concept is that we help each person eat at least 1 YEVO serving a day. Even though we should all be eating 2 to get the full benefit of live essential nutrients we are all aware that cost is always a hurdle for entire families.

      The cost of 1 serving a day varies from $2.53-$5 per serving depending on what products the person is consuming. The smoothies are $38 for 15 servings and we have additional options such as mashed potatoes, frijoles, soups and sauces as well.

      When comparing YEVO vs. Supplementing: you will find that it costs around $4.61 to get the same nutrient values in one serving of YEVO through supplements and this does NOT include a meal.

      Thus far, the proof is in the pudding with YEVO. Those who eat 1 serving of YEVO for 30 days have such noticeable results that they are continuing to order and most are becoming distributors because of their personal results.

      I hope this information helps and appreciate your valid questions.

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