Pruvit Keto OS – The Ketones Operating System Product MLM?


Pruvit's website raises a few hairs of excitement if you spend a minute or two looking at what they have.  That's all well and good for a new company that's currently in pre-launch but what about the science behind all those claims?  Here we'll explore more in-depth just what is based in science and what's not, if anything.  If you're half as excited about the science as the website and promotional video make a lot of people feel, then we may have a real winner on our hands.

The Claims Made by Proponents of Pruvit

Promoters of Pruvit drinks make some pretty tall claims. In one video, it's claimed that there's a new scientific breakthrough.  This breakthrough is the discovery of a compound (Ketone OS) which can supposedly do the following things:

  • help super charge the human body
  • help you lose up to a pound a day
  • raise your IQ

The narrator cites Lebron James, The Navy Seals, and Shaolin Monks as having experienced this energy source.  In case you forgot, the Shaolin Monks are famous for their incredible skills at martial arts (i.e. Kung Fu), whose reputation borders on the super-human.  Lebron James?  Some sore of athlete I think.

So the narrator goes on to address many common modern ailments, and attributes their cure to Ketones:

  • feeling tired
  • can't lose weight
  • crashing and burning before 3pm
  • can't keep eyes open
  • can't focus
  • can't get up in the morning

Ketones, it's explained, are a way to rewire your own metabolism and tap into a new fuel source.  Even if you're exhausted, you still have an energy source locked away somewhere that you just can't access.  This product allows you to access that energy, like apparently astronauts and Navy Seals do.

They compare your body on Ketones to a hybrid vehicle, which can switch fuel sources in order to keep going beyond what the single-fuel-source vehicles do.  Same with glucose, which only keeps you going for so long.  Ketones burn more slowly and disseminate energy to the body for hours.

Exogenous Ketones are fuel which is available in Pruvit products.   Keto-OS is the name of the product (Ketone Operating System).

They also make much of an at-home test that you can get from your local pharmacy that will prove you're now accessing new energy after taking Pruvit.  It's actually called a “Ketones urine test” and contains sticks that react with ketones, where a color change indicates presence of ketones.  Doctors actually use the test to see if you have anorexia, problems with your metabolism, hyperthyroidism, or diabetic ketoacidosis, something people get when they have Type 1 diabetes.

The Science Behind Pruvit and its Ketones

There is actually a study that shows that ketones block inflammation.  In the words of the researchers who conducted that study, where BHB stands for certain ketones:

“These findings provide insight into the immunological functions of metabolic signals such as BHB and suggest that dietary or pharmacological approaches to elevate BHB—without inducing the generalized starvation response—holdpromise in reducing the severity of NLRP3-mediated chronicinflammatory diseases.”

-Yun-Hee et al. published in Nature Medicine

Inflammation may seem like no big deal, but it's actually the cause of a lot of modern problems: pain, immune system issues, obesity, dental issues, migraines, and almost every aspect of your health.

In addition, Ketones increase the ATP production in your body.  ATP stands for adenosine triphosphate, which is a nucleotide containing huge amounts of energy.  Increase this, the thought goes, and increase energy to the body as well.

You can see the full Pruvit KETO-OS FAQ here.


The research cited here shows that:

  1. Taking Pruvit raises the ketones in your body (the urine test).
  2. Increased ketones lead to decreased inflammation.
  3. Inflammation is what causes a lot of people's problems these days.
  4. Increased ketones lead to increased energy.

Pruvit seems to be onto something- at the very least they have an incredibly convincing campaign going, which handily incorporates real research, making it all seem plausible. If you would like more information, you can visit their official website: Pruvit KETO-OS


  1. Pam

    I’m interested in the product but not in promoting. More info please. Thx!

  2. David Hanzlik

    What is comp plan?

  3. Mari

    I’ve been on the product since Sept. And following religiously a low carb diet. No weight loss but it does curb cravings and using the strips has shown moderate ketosis. Word of warning: if you dare try to ask question, get advice, etc. on product from the site, they will accuse you of being “negative’ and never give you a straight answer ( and this was from one of the principals on the company!). Customer service sucks.

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