Powur PBC Review – MLM Solar Panel Setup & Ecopreneurs Biz

Powur.com Review

Powur.com is a new direct marketing company that aims to take advantage of the fast-growing world of solar power.

Find out if Powur.com is worth your time and money today in our review.

Actually before we light up some truth about solar and Powur, nothing more needs to be discussed or debated until you watch this gem of a golden nugget message.

Let's review all of the brief benefits of this business opportunity with solar panels and solar energy home installation.

  • No inventory to buy
  • No monthly product purchase requirement
  • People already buy the product (electricity) — we simply provide clean, renewable, solar electricity at a lower cost.
  • Powerful mission! We convert sunlight into pure energy with crystals, mitigating climate change and giving power back to the people.
  • $100 billion dollar market with less than 1% market penetration.
  • Huge commissions. Most commissions on consumer products are around $25 – $50. With Powur, a $500 commission is paid to you and the network on each home that upgrades to solar (and you never had to buy the product to resell).
  • Upside of a start-up with the backing of a $5B publicly traded company run by Elon Musk (how cool is that). I like being in business with the person who founded Tesla, SpaceX, and co-founded PayPal.

What is Powur?

Powur is a solar panel distributor that uses a direct marketing structure to sell solar energy products directly to consumers. The goal of Powur is to distribute clean energy to homes across America while giving entrepreneurs a new business opportunity.

Powur claims to be the first public benefit corporation (classified as a “B-corp”) to exist in the direct marketing industry.

At Powur.com, you’ll learn about how solar energy is a business just waiting to explode all across America. Some of the key facts presented on the website include:

-The Department of Energy estimates that two thirds of American homes will be able to access solar power more cheaply than any other energy source by 2015

-Every 3 minutes, a new American homeowner installs solar panels on their roof

-More solar panels have been installed in the last 18 months than the previous 30 years

-Over 23,000 new jobs were added to the solar industry in 2013, which is a 10 times faster growth rate than the national average

-Currently, less than 1% of U.S. homes have solar panels installed. Analysts estimate there’s an opportunity to install solar panels on as many as 48 million homes across America, which could generate $100 billion annually for the industry

Ultimately, Powur presents all of these facts while reiterating that the cost of solar panels gets lower every year while the cost of traditional electricity gets higher. By jumping into this industry early, you may be able to enjoy a powerful business opportunity.

Powur is affiliated with a company called SolarCity that installs solar panels all across America. You’ll learn more about SolarCity below.

What Does Powur Sell?

Powur uses a peer-to-peer marketing model to sell solar electricity.

You sign up for the company for free, then share the Powur opportunity with your friends and family. The more clean energy you create, the more money you’ll earn.

Essentially, you’re convincing people to sign up for a contract with a solar panel installation company called SolarCity. Powur doesn’t directly sell solar electricity. It has partnered with SolarCity in order to reach more customers.

SolarCity works a little differently from traditional solar panel installation companies. The company provides $0 down financing with no installation costs or maintenance fees. SolarCity purchases the system, installs it on your roof, monitors the performance of that system, and then performs any repairs and maintenance as required. You pay for any electricity produced by your system.

SolarCity claims to be America’s most popular residential solar company and has installed networks on 168,000 homes across America.

When you work with Powur, you’re convincing people to purchase a SolarCity installation. To do that, you’ll need to convince them of the benefits of solar energy. The most important benefit to most homeowners is cost savings. Here’s what Powur.com has to say about the cost savings of SolarCity’s solar panels:

“How much you'll save will be specific to you. You save when you pay a rate for electricity lower than what you pay to your utility. Every time your utility raises rates, your solar rates will still be locked in. If utility rates continue to increase as they have historically, the average SolarCity customer is expected to save thousands on electricity bills over the life of the SolarCity agreement.”

In other words, Powur doesn’t describe specific rate information. It does, however, claim that traditional energy costs have risen by over 500% since 1971, while the cost of solar energy has dropped by 250% in the last two decades.

If these pricing trends continue, then you should be able to save thousands of dollars on your electricity bill over the course of your SolarCity contract.

Where Is Powur Available?

Powur is currently available in 16 states, including many states in the Sun Belt and other high population states.

Current Powur states include: Arizona, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, Colorado, Delaware, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, New Mexico, New Hampshire, and Washington D.C.

How to Sign Up for Powur

Powur is a referral-only private network currently in beta. According to the official website, the company is “not issuing invitation codes.”

You can, however, apply for the beta through the person who told you about Powur.com in the first place. That person will provide you with an invitation code, and you enter that invitation code into the online form here: https://www.powur.com/

When registration eventually opens for the company, you should be able to sign up at that same page. Currently, the page features a greyed-out signup area. You can’t click that signup area, but you can view fields like first name, last name, email address, phone number, and password.

About Powur

Powur is registered in Del Mar, California and was founded in 2014.

The company lists the following address:

2683 Via De La Valle Del Mar

Del Mar, CA 92014

United States

You can contact the company at 480-626-7056.

The company is primarily led by Jonathon Budd, Andrea Budd, and Robert Styler.

Jonathan Budd is the founder and CEO. According to the Powur.com website, Jonathan was a “top representative in multiple companies” by the time he was 25, and eventually founded an education-based direct marketing company with over 120,000 customers.

Andrea Budd is the CEO of the company and claims to have over 30 years of leadership experience at industrial, non-profit, financial services, and training firms.

Robert Styler is the co-founder and President of Powur and has 25+ years of direct marketing experience. He claims to have been a top 10 distributor in “numerous companies” and was once president of an ISP.

You can view other key members of the Powur team here, including Tyler Jensen (interim CFO), Craig Jorgensen (Chief Designer), and Rick Hou (Chief Technology Officer).

If you want to learn more, you can click the following links to learn more about JOINING or about Getting Solar at your home.


  1. Victor Delgado

    I’m mainly interested in solar mlm type business.
    But I’ll peruse any of your current offerings if that’s not available yet.

  2. Steve Barnes

    Powur has quickly become the saving grace for me and my family after a long and distinguished career as a military helicopter pilot was brought to an end by cancer.

    We’ve begun an epic journey with the family and Powur and the amazing team of experts at SolarCity.

    I’ve spent the past 2 years experiencing the ups and downs of building an online business from home and finally, finally it took Powur to reign supreme over every other company I’ve worked with.

    My family is happy, my business is thriving, and I’m once again excited everyday growing my team of Powur ecopreneurs!

    • Richard

      Hello Steve,
      you mentioned your profiting from your associate with Powur. Are you an affiliate marketer, and can you tell me how I can do the same. I live in Arizona and we get a lot of sun here. I’m interested in promoting this concept via youtube, blog posts, social media stuff, and interested to know their commission plan as a MLM.


  3. Adam j Dolan

    More info

  4. Jake B

    That video is truly incredible, I watched it multiple times and everytime I did it go better. I do see flaws in this entire model and system, but the truth is, when you consider what it is you are actively seeking and trying to accomplish with this business model and opportunity – it is worth the pursuit to see what kind of solar energy impact you can have! Let’s powur up the world with clean energy and decentralize to help initiate the greatest transfer of wealth the world has ever witnessed!

  5. Gavin Evans

    This is the kind of opportunity that interests me greatly being very eco aware. I am based in the UK; would I be able to join as a distributor with Powur?

  6. Chee Kian

    How soon will the Powur Business be introduced to Australia and Singapore?

  7. andrema

    Inquiring about this business opportunity

    • Lane Johnson

      If you would like more information and a link in just contact me if you have not already signed on

  8. Brian Bailey

    I have been in MLM and the sales industry since 1989. From Real Estate To Panty Hose to Wellness Products, I have always tried to keep on top of the latest trends. This is truly being in the front of what will be the biggest success story in the industry. Lives will be changed forever. I would love to be the TOP rep for Powur in Maryland. Please keep me in the loop!
    – Brian

    • Lane Johnson

      Hello Brian,
      They are installing in Maryland for info feel free to contact me.

  9. Dean

    I was part of CitizenRE several years ago and have many homes lined up that never got solar. I also had hundreds of workers on my team. I believe in this. What’s next?

    • Dan

      Hi Dean,

      I am considering signing up for Powur.

      How did you line up all those homes who want solar power ? Do you have a marketing system in place ?

      Feel free to contact me.

  10. Dean


    • Steve

      Dean if you haven’t been taken care of just drop in here. I one of the largest and fastest growing teams in the company and make every effort make sure my #PowurTeam is taken care of properly from day one.

      • Brian Barton

        Hi Steve, I would like to join can you send me an invitation code?

  11. Tina Gillispie

    How do you get an invitation code?

    • Steve

      It’s by private invite only Tina but any of us who are already rockin this can send you an invite direct to your inbox or even an SMS. Just connect with me or whomever you align yourself with and we’ll get you set up befor the end of the day 🙂

  12. Lane Johnson

    We are now out of the Beta phase and are moving forward! If you have any questions or need more information on the company you may contact me

  13. Shannon Carter

    Any opportunity in Oklahoma?

  14. Kip

    Have been in the solar biz for years and before that was one of the first 5 people in the US to sell deregulated utilities. At that time, only gas and only in NJ to commercial accounts. None of the Ambits of the world have made much of a dent in the actual field apples to apples. One makes next to nothing on the actual commodity. Its all in the recruitment. Solar energy has come a long way, but its far from being 100% household friendly. At its best, its only about 30 % efficient and only works approx 5 hours per day. Solar City at the moment is upside down in its balance sheet and the fact that an Elon Musk or any other rich person invested $ in it is not a firm lock that it will be that successful. Richard Branson invested 25M in another technology that Wall St predicts will be a 40B industry within 3 to 4 years. It will take much much longer than that for Solar (especially on residential scenarios) to hit that mark. The entire electric utility business within the US is approx 380B a year, not 6T. So any talk of 6B is typical MLM hype and smoke and mirrors. Plus, there are literally thousands of independent contractors across the US who routinely beat Solar City’s prices. Plus, Solar City is not even close to having the most cutting edge technology out there in this sector. Plus, I have met Elon Musk and I’d bet my gold teeth he is not active in anything MLM. He simply doesn’t need to be. A 5M investment from him would be like a 5 dollar investment from 99.99% of us. Like the old adage goes: If it seems to good to be true, it usually is, not withstanding, this opportunity might have some good points to it, but hundreds of entrepreneurs have thrown billions at this and so far, it has barely made a dent across this country in this market. The video states that so far 1.95M has been invested in this. People, that is parking meter money, even for a MLM not to mention a multi national company (try googling this and see who are the largest solar energy companies in the world: Most are from China and they’re already here investing a hack of a lot more than 1.95M bucks. It might indeed take off as many new MLMs do but it will take 10’s of millions of dollars to get to the kind of claims they’re making here. So, let the buyer beware.

  15. Andy Clunan

    So…. is the MLM part of this up and running?? Today is 11-19-15 … I am not sure how old all these other posts are. Thanks

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