Paycation Travel MLM Review

Paycation MLM company promises to offer incredible savings for all things vacation and travel related; from hotels, flights, rentals and cruises - but is it scam business in 2015?

Paycation Travel Review (Pay Less for More Travel Rewards?)

Paycation Review

Paycation is the rebranded version of a company called Traverus. Paycation is a network marketing-style business which lets anyone build a business as a Certified Travel Consultant (CTC).

What is Paycation? Is it a worthwhile opportunity? Find out today in our Paycation review.

What is Paycation Travel?

Paycation is a network marketing company which has previously done business under the name Traverus. The company recently relaunched and rebranded itself.

Paycation is more than just a pretty face on an old product: it offers a revamped compensation structure and new leaders on the management team.

Most network marketing companies grow fast and die even faster: Traverus aimed to avoid that by rebranding itself as a new company.

Since the Paycation experiment is relatively new, it’s too early to say whether or not the experiment has worked. But according to early reviews and insider looks, Paycation has the power to be one of the biggest players in the travel industry niche of network marketing.

Paycation Management Team

The Paycation management team has years of experience in network marketing and direct sales. Here are all of the current members of the Paycation management team:

-CEO: David Manning (direct sales background)

-President: Mark Campese (direct sales background)

-Vice President of Marketing: Donald Bradley (experience with YTB and Pro Travel network)

With the proven sales expertise of David and Mark and the unique travel industry insight of Donald, Paycation aims to lead the industry today, tomorrow, and years into the future.

What Does Paycation Sell?

Paycation sells travel agent-style services through a network marketing business model.

The company has a network of independent distributors known as Certified Travel Consultants. Anyone can become a CTC and start their own business with Paycation: although you’ll need to join through an existing member.

Why would someone book their next trip through a CTC? CTCs have unique access to discounted prices on travel, hotels, car rentals, and cruises around the world.

At the Paycation website, you can find links to powerful flight, hotel, car rental, and vacation package search engines. The results of your search are displayed directly on the Paycation website.

You can use those search engines to find vacations all over the world – whether you want a cruise departing from Amsterdam or you want to spend 5 nights at a hotel in Paris.

You book the trip just like you would book on any travel website, and you can even read reviews from previous guests.

Once you’re ready to pay for your hotel, cruise, or flight, you’ll find that a number of taxes and fees have been added on. Some of these taxes and fees are required by local laws and taxes. However, Paycation also includes an additional fee in there purely for their own profit. If you read the terms and conditions, Paycation describes this fee as follows:

“The charge for Taxes and Fees varies based on a number of factors including, without limitation, the amount we pay the hotel and the location of the hotel where you will be staying, and may include profit that we retain.”

These fees go towards Paycation and its network. That’s good news for Paycation and its members, but those who are booking a vacation may find cheaper prices elsewhere.

The Paycation Opportunity

Think you have what it takes to sell travel packages to people? Want to build a network of motivated marketers beneath you and earn residual income? Paycation aims to help you achieve your financial freedom by offering a lucrative compensation structure.

First, all new Paycation business owners receive training through Xstream Travel, a 12-year old travel company which has long provided members with professional training. This prepares you for the competitive world of travel agencies.

To become a Certified Travel Consultant, you’ll need to pay an initial joining fee of $79.95 and then an additional $59.95 monthly fee for membership in the travel program.

The compensation plan works as a 3×7 Matrix that fills from top to bottom, from left to right. Unlike many other network marketing companies, this matrix fills up not just with people below you – but also from people above you – which means there’s potential for you to earn spillover volume.

If you’re a completely qualified CTA with a totally filled in 3×7 Matrix where everyone pays the $59.95 monthly fee, you’ll be paid $25,000 every month.

Other key parts of the compensation plan include the Diamond Guaranteed Bonuses. These bonuses are given out based on your earned rank and range in price from $2,000 to $250,000. However, these bonuses are considered to be quite difficult to hit.

Conclusion: Who Should Join Paycation?

Travel is an $8 trillion industry. It’s not going away anytime soon. If you feel you have the drive, networking skills, and intelligence to launch a travel agency, attract customers, and build a network of entrepreneurs beneath you, then Paycation may be the network marketing opportunity you’ve been waiting for.


  1. Jessyka Brooks

    Paycation yes! Great article! Thanks for sharing this information with people. This is very informative! I look forward to reading more of your reviews! I am completely in love with Paycation and the awesome perks we get as agents! Awesome review!

  2. Paycation Defined

    You did a great job at explaining the paycation travel opportunity. After reading several on the search results pages, I was a little discouraged by the negativity and the hype. I believe in your article, you have struck the perfect balance of informative and fair.

    By the way, let me know if there is any way we could work together or maybe swap resources. I live an abundance mindset and have no problem sharing what I have.

    Take Care,
    Alvin Curren

  3. Nathan

    This is a great article review on Paycation Travel. I found that Paycation has a lot of pros and cons (like most businesses). However the Pros should always outway the cons in a decision. Paycation Travel is a legitimate business I believe in regards to their relationship with US travel suppliers/vendors and you being a travel agent with their partner company Xstream Travel. Again great article!

  4. Jeff

    Thanks for the info on Paycation

    $8 Trillion is a lot of money for any industry!

    I have some friends that are doing this, and they were trying to explain the 3×7 matrix to me.

    I’m glad it’s working for folks. Thats a great sign

  5. Karla

    I’m sure Paycation works fine if your goal is multi-level marketing. If you truly want to be a travel agent though, this isn’t the company for you. There are far cheaper and more legitimate ways to be your own boss as a travel agent. More support, training and less fees from real host agencies. Do yourself a favor and google travel agent host agencies and do your homework from there.

  6. Chester Slaughter


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