DS Domination Review (DSD)

DS Domination (DSD) is about making money from drop shipping online. Review the business opportunity and "Options Domination" of 'Unit of Prosperity' team in 2015.

DS Domination Review (Does Drop Shipping With DSD Work?)

DS Domination: The Future of Retailing

If you've recently bought something on eBay or Amazon.com, then you're part of the growing trend in online retail…one that's taken over the world. That trend is this: people are now buying everything from band-aids to outdoor grills at one of two places, and those places are Amazon and eBay.

Every major retailer operation in the world has an Amazon store and an eBay store, and if they don't they soon will. They're both just so huge in the online retail business that they simply can't be ignored.

A LOT of people are making a LOT of money selling products on eBay.

DS Domination Puts You There

With DS Domination, you can make a lot of money too. There's no need for huge investments in merchandise, warehousing, or websites. There's no SEO involved, and you don't have to worry about what Google is doing with the rankings.

It's all about selling on eBay, after finding out what sells the best. How can you find out what sells, and what to list? That's where DS Domination comes in.

Using the DS Domination techniques, you'll quickly and easily learn how to figure out what's trending now on eBay, how to list it so your items sell, and how to get the product to your customers.

Unit of Prosperity Puts You At the Top

Unit of Prosperity is a DS Domination team. It's one of MLM's greatest success stories: a team so famous and successful it's got a reputation almost as large as the network marketing company itself. In fact, you hardly ever hear about DS Domination without hearing about the Unit of Prosperity team in the same breath.

If you're thinking of joining DS Domination, the Unit of Prosperity team seems to have success all locked up. In any case, let's now take a look at what you're getting, no matter which team you decide to join in the end…

How Drop Shipping Works

Many of the large, successful retailers use Drop Shipping to get products to their customers faster and more easily. They have either a brick and mortar store or an online store (or both) and market their products to customers the best way they know how.

Brick and mortar stores may have just one item on hand for display only. Then, when they make a sale, they contact the vendor or manufacturer and tell them to ship the item directly to the customer.

The drop ship method has been in practice for decades in retail, especially with sectors in which the product is large size or weight (furniture, for example).

Now with online selling, it's almost expected that drop shipping takes place. Who wants to manage their own ware house?

DS Domination for Experts

Amazon Fulfillment Services (AFS) works this way…warehouses are set up across the country and you can even have your own merchandise stored in them. Sell the items on Amazon, and you can have Amazon employees pick, wrap, and ship the item for you…directly to your customer.

This is a type of “advanced” drop shipping that's covered in the advanced DS Domination products. For now, and for beginners, it's all about selling on eBay and sourcing on Amazon.

The DS Domination Compensation Plan

If there's one thing everyone loves in the MLM industry, it's a clear and simple compensation plan! DS Domination has a simple plan because there is real money is in selling products via the DropShip method rather than recruiting and promoting the plan itself.

There is money to be made, of course, in promoting the plan and enticing new members to join. Here's how it works:

  1. Pay $9.95 per month in order to become a seller of the DS Domination system. It's your affiliate fee.
  2. Own the product in order to sell it.*
  3. Sponsor people and get 50% commission.
  4. Their sponsors make you 10% (that's level 2)
  5. Level 3 commission is your third-generation, at 5%
  6. Level 4 commissions are 3%
  7. Level 5 commissions are 2%
  8. Level 6-10 are unlocked when you've reached a level of sponsoring 14 people. These tiers pay 1%
*The Products

There are products which incur a monthly fee, and some which are a one-off purchase. Here's how it works:

  1. Basic Membership. This is your affiliate fee: $19.95 per month. Called “Pro”, it delivers the basics on how to source items from Amazon and how to make profits by selling them on eBay.
  2. Elite. This costs $100 per month and expands your sourcing network from just Amazon into major retailers like Costco, Sam's Club, Walmart and other big-box retailers.
  3. Unleashed. Here you pay a one-time $249 and it's yours forever. Founder Roger gives advice for advanced users of DS Domination such as how to increase PayPal limits and “secret” sources of merchandise to sell.
  4. Monopoly. Another one-time purchase is Monopoly. A $499, it gives you a full course from Roger, in which he reveals his best suppliers and more secrets to earning income by selling on eBay.

The Pros & Cons of DS Domination

  • drop shipping is a legitimate industry that's proven to make money- DS Domination shows you how to do it
  • what you're investing in with DS Domination is a drop shipping education…useful even if you drop out of the program
  • global market
  • Initial buy-in at $19.95 per month is a little hefty. You'll need at least several months to see whether DS Domination is for you, at which point you'll have lost upwards of $60 at the minimum
  • The Elite level is $100 per month, so you'd better not take a month off from selling with overhead like that!

The Verdict

It's exciting to be in on something that's rocking the world right now, and drop shipping is certainly a big deal. We love the concept, the support system seems well in place to aid teams in making a decent income online. We don't love the cost of becoming Elite, so we'd love to see anyone involved in DS Domination get a good set of downlines. That way, residual income will cover the monthly fees, even when you take time off from dominating the retail world with DS Domination.

DS Domination Review

Drop Ship Domination is an internet marketing company that combines the selling power of eBay and Amazon. It gathers these companies’ systems under the authority of a single person who is able to make easier marketing with only a push of a button.

DS Domination attempts to incorporate adequate, proven online drop shipping techniques for succeeding in this growing internet-based business model. Internet marketers are used to perform every day tasks that generate them great income streams. This is not a solution, as Drop Ship Domination teaches us.

Drop Ship Domination Marketing

This company runs an affiliate program, as well. Members have to recruit others and teach them how to drop ship in a profitable way.

It is all about absorbing fees without too many efforts. It is also about reaping profits. Try these methods and use Drop Ship Domination to make profit from sites such as eBay and Amazon.

The Drop Ship Domination Affiliate Sign Up

Being able to resist the urge of shrugging off this call to a new money making stream is very difficult, yet it can generate you more money with less efforts. The success stories are easy to emulate when the Drop Ship Domination professionals kick in.

Once these awesome drop shipping techniques get to be learn, members can develop their income and cash flow. Taking advantage of affiliate signups and reducing the amount of work is something interesting for any marketer to do.

Learning the Drop Ship Domination Ways

These amazing selling methods for websites such as Amazon an eBay offer sellers and business people great experiences and opportunities on how to increase and benefit from their sales. The Drop Ship Domination tips and tricks make up great strategies that increase and generate huge sales.

This is the reason why selling with Drop Ship Domination is such a great and fun thing to do. Meeting great people and trading fascinating items can make your profits explode.

Signing up is the best way to handle selling and drop shipping. Look carefully through the available opportunities. Scan the selling items on eBay, Amazon and Craigslist. Get used to checking your Drop Ship Domination account each and every single day. Learn from the best sellers how to successfully make money online.

Drop Ship Domination Affiliates

Each and every marketer looks for growing his/her business up. However, a business that doesn’t have a steady plan to begin with won’t succeed. Talk to the people at Drop Ship Domination and be ready to learn how to grow your business faster. By signing up and getting other to join, you will be recruiting affiliates.

Just a sale of a big-ticket such as a HD television by one of your affiliates will bring you some extra money. This is a great way to just sit down and watch your business grow just by doing nothing at all.

Have a sit and consider the opportunities. New members are making hundred of dollars in the first week. Look carefully through the techniques Drop Ship Domination has to present you. Get ready to share information with others.


  1. Nancy


    I am trying to find someone who will,one, respond to my e-mail and, 2, answer a couple of questions for me.

    First are you a member? If so, how long have you been a member and what type of success have you had?

    I was ready to sign up with someone but had a few questions. While I was reading some of the feed back about ds domination one comment talked about having to pay large fees to amazon eBay and PayPal even if an item ended up not selling. This greatly concerned me, as I am starting out with little to begin with.

    Is this an MLM program? It seems more people are trying to get people to join then they are trying drop ship.

  2. Isaias Perez

    I really love informative blogs like this and sharing ideas. I see a few negative comments about the Drop Shipping Business Industry here and there, but i have to tell you.. I have had great success with it using the website below. They really have a good system down and I have seen the results. Now… I dont do it full time but even as a part time hobby, it has generated more than a few hundred dollars a month and Im loving it. I only got started with it a few months ago too and it has allowed me to expand my inventory in eBay and Amazon. I guess I am what you call a success story!

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