doTERRA Essential Oil Review

dōTERRA Essentials Oils are one of the most well known direct sales MLM companies out there. But does it make for a good business opportunity? Read our review on Doterra!

DoTerra Essential Oils Review (Price List, Product Uses Guide)

DoTerra Essential Oils have been a growing topic of oily-discussion since 2008, when a group of natural health care advocates and business professionals came together for one reason; certified pure therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Now, with a companywide motto being “a gift from earth, naturally safe, purely effective, guaranteed” – we are going to examine (as any expert should) that equation for how well does that convert at making you money?

Our genuine guide regarding dōTERRA's purported life-enhancing oils' effects are meant to DO and accomplish 2 things;

doterra1) Share the importance, significance, and health relevance of essential oils
2) Show the pros, cons, ups, downs of being a DoTerra Distributor Consultant.

But first, health aside, we want to start off our doTERRA review with the distributor and business opportunity aspect as opposed why you should be using, applying and even consuming essential oils.

Then, as any expert should Do – we are going to deliver a dedicated details to the overall importance, relevance and balancing-effects high-concentrated extracted oils are known to have.

So let's pick up the rate – stick your mobile phone in your pocket and don't hate – it's never too late for an expert to relate and rate what's what and who's who of anything health, wealth, or self related 🙂

The old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” would have a lot of weight and merit as we submit this legit conversation about profiting from an increasingly growing trend and in-demand product, essential oils.

Commit to reading this entire dōTERRA business and product review as we admit our wit on oils are fit to omit the counterfeit consensus and deliver the oily-goods.

DoTerra Independent Product Consultants

Making money is our passion and we love to do it in fashion – which means feeling fit and looking legit – aside from the hair and industry, skin care and body care (weight loss & muscle) are two tremendously transforming business industry's as the “beauty culture” is in command of our virtual culture.

What does this mean for you?

Well when evaluating any network marketing company, there are 6 expert elements to carefully consider and contemplate when researching the opportunity.

Those are; the company, timing, trends, products, compensation, and system.
Without any of these plausible pillars and crucial components working in your favor, your chances of success (especially at long-term residual income) dramatically decrease and will cease before you ever get started.

So how does the dōTERRA business opportunity and product line stack up?

One word; great.

doterra businessThe company's concept for IPC's (independent product consultants) and their system's success is built on a platform following this process:

1) Envision (why)
2) Decide
3) Plan
4) Ask
5) Teach
6) Enroll
7) Duplicate

Sounds simple enough right?

That's where the complexity of the importance of healthy essential oils come into play (which we will get into) – remember products are one of the 6 expert elements to making a business work – and if a company's product line (no matter how good the marketing) cannot stand on its own 2 feet apart from the business – your dead in the water (sidenote: it pays to be product savvy!).

DoTerra is a multi-level-marketing (MLM) network marketing company, which means you can make money by selling DoTerra products or by referring new consultants to partake in the compensation plan.

To become a DoTerra consultant, all you have to do is pay a registration fee to get access to DoTerra products at a wholesale price of 25% below retail.

Once you pay the registration fee, you have a variety of ways to make money:

• Selling DoTerra products at retail prices.
• Refer new consultants and earn commission on their sales and of the consultants they sponsor.
• Through generous bonuses and rewards programs.

DoTerra Bonuses and Rewards

DoTerra rewards its' representatives who are actively promoting essential oils and referring new consultants in a number of ways. Every consultant earns rewards credits when they order their own DoTerra products to sell on a monthly basis. The most loyal consultants can get up 30% of their product value back as product credits (sidenote: be a product of the product).

In other words, if you bought $10,000 worth of wellness products, if you've shown loyalty to the program, you'll get 3,000 credits to purchase other products available.

There are other bonuses as well, like the prestigious Founders' Club:

For the elite consultants, there is a seemingly endless amount of money to be made. To make it into the Founder's Club, you have to be in the top 25 product consultants in your country or region. If you make it into the Founders' Club then you'll be able to earn a huge bonus by earning a share of the total market sales volume once the requirements are met. This means you can earn a potentially huge bonus.

Because of the nature of the MLM marketing model, is there cause for concern… which inevitably sparks the question is DoTerra a scam?

1. The Product Line is Legit (products, trending, timing, company checkmarked)

DoTerra offers pure therapeutic-grade essential oils, which can be hard to come by and in very high demand (great for business).

This is partly why their products are more expensive than the essential oils you might find in health stores or at other online retailers like amazon. However, you're paying a premium for a better product and in the end, paying a little more is worth it (remember ounces and pounds).

2. Make Money With Essential Oils (compensation & system checkmarked)

While not every distributor is going to make money with DoTerra, it doesn't mean you can't. In fact, as we have kept repeating, DoTerra's products are incredibly healthy and appealing to a substantial amount of people and only growing in popularity (global opportunity). This driving force means you're still ahead of the tipping point into massive momentum to make a lot of money if you get in now.

Now, let's switch gears and glide right into our unique essential oils guide.

Once the critical mass awakens to the beneficial properties of daily essential oil usage, this network marketing company is going to reach peak performance and presentation. Let's hop over to the healthy oil habit optimization guide and allow me to share my profound experience using them regularly.

Why at are Healthy Essential Oils

Thousands of plant extracts are used in the health and beauty products. For the most part, plant extracts are turned into “essential oils”, and then added to beauty products. While you've probably seen essential oils before, you probably have no idea what they actually are or what they do.

Healthy Essential Oils Basics

Essential oils are actually defined as “liquid aroma compounds” that come from natural sources, normally plants. Essential oils are called “essential” because they possess the qualities of the plants where they are actually taken.

Essential oil is a very broad term and there are well over 300 common essential oils. Pretty much any oil you'd find in a beauty store is essential if it is 100% pure. However, it should be produced through distillation or cold press extraction to truly be an essential oil.

So what's the point of using these beneficial oils?

Essential oils can be added as flavoring to food or drinks or added to beauty products. They are often added to cleaning products and incense as well, although essential oils literally have dozens of uses.

Common Essential Oils

Since there are over 300 essential oils, it can be difficult to pick some out that you may be interested in using. There are clearly some more popular essential oils and the most popular essential oils include:

1. Germanium: Germanium is especially beneficial to women because studies show it alleviates the symptoms of PMS. It is also very beneficial to the skin health because it possesses the ability to eliminate acne, fade/heal scars, and evening out blemishes. It is also said that germanium can get rid of body odor as well.

2. Sesame: Sesame is a powerful skin moisturizer and it is one of the most common essential oils added to beauty products. Research shows that sesame oil possesses powerful fatty acids that relieve stress and lower blood pressure. In one study, sesame also inhibited the growth of cancerous cells as well.

3. Peppermint: You probably think of peppermint as a breath-freshener but peppermint can do much more than freshen your breath. Peppermint is used to sooth overworked muscles, stop painful itching, and relieve nausea. Studies also show that peppermint can relieve headaches, alleviate the symptoms of PMS, and treat sore throats.

4. Lemon Balm: Often referred to as Melissa essential oil, lemon balm is a natural antidepressant and it can calm anxiety as well. Some studies indicate lemon balm can counteract insomnia, help remove inflammation, and help eliminate bacterial infections. Natural health gurus also believe it can treat herpes, headaches, ulcers, and many more conditions.

5. Clove Oil: Clove oil is a natural remedy for hangovers, dental pain, and bad breath. It also has powerful antiseptic effects, which is why it is a useful treatment method for cuts, scrapes, and bug bites. Some studies suggest earaches, stomachaches, and earaches can be eliminated by applying clove oil.

6. Lavender: Lavender has many uses although it often added to incense or candles due to its' calming effects. The smell of lavender is one of the most effective natural remedies to calm stress and anxiety.

Lavender is an effective treatment method for burns and stings. It also helps ease pain and helps wounds heal quicker. Finally, lavender is an effective muscle relaxer and it's a potent natural remedy to relive headaches.

7. Tea Tree: Tea tree is easily one of the most well known essential oils and it is commonly used in acne products because of its' anti-inflammatory benefits. Tea tree also acts as a natural remedy for bacterial infections in the face or mouth. It can be used to treat sore throats, acne, or earaches as well.

Tea tree oil is also very antiseptic, like many other essential oils. Tea tree oil is one of the best natural healing agents to apply to cuts and scrapes. It will also prevent infections as well.

8. Ginger: Ginger is incredibly versatile and the health benefits of ginger are well known. Although the smell can be very strong, ginger is an incredibly valuable essential oil.

Ginger is a natural laxative and can help relive constipation, upset stomach, and flatulence. Ginger's main benefit is that soothes and calms the stomach, preventing constipation and other digestive issues.

Ginger also affects serotonin product, which is a brain chemical that regulates mood and appetite. Ginger can also relieve severe pain and calm nausea as well.

9. Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus oil helps improve memory and concentration by stimulating the mind. Its' powerful anti-inflammatory compounds can help alleviate arthritis pain and lower back pain and eucalyptus oil users swear that it can eliminate muscle cramps and back spasms.

Eucalyptus oil is also anti-septic and is one of the better essential oils to help prevent and treat bacterial infections. In addition, eucalyptus oil is an effective treatment of the common cold.

10. Rose Oil: Although rose oil is often the most expensive essential oil, it is one otf the most beneficial essential oils. Rose oil is a natural aphrodisiac and it's smell is incredibly appealing to both men and women. Studies show that rose oil can help treat depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. It also improves circulation and alleviates high blood pressure.

Rose oil is also a potent skin moisturizer and it contains powerful compounds that protect the skin from free radical and UV damage. It is also said that rose oil can treat several digestive issues as well.

Are Essential Oils Safe?

Believe it or not, essential oils can be dangerous when taken orally in large amounts. Most of the time, most people feel a burning sensation followed by severe salivation. In some cases, some people might vomit to purge the essential oils out.

Now this does not mean you should avoid essential oils. Almost every label on an essential oil bottle will tell you how to take the product and how much is considered a safe amount. If you take the essential oil as directed, you'll be fine.

In some rare cases, people have had allergic reactions or oily skin as a result of essential oils. Allergic reactions can be prevented if you know you're allergic to a plant and oily skin generally occurs after a person has applied too much product.

The overwhelming majority of essential oils do not experience any problems while taking essential oils. Make sure you follow the label and you'll be fine.

Where to Purchase Essential Oils

Essential oils can be purchased at almost any beauty or cosmetic store, although we personally recommend you purchase essential oils online. Online retailers generally have high quality essential oils and a better variety, which will benefit you as a user and consumer.

Essential oils are a fantastic product that can drastically improve your health. Plus, essential oils are a cheap, alternative to chemical-ridden beauty products, which are often ineffective and worthless. Everybody can benefit from essential oils, including you – so you'd be silly not to try out some of these popular essential oils we mentioned above.

Where is the DoTerra Price List?

Click the image below to see the entire enlarged DoTerra Price List Sheet (Per Drop):

doterra price list

Now, let's step back out of that reality and back into doTERRA focus – quite the oily-ride right?

That's what is truly unique and awesome about the doTERRA University and business opportunity when we review them inside and out.

They have passed all 6 major expert elements and contributing factors with flying colors to making this a golden opportunity to jump into.

Here are other resources and notable DoTerra Websites for more information:

Leave us your expert experience, comments and feedback about dōTERRA CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® and their lovely, healthy essential oils.

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