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Who is Pat Flynn?

Pat Flynn is a very successful marketer, who has created a small fortune online, he has a very unique story on how he got started into the world of Internet marketing.

In 2008 Pat lost his job as an architect and decided to start a business online. His first blog was originally set up to keep track of notes while studying for his LEED exam, which is an architecture qualification to design green building environments.

As he kept adding notes to his blog, the site started getting more and more traffic because of its content. He began to receive e-mails from his readers encouraging him to create a “How To Book” on how to pass the LEED test, which he did.

With his first e-book on “how to pass the LEED Exam” Pat generated over $8,000 from sales the first month. This success came just after a year of starting the site.

After figuring out the formula to making money online Pat has moved on to helping others to create a successful income from home sharing tips on how he is able to do it for himself.

Pat Flynn Projects and Business Ventures

Now days Pat has over 20,000 Facebook fans over 50,000 followers on twitter and more than a million views on his YouTube channel. What started as a small website has become an empire and grown to many other successful projects of its kind.

Pat has managed to build a loyal community for himself and continuously generates content for his loyal following.

Some of his biggest and most successful projects include:

Green Exam Academy

This is the project that started it all for him. He started it while studying for his LEED exam and since it has generated him thousands of dollars in passive income.

The Smart Passive Income Blog and Podcast

Pat created Smart Passive income as a way to given back to creative and ambitions entrepreneurs. The main purpose of this project is to help entrepreneurs find solutions to business questions and cut their learning curve to building a successful project.

Along with The Smart Passive Income site, Pat have also created a series of podcast that helps him dive into subjects of interest and makes it easier for entrepreneurs to grasp the concepts he teaches.

Pat is very transparent with how much money he makes every month, which averages $20,000 to $50,000 a month; he is definitely the real deal when it comes to marketing!

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