David Wood

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Who is David Wood anyway?

David Wood is the co-creator of Empower Network one of the most profitable and popular Internet Marketing companies created until the day.

David is considered to be one of the top income earners in the whole internet/network marketing industry, He is a mass recruiter who has recruited more that 100,000 affiliates to his organization.

Through Empower Network, David has become a millionaire along with many other affiliates who have hit the million-dollar mark in the company in less than 2 years.

At the time of this review over 8 people have hit the million dollar earning mark in Empower Network and thousands of others have completely changed their lifestyle and have been set free from financial struggle, all thanks to the unique business model that empower network runs.

How did David wood Get Started?

During the early days of his network-marketing career, David's life was less than successful. He struggled for years in his journey to become a brilliant business recruiter.

In the beginning David used to wonder around Wal-Mart searching for “a smart shark” to recruit in his business, needless to say he failed miserably. He used to live in a van and struggled to make ends meet.

It was his burning desire to become a massive recruiter that lead him to the Internet. He first started making YouTube videos, aspiring to recruit people into his organization. He began to succeed in growing his business and realized the value of helping others to grow their business as well.

He made a lot of money and became a top producer in any network marketing company he joined but it wasn't until 2011 when he meet David Sharpe and decided to launch Empower Network that he became a millionaire.

Empower Network was create with one goal in mind: To create the richest group of entrepreneurs ever created in a network marketing company.

David had been around network marketing for years and was familiar with low commissions from affiliate marketing companies, which is why he decided to change the game and launched Empower Network, a company that rewards it’s affiliates by paying 100% commissions.

Empower Network Products:

Empower network has multiple e-products that come in the form of a membership, anyone can access this info-products after joining the business.

One of their main products is a viral blogging system that helps affiliates get more leads and prospects who can potentially be interested in their business.

A basic principle of the Empower Network system is that it removes all the technical hassles many affiliates have to go through when first starting an Internet based business.

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