Traffic and Conversion Summit

Traffic and Conversion Summit Notes

This is something you don't see every day…notes from a pricey marketing convention on sale for a fraction of the price it cost to attend. What's this all about…? I had a few questions, and dug around online to get them answered.

The T&C Summit is hosted and put on by Digital Marketer's Ryan Deiss and company. They are one of the leading internet marketing companies and do a wide range of projects and programs – including the Digital Marketer Lab which we reviewed earlier.

First of All, Does This Summit Really Take Place?

Yes, apparently it does.

The guy said there were 3,000 attendees at the summit this year. On day one, there were two big takeaways:

  1. the new goal is to get people into custom audiences
  2. big blog/content sites are driving their traffic to ecommerce sites

There was apparently a lot of talk about storytelling, how to communicate with your audience, etc.

  • Tim Castleman, the guy offering the notes, has offered them in past years and he seems to be a real person who's involved in internet marketing.

Second, Who Runs the Summit?

The name is Ryan Deiss, whom we've met before in our review of DM Labs. He claims his digital marketing company knows all the secrets that will get online entrepreneurs through the coming Digital Marketing Revolution of 2015.

Apparently everything you did in 2014 is going to be irrelevant in 2015 so with an adapt or die mentality, everyone should learn what to do from the Summit…or in our case the Summit Notes.

I didn't know this and I have no way of verifying it, but at last year's 2014 Traffic & Conversion Summit, Ryan Deiss introduced the concept of the Funnel.

As a result of this, everyone who'd heard about this concept at the summit went out and created an email course on creating a sales funnel.

Therefore, the implication is that by learning about what the key points of the summit were, one can get a jump on what the marketing world will be buzzing about all year long.

Who Else Was at the Summit

Ryan Deiss brought his entire DigitalMarketer team. Also present was Daymond John, whom you may know from ABC's Shark Tank. He is the CEO of FUBU & Shark Branding.

Remember FUBU? It's a clothing store for street-smart stylish men, founded in the early 1990s. It stands for For Us, By Us, which I actually remember from way back then. Let me say that again: I remember this guy's branding slogan from over twenty years ago.

He's gotta be good at marketing!

Other “stars” who attended:

  • Sebastian Rusk, bowtie-wearing social media strategist.
  • Ben Adkins. Founder of, which is automated sales copy generating software.
  • Brad Martinau, from SixthDivision, an Infusionsoft assistance company
  • Russell Brunson, from ClickFunnels, a company that helps customers build sales funnels with a website builder
  • Dustin Mathews. CEO of SpeakingEmpire, a company that helps clients turn videos into sales funnels.
  • Dave Vanhoose, also from SpeakingEmpire.
  • Scot Robley. Partner Manager at Infusionsoft, which sells sales and marketing softare.
  • Jon Benson, founder of 3xvsl, a product teaching the psychology behind video sales letters

You get the idea. It's a lot of people in the industry with things to sell!

But, as the summit notes page promises, Ryan Deiss isn't running a networking event…it's about delivering good stuff to business people. They are “forced” to deliver a good show, not just sell the audience.

What Can You Expect to Learn With the Notes?

These are supposedly proven tips and secrets from the best in the business on the following areas:

  • driving traffic
  • converting leads
  • upping your game …
    • get a celebrity sponsor
    • raise money for a huge new initiative for your business
    • get email feedback
  • stuff to copy for your business, which they call “Done for You” campaigns

What's the Cost, and Is it Worth It?

The cost to attend the 2015 Traffic and Conversion Summit was $1997. The cost of the notes is $47.

The summit happened in mid February. People who truly want to jump on the bandwagon and start creating B2B products for fellow internet marketers and small business owners will need the notes soon if they want their product to hit the market among the first run of offerings.

If nothing else, consider it $47 well spent to stay current on the industry. I'm interested, wouldn't mind reading the notes, and could probably justify a $47 business expense.

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