Digital Marketer Lab Review

Digital Marketer Lab by Ryan Deiss is all about boosting website traffic, customer conversion and audience engagement.. Should you invest into their marketing strategies?

Ryan Deiss’ Digital Marketer LAB Review – Quality Strategies?

Digital Marketer Lab Review

The first thing I noticed when I landed on the Digital Marketer website was their call to action phrase didn't make any sense*.

The second thing I noticed was a glaring typo right at the top of their Products page.

Then I noticed a made-up, improper plural word**.

Not off to a great start for a Marketing Company!!!!!

What is Digital Marketer Lab?

DigitalMarketer Lab sells things to help you make money from your website. It's run by Ryan Deiss, who claims superior knowledge in this field.

The Products

In a fast-changing business like digital marketing, you certainly don't want to be seen selling a product that's 2 1/2 years old. Yet, that's the first thing you notice when you visit the Products section of the DigitalMarketer website and click to see details of Authority ROI.

If you expect people to shell out around $40 a month for stuff that's not cutting edge any longer, at least hide the post date of your product page.

I'm trying to keep an open mind here and look beyond the typos and the misuse of the language (generally sloppiness) but so far this company isn't proving to me they're all that great.

They're only proving to me they're not educated…and while maybe they have a good product, it means there's nobody at the helm with enough experience to make me trust them.

I want to see smart, experienced people running a company, not a group of greenhorns who don't know the first thing about hiring the right people to do the right job. If they can't hire an editor for their site, what makes me think they'll even hire someone good with numbers to make sure I get all my commissions?

I usually don't reveal my verdict this early on, but the deeper I delve into DM Labs the less confident I feel they know what they're doing.

Let's try again…

The Products…2.0

  • Authority ROI. This product consists of 17 training videos (that's the proper way to talk about more than one training), a 7-Day Launch Process to give you traffic, a list of their top skins for websites, plus plugins, instructions on how to make $1000 and how to get premium content. Skins and plugins are free from WordPress, by the way. Circa 2012.
  • The Napkin Project. This is a course on building your own sales funnel. You get access to their email campaign templates, how to test your traffic and tweak it, and how to manipulate your core offer so it functions better.
  • The Machine. Email software with autoresponders. You know this is free from sites like MailChimp, right?
  • Video Sales Letter Formula. How to make video sales letters.
  • Whale Method. How to buy low cost traffic and make money from it.
  • Native Ad Academy. How to use Social Media to make money. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Circa 2012!!!

In case you haven't heard, Instagram is the newer thing…not Facebook and Twitter. Instagram is not even mentioned in the Native Ad Academy because they created the training coming up on three years ago!.

Another marketing snafu: on their Native Academy website, they feature a life size picture of a kitten in a cast. Seriously, you're going to offend a lot of people with that one. Do you know anything about marketing at all? Now I actually hate these people…especially the guy who's name is splashed all over the site- Ryan Deiss.

The Opportunity & The Verdict

As far as I'm concerned, there is no opportunity. Here's why:

  • It should be easy to find out about an opportunity by one or all these methods:
    1. from the company website
    2. by doing a simple internet search
    3. by checking associate referral sites who want to sign you up
  • I tried to look up an affiliate program or compensation plan under these terms:
    1. Digital Marketer compensation plan (nothing)
    2. Digital Marketer Lab compensation plan (nothing)
    3. DM Lab compensation plan (nothing)
    4. Ryan Deiss affiliate program (bingo- but clicked through to differently branded 404 pages, expired offers, and “coming soon” pages. So, nothing again).

Therefore, after wasting time on that, I'm going to say there is no Digital Marketer Labs compensation plan or affiliate program. Ever if there was, I'm not interested at this point because after all that run-around, now I really don't trust this company!

* They say “Do you hate puppies? If not, then Click Here to see all that DigitalMarketer has to offer”.

** “Turn your blog into an authority property that Google loves…and that finally make you money”.

“Here are some advanced trainings that will take your marketing skills to the next level!” Trainings is not a word.



  1. Russ Henneberry

    Hello. My name is Russ Henneberry and I am the Director of Editorial at Digital Marketer.

    Thanks for pointing out some of the errors on our pages. I’ll get them rectified as soon as possible.

    Our blogging program, (Authority ROI) is about 18 months old, while Native Ad Academy is 15 months or so old. The dates show as much older because I wanted to “bury” these blog posts that describe these products. It’s a fairly long story as to why we are using blog posts for our product detail pages. 🙂

    We haven’t tested Instagram as a native ad platform but I would love to see any information you have on the subject.

    As for The Machine training — it is not an autoresponder program. It is a complete email marketing training that includes pre-written email templates that we have tested over the years. They are our go-to email campaigns. The Machine has been a very successful training for us.

    Lastly, in regard to our affiliate program — we have closed it to all but a handful of folks. We were finding it difficult to manage as many affiliates as we once had and, at times, we were finding that some of the affiliates were using language we were less than proud of to sell our products and services.

    Thanks again for the review!

  2. John J. Labadie

    Thank You Russ!

    DM Labs is awesome

  3. Kadd

    Sounds like you got a bad taste of sour grapes! You hate the program AND you’re pissed off because you cannot become an affiliate marketer for them!

    Like that old joke about the fat woman complaining about a restaurant’s food…”the food was tasteless…AND the quantities were SOOO small!”

    By the way, I am amazed at how much I have learned from Ryan Diess’s Digital Marketer Labs. I’ve wasted a lot of money over the years on trying to learn something about Internet marketing. This is the one place that has actually taught me something I didn’t already know.

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