Module 5: Discover Specific Leads

Now we are getting into the fruits and veggies (or meat and potatoes depending on your style) about how to go out there and really dominate and crush the competition in your niche.

While we can talk til we are blue in the face about how to sell anything like we did in Module 1, or your beliefs and attitude towards your business in Module 2, or executing your strategy in Module 3 or creating authentic rapport with your people in Module 4 – one thing is for certain despite all of that – LEADS are the life force of your business at every layer and level imaginable.

The ability to find and discover local or niche focused leads will be the make or break element to your business.

We talk indepth about tools that help increase your lead flow like Leadpages – but for the Super Networker training series we are doing – we want to set our sights on the significance of making it your number 1 priority to create, capture and convert leads into leaders.

Here is a simple, yet often overlooked flow of how to go about increasing your subscriber and member base with a few ninja tips and tricks.

How To Increase Email List

The First Step: Getting People to Register

  • Use your online resources:
    1. – Identify your audience and use tactics to find people locally.
      – Take advantage of Facebook
      – Use your local Craigslist
      – Also, don’t forgot about online periodicals:
        – Magazines
        – Newspapers
  • Give yourself options- work offline too:
    1. – Periodicals
  • Make sure that all of your coding works properly:
    1. – It is pivotal that your workers will be credited for whatever sales they make, so your system must work correctly or you will wind up facing major problems.

Have Your Registration Process Go Smoothly

  • When your customers and clients sign up:
    1. – Have this occur outside
      – Make sure that you also always use a CSV spreadsheet, as this will help you to stay organized.
        – Have the spreadsheet be alphabetized.
        – Also make sure that the spreadsheet includes the affiliate code that the customer will need in order to work and earn money.
  • Always have nametags and badges prepared to give to these customers.
    1. – This should always have either the name of the affiliate, or the affiliate’s code.
  • Don’t stay in the room while they are filling out all of their information. Instead, step outside.
  • How to set up the room:
    1. – Make it seem as if there are not enough supplies or space in the room.
        – Purposefully do not include as many chairs as you know you will need.
      – Make sure to play music.
        – Have the music be loud and at a fast pace.
        – Your goal should be to have the music raise everyone’s heart rate.
        – Make sure that you have a high quality, working projector.
        – Test the microphone ahead of time to make sure that everything is set.
  • Your introduction is one of the most important parts, so you need to have everything in order.
    1. – State that you are a team member, and introduce any guests that you may have with you.
      – Tell the story about your guests, and give any background information that is necessary.
      – Explain how both you and your guests got to the places that you are in now, and what you did along the way in order to be successful.
  • Give a testimonial about how the service worked so well for you, and give details about the product.
  • Have your guests do the same as well, and make sure that they talk about where they were before and after they started using your service.
  • When introducing any guest speakers that you have, make sure to talk about any achievements or awards that they have been honored with. Give a brief synopsis about their career and any other relevant information.
  • The next step is your sales presentation. Make sure to introduce yourself, and always act natural. Don’t change your personality for this, but instead show the real you. Try telling a funny story or anecdote in order to lighten up the mood.
  • Talk about your background. Explain where you grew up, where you went to school, what industries you have worked in, etc. This will automatically make a connection between you and your potential customers, which should be your main goal.
  • Next, talk about how you got to the place where you are now.
  • If you feel that you need to do so, establish credibility in order to further increase the connection between you and your audience.
  • Don’t try to avoid admitting that you are selling them something. Be upfront and honest, and they will appreciate that. Yes, you are there to make a sale, but it is still also much more than that.
  • Also make sure that there are as few distractions in the room as possible. Ask that people silence their cellphones and put them away. Additionally, close the doors if necessary.
  • Find something to talk about that will shock your audience. You want to keep them on their toes, and you want to make sure that they’re not expecting each of your next moves.
  • Once you have done this, it is time for you to discover the problems that people in the crowd are facing. Get under their skin a little, and delve down into the true issues.
  • After this, discover why the problems have not already been solved. What is preventing these solutions from working?
  • Why is your product or service so good at solving this problem? How is it different from ones that have failed in the past?
  • Then, showcase a few additional testimonials in order to further prove the points that you have now made about your company.
  • After this, state the original price of your service or product, and give the new price that you are going to offer these special guests. This will show them just how much money they will save with you and will convince them to become a customer.

Let's go to the last part of the Super Networker Money Expert training course and see how you can start to close people and deals with regularity and prosperity.

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