Module 3: Hone Your Strategy and the Mechanics Behind It

In the first 2 modules (1 and 2) we talked about selling and your belief about what you get involved with – now we are going to talk about executing your strategy and mastering the mechanics of your approach and marketing.

Remember, being a Super Networker as we like to say is all about ALWAYS listening, learning and leveraging. We have learned this from masters of their craft and trade who have made millions online using these mechanics of growing out your business ideas and concepts.

Develop Your Business Strategy

One of the most common questions that business owners are constantly trying to answer is how he or she can turn their start-up business into a lucrative money making machine.

  • The answer to this is unbelievably simple: you must sell either a product or service.
  • But, people always wonder how to go about doing this as well.
  • First, target your ideal audience. Then, present your product or service to them. Once you’ve done this, seal the deal.

When doing this, it is important to note that whatever strategy you are using is not necessarily responsible for creating these sales.

Instead, the principle behind what you are doing is responsible.

Picking The Right Business Strategy

  • An important thing to keep in mind is that you should never give away free products or tools to your team. If you do, you will wind up losing a lot of money in the long run. Your team should be able to buy their own tickets to events, their own tools, and their own product samples. This isn’t your job.
  • Don’t simply build your business around the skills that your team members have. In the beginning, your team won’t have many skills, so making decisions off of them would be silly. They will acquire the skills that they need along the way.
  • There are certain strategies, such as phone calling, that can be very successful when used wisely. However, they should by no means be used all the time.
  • Show people the value in your business, and they will suddenly become interested in what you have to offer them. This will eventually be your key to recruiting people.
  • The main key to recruiting is to form a connection between you and whom you are pitching your ideas to. Whether it is a customer or employee, you want them to feel your excitement and become excited as well.
  • Develop a presentation tool that is efficient, easy to set up, and effective. This will be a very powerful asset once you properly hone it.

Your Next Assignment:

  • 1. Again, target your audience. Determine who would be interested in your business, and come up with a list of these people. For now, stick to people that you know personally and whom you may even consider to be your friends.
  • 2. Make your own invitation that you can use to invite people to your presentation. You may have to call them in order to invite them.
  • 3. Contact them at least twice, and eventually get them to your end goal: a larger presentation.

All this being said – having the title of an entrepreneur is not the easiest position in the world. You have to be willing to educate and enlighten yourself on the proper mechanics as well as dynamics about the entire spectrum of making your business (and time and energy) work for you (this is the vital leveraging part).

Let's continue with the Super Networker Expert Money Ideas training course to see how you can build relationships with real rapport and connection.

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