10 Different Ways for you to Earn Money Online

How To Make Money From Home in 2014

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With the economy being in such a poor state, it is not surprising to find out that many individuals are concerned about the security of their jobs. The unemployment rate has been steadily increasing for quite some time, and citizens everywhere are scrambling to find work, simply so that they can take care of their families. Now having been established and recognized as a real make money online expert – we can eagerly express the fortunate and flexible characteristics of what it takes to make magic happen on the internet.

If you are in a similar position, you have most likely considered getting a second, or even a third job. This is definitely a strategic move, but not necessarily the easiest one in order to make ends meet. Fortunately, there are ways to earn extra cash that don't involve obtaining another traditional job.

Why Work Jobs From Home for a Living?

If you are forced to be at home for most of the day, finding another job can prove to be very difficult. Many individuals must stay at home in order to take care of their children, while others can't leave because they are disabled, or because they are taking care of a family member who is disabled. Despite whatever your personal reason is for staying in your house, there has most likely been a time where you have considered working from home.

Fortunately, this world is filled with a multitude of ways for you to earn impressive money without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. Many businesses have job openings that allow their employees to work from their venue of choice. Additionally, quite a few people also take matters into their own hands and choose to start their own companies. Whatever you choose to do, your home can serve as the perfect office space.

But, due to the fact that working from home has managed to become so popular over the last few years, many scams have begun to pop up. There are numerous legitimate at-home jobs for you choose from, but you must be careful when selecting the perfect one. There are people out there who are determined to take both your time and money, and we do not want you falling into one of these traps.

3 Tips To Finding Online Opportunities

As long as you always keep these following tips in mind, you will more than likely be safe.

Don't Let Yourself Fall Into These 3 Traps.

While there are some jobs where you must pay upfront fees in order to get started, many online jobs that broadcast this most likely are not legitimate. If it is a trustworthy company, they will pay for any expenses that are required of you, and they will not demand money from you in order to be hired.

You should never have to pay for items such as “training” books, CDs, or DVDs, and always avoid companies that require you to buy items in bulk and then sell them for a profit. The point of having a job is to make money, not to spend money.

Unless it is a very well known company that you have heard of from others, do not make the risk of having your money stolen from you. More often than not, it will wind up being a waste of your time and cash.


If a company tells you that you will become rich almost instantly when you start working for them, they're lying. Don't let these companies manipulate you and feed you false information.

Becoming rich is a task that is not only difficult, but also time consuming. No one becomes wealthy without a little bit of effort, and anyone who tells you otherwise most definitely does not have your best interest in mind.

Avoid these “easy money” sale pitches, and instead dedicate your time looking for jobs that may require a bit more effort. The best way to start making good money is to stick a job out and to prove your potential to your employer.


When we read things on the Internet that sound too good to be true, we tend to believe them out of wishful thinking. A company may have a job listing that sounds absolutely amazing, but that company may also not be real. If you read something that sounds unrealistic, be wary. There are hundreds of fake companies out there that have one goal, and one goal only: to take advantage of innocent people like you.

Although you may be thinking to yourself, “I would never be dumb enough to fall for these job listings”, the companies who partake in this type of scamming are very skilled and trained at manipulating people. No matter how intelligent an individual is, there is still the potential for him or her to be deceived.

If you ever come across an amazing job offer that you have never seen before, don't trust it unless you receive compelling proof that it is legitimate. Never trust a company without good reason, and always be on the lookout for suspicious offers.

10 Ways for you to Safely Make Money Without Leaving Your Home

With these tips in mind, you are now set to find the perfect at home job. Here are some ways for you to make the money that you need in order to support your family without ever having to leave your living room.


One of the main reasons that I decided to make this job number one on the list is because it is what I do for a living. I became a freelance content writer years ago, and I have been in love with it ever since.

The writing industry has changed substantially ever since I joined it, and this is definitely a positive thing. Because of the Internet, there are now more outlets than ever for individuals to sell their work, and it is also drastically easier to find employment.

Freelance writing opportunities are everywhere, and they are also fairly easy to apply for. If you are lucky and you do get hired, you may even be assigned a project the same day that you send your application in.

In order to be hired, it helps to have writing experience, and a degree in English will also give you the upper hand. The more experience that you have, the higher the rates that you can then charge. But, at the same token, there are still freelance writing jobs that you will be able to complete without having much professional writing experience.

Because the market for freelance writing has grown so much, there are many different options for you to choose from. You can write for websites, blogs, magazines, and newspapers. Companies are always looking for new web content for their sites, and publishers are also always looking for pieces to put in books and journals. You will never have to worry about there being a lack of jobs in this niche.

You will never have to worry about there being a lack of jobs in this niche.

If you do decide that you would like to become a freelance writer, it is important that you are properly prepared. Consider the following things before you do finally send in any applications:

• Writing Samples: Almost every freelance writing job that you will ever apply for will require that you send in samples of your writing. Before you create your samples, you must decide what you would like to focus on in regards to topics and writing outlets, and then you can begin.

Would you like to write for a magazine, or a blog? Would you like to focus on traveling topics, or business? Once you make these decisions, you can then create 3-4 writing samples that showcase your best work. If you do this for every niche that you would like to focus on, you will be set.

• Work Tools: Although there aren't many tools that you need to own in order to be an online freelance writer, there are still a few specific things that you should have on hand. Naturally, the main item that you should have in your possession is a desktop computer or a laptop.

Having fast Internet is also very helpful, and you will definitely need access to Wi-Fi. There is not a certain brand or type of computer that you should own, but it is very important that you have one that you are comfortable working with and that you can work quickly on. You will need to have a basic word processor, such as Microsoft Word, as well as possibly some other programs, such as Excel.

It is also recommended that you have a comfortable place to work, such as a large desk with proper lighting, and a nice computer chair. Having an area like this will make your entire work process much easier, and will also help enable you to stay on task.

Many companies and clients also will require you to have an easy way to contact them, like Skype, or a specific email or type of chat. A good bookkeeping system may also be necessary, and there may be some additional programs that each specific business requires.

• Job Listing Sites: When you are first looking for freelance writing work, one of the best ways to find a job is through the many different job-listing sites that exist. Some of the most popular options are Elance, Guru, and oDesk, and they all have very reliable reputations.

These sites are very easy to maneuver through, and they give companies the option of posting job listings. From a prospective writer's account, you can then sift through these job listings, and decide whether you would like to apply for one or not. Some of these sites will require you to take several exams in order to prove that you are adept at both English and grammar, and many of them also offer free trials at the beginning.

It may take a little bit of time in order to get used to using them, but you will quickly begin to get the hang of it.

• Determination: No matter what type of job you decide to pursue, you will need to be persistent and determined. Although there are many freelance writing jobs available, they can oftentimes be hard to obtain.

There are many skilled writers on the internet, and they are all competing for the same gigs. But, if you have a strong resume and impressive writing samples, you will be able to find work. It may take a bit of time and it may also prove to be occasionally frustrating, but you will eventually be employed.


Leadership Training

A second way that you can earn money from home is by creating classes in order to help teach others the things that you are most skilled at. For instance, if you are a skilled cook or baker, you can offer either private or group lessons in your own home.

There is a huge demand for private lessons in a variety of fields, included but not limited to music, exercise, drawing, and photography. If you have experience with one of these skills or something that is similar, there are many people out there who are willing to pay you good money in order to learn from you.

One of the best ways to get people to go to your classes is to make sure that your lessons are professional, interesting, and unique. If you can, try to make your classes as specialized as possible. Instead of just teaching generic drawing, teach a specialty class in how to draw portraits with charcoal.

The more specific that your topic is, the more money people will be willing to pay you for your lessons. If you make your classes fun and interesting, you will never run out of potential customers.

If you do decide to start teaching your own classes from home, it is important that you know that it is a very big undertaking that requires a lot of responsibility. Here are some of the things that you must prepare for and take into consideration:

• Your Game Plan– When you are offering classes to individuals, they are going to want to know exact details about what kinds of services that they will be receiving. You must create a specific sales pitch that highlights exactly what your plan entails, while simultaneously giving potential customers a look into what their classes will be like.

You cannot just say that you will be teaching people how to paint. You must give them an idea of what they will be painting, what techniques they will be using, and how you plan on teaching them. Your classes need to be professional and legitimate, and being as detailed as possible will enable you to achieve this.

• Your Class Schedule– Before you make your classes available to the public, you must make some major decisions, such as how often they will be held, at one time they will occur, and the location of where they will take place.

Your potential customers will want to see a fixed schedule, and it will help you to keep things organized. Classes for subjects such as foreign languages and music may need to meet more often than art classes, simply because they take so much time and practice, and it is important that you take things such as this into consideration.

It is important that you always pick a schedule that you are positive that you can keep. Teaching personalized classes is a huge time commitment, and these classes will last for weeks, if not months. No individual who is paying for specialized lessons will be okay with you canceling last minute because you didn't realize that your personal schedule interfered with your class schedule, and you do not want to have to deal with angry customers who are demanding refunds, or who are annoyed with rescheduling.

The best kinds of customers are those who are loyal and sign up again.

Additionally, when you are determining what the class schedule will be, it is important that you take your customers into consideration. You want to make sure that you plan your classes for times that are convenient for your students, and that are also convenient for you as well.

If you know that you will be teaching adults, for instance, do not schedule them until the evening or the weekends in order to prevent interference with their work schedules.

• How Much you Charge: Although deciding on a price may seem difficult at first, it really is fairly easy. The best place to start is by looking at the prices of your competition, and then comparing the quality of your classes to theirs in order to determine whether your prices should be higher or lower.

Because you are teaching your classes from home, the prices should always be slightly lower than those of professional companies.

• Potential Deal for New Customers: One of the easiest ways to get people to sign up for your classes is to offer package deals and discounts. An easy way to do this is to structure your classes individually, so you have the option of selling single lessons, and can then sell them in a group for a bulk price.

You also do have the option to offer free introductory classes in order to draw potential customers in. Additionally, if one person signs up for a class, it is always a good tactic to offer them a discount if they then have a friend sign up. There are many different ways to make individuals feel as if they are saving quite a bit of money, and if they do feel this way, they are much more likely to become repeat customers.

• Advertisement for Your Classes: The surest way to get enough customers in order to make a sizable profit is to properly advertise your classes. Although friends and family members can be incredibly valuable when it comes to spreading the word about your private lessons, they are oftentimes simply not enough.

Post fliers and business cards on bulletin boards within institutions that offer this, and also place posters on telephone poles and within places such as grocery stores. It is also important that you are up to date with all of the current social media sites, and that you post regularly on those accounts.

Naturally, having a clean and well made website is also incredibly vital, and that will be one of the easiest ways for potential clients to learn about you.


If you are one of those individuals who has more space in their home than they know what to do with, and you are not opposed to the idea of sharing this extra space with other individuals, converting your home into a small bed and breakfast may be the perfect at home job for you.

No matter what city, state, or country that you live in, I guarantee that there are travelers who will be interested in your services. Bed and breakfasts will always be in high demand simply because many people prefer them to regular hotels and inns.

Bed and breakfasts are known for being warm and friendly, and that is why so many people love staying in them. If you do have extra room in your home, there will be very few start up fees that you must pay, and it will be the epitome of convenient.

Additionally, there are quite a few people in this world who are willing to pay more for a bed and breakfast than they would for a normal, run of the muck hotel room. As you have most likely already realized, this is great news for you! But, at the same token, there is one down side to starting your own bed and breakfast: there can oftentimes be quite a bit of competition.

Thus, if you think that this is the perfect at home job for you, there are a few factors that you must take into consideration in order to help ensure your success:

• The Location of Your Home: When you take a look at the bed and breakfasts that turn out successfully, you will notice that they share a few common characteristics. Some of these characteristics include how close they are to airports and train stations, whether they are located in the center of town or not, and if they have a close proximity to tourist attractions.

Most individuals who wind up choosing to stay in bed and breakfasts are either 1) businessmen, or 2) tourists who are looking for a traveling experience that is new and exciting. Both of these types of people will want to be located near traveling hubs, as well as the center of the city that they are staying in.

• How Comfortable are your Amenities?: If you would like to have a constant flow of customers who wish to stay at your personal bed and breakfast, you must make sure that you are offering them a comfortable place to stay.

It is likely that these individuals are paying more to stay in your home than they would a normal hotel, and they will be expecting a certain quality of treatment because of this fact. A good way of determining whether your services are up to the standard that they should be or not is to pretend that you are a guest in your home for a night. Sleep in the room that your customers will be staying in, and ask yourself if you would be pleased with the situation if you did not live there. Is the bed comfortable?

Are both the room and bathroom completely clean? Are the rest of the individuals living in the house distracting, or do they add a homey touch? These are all things that you must decide before you finally make your bed and breakfast open to the public. If you take the comfort of your customers into consideration before they arrive, they will be very thankful for it throughout their stay.

• Meals: If you do convert your home into a bed and breakfast, you must take into consideration that you will have to provide your customers with meals. It is called a “bed and breakfast” for a reason, and you must not forget the second word of the title.

The most successful bed and breakfasts are those that provide their guests with full meals, but there are some that simply offer snacks and light foods, such as muffins and juice. But, if you do offer your customers a traditional breakfast, you are guaranteed to have repeat customers. Choosing to cook foods that are representative of the area that they are staying in is always a nice touch, as it makes the experience feel much more authentic.

• Service: When you are running a bed and breakfast, trying to be “out of sight, out of mind” is not always the best tactic. You want to be present enough in order to make sure that your customers are as comfortable as possible, but you also do not want to run the risk of being overbearing. Finding the balance between these two things is key.

Make sure to offer your clients any help that they might need in regards to tourist activities, directions, or planning their itineraries. If you do more than just provide them with a room to sleep in, and you make their experience memorable, they will be much more likely to recommend your institution to other potential customers.

• Make Sure to Properly Advertise Your New Business: The key to getting new customers is to make sure that you are advertising properly. Although telling your friends and acquaintances about your bed and breakfast will help and will most likely bring you clients, it is oftentimes not enough.

Posting on sites such as Craigslist and Airbnb can be incredibly helpful, and they will help you to quickly spread the word about your services.


There are multiple farmers' markets in the town that I live in, and I am always incredibly impressed with the variety of goods that all of the vendors sell. The fruits and vegetables are always fresher and healthier than those that are sold in grocery stores, and spending a little extra money on them is definitely worth it in my opinion.

Growing the fruits and vegetables that are sold at these markets requires skills that most average individuals do not have, and most people are willing to spend a fair amount of money on these goods because of this. If you happen to be especially skilled at gardening, I strongly recommend that you consider doing this. Your talent deserves to be cultivated, and it can prove to be the perfect side job for you.

Additionally, farmers' markets have quickly started to become more popular than ever over the last few years. Most of the products sold in them are usually natural and organic, and this is one of the main reasons that consumers prefer these markets to regular grocery stores.

Plus, if you find that you are not very skilled at growing fruits and vegetables, you can always choose to cook foods to sell at these markets instead. It is becoming increasingly popular for people to go to farmers' markets in order to have lunch, and you can always put together food items such as sandwiches in order to sell.

If you do decide to sell your goods at farmers' markets, your job will mainly take place at home, except for when you have to spend your weekends selling your items. If you find that you cannot leave your home on the weekends for some reason, you can always try to sell your goods to friends, family, and neighbors instead.

In order to ensure that you are as successful as possible with this endeavor, keep these following tips in mind:

• The Selection of Goods That You Sell: Farmers' markets very rarely have a lack of vendors, thus making it important that you carefully choose what to sell. You do not want to sell a product that is already supplied by many other people, and you also do not want to sell a product that isn't already being sold for a certain reason. It is in your best interest to sell fruits or vegetables that are unique but still useful, and that cannot be found in most other stores.

• Whether You Need a License or Not: Unless you are selling very specific items, you will most likely never be required to obtain a special license. But, at the same token, it is important to do your research and guarantee that you are in the clear. Most farmers' markets will require that you pay an entry fee before you set up your booth, and it is also important you look into this before you show up with your goods.

• Market Rules: Almost every single farmers' market that you ever sell your items at will have a specific set of rules that all vendors must follow. Make sure that you are aware of these rules before you do start selling your goods, and verify that none of them interfere with what you are planning on selling, or how you are planning on selling your items.

• How You Display Your Goods: When you are setting up your table or booth at the market, it is important that you display your goods in an appealing fashion. The surest way to get people to buy your items is to make sure that they are laid out in an orderly and tidy way.

Having an umbrella over your table will help as well, as no customer will want to look at goods when they are standing in the hot sun. Additionally, an umbrella will also ensure that your fruits and vegetables don't spoil, either.

• Required Tools: When you sell items at a farmers' market, there are several tools that you must make sure that you bring. For instance, never forget plastic bags, a table to put your goods on, or a scale in order to weigh your items. Additionally, if you are selling food items, make sure that you bring things such as napkins, cutlery, and condiments. Having a cash box and change is also always a good idea.



If you are especially skilled at crafting or other specific trades, you always have the option of selling your items from home. Homemade and vintage items have become especially popular over the last few years, and there are quite a few people who are willing to pay good money for them.

Additionally, the Internet is full of great resources that will enable you to successfully sell almost any type of good that you produce.

Most of you have probably heard of the website Etsy. If you are considering making your own goods or crafts, having a store on Etsy is probably the best way for you to be successful. Etsy has been growing for quite some time, and there is no reason for us to believe that this trend will slow down any time soon. There are numerous categories for you to advertise your goods in, and each listing only costs 20 cents.

But, because Etsy and other similar sites have started to become so popular, advertising on them can oftentimes be difficult. The best way to ensure your success, as an online vendor, is to make sure that you plan properly and devote enough time to your online store. With a little bit of time and persistence, you will be well on your way to successfully selling your items. Additionally, here are some tips and guidelines that will also help you to get started:

• Always do Your Research: When you first open up an online store that you are going to use to sell a specific item, it is important that you research other stores that are also selling that product. If you find that you have a lot of competition, it may be worth it for you to find another good to make instead.

Additionally, looking at other stores that are selling your same products will help you to decide what price that you would like to sell your items at. Plus, if you find other stores that have been successful, you can look at their sales pitches and products in order to discover what they did so well.

• Dedicate Enough Time: The people that wind up being successful on sites such as Etsy are successful because they spend so much time working on their products, keeping their store up to date, and advertising. If you truly do want to be successful with this endeavor, it is important that you understand how much time that it will involve, and that you plan accordingly.

Although you can make your Etsy store be a part time job, the individuals who wind up selling the most items are those that treat it as if it is their full time job.

• High Quality Photographs: Whenever you sell items online, you must always include photographs. Very few consumers will be willing to purchase things without being able to see a picture of them, and we're sure that you are the same way. Make sure that your photographs are clear, high quality, and that they accurately portray the item that you are selling.

Making them look as professional as possible will also give you credibility and will make your products seem more appealing.

• Have a Large Selection: The online stores that are always the most successful are those that have a large selection of products that they are selling. If you only have 10-20 products in your store, customers will not have very many things to choose from. But, if you increase the number of items that you are selling, and you have, say, 100 listings instead, you will wind up selling more items.

• Look to Others for Guidance: Trust me, you are not the first person to create an Etsy site for the specific item that you will be selling. There are many blogs and websites out there that have numerous tips and tricks that will help you to get the most out of your online store, and it is strongly recommended that you look to them for guidance.

Don't make the same mistakes that others have already previously made, especially when they are very avoidable.


Have people ever complimented you on your voice, or said that it is strong or unique? If so, working at a call center may just be the perfect at home job for you. In order to work for a call center, all you need is a quiet place to work from, as well as strong organizational skills that will enable you to stay on track.

Now, you may be wondering, what exactly is a call center? The answer to this question is simple. A call center is a company that caters to businesses who do not have employees working the phones 24 hours a day. When customers call during off hours, the calls are instead rerouted to individuals who work from their homes. These individuals have computers and phones, and are trained to be able to answer any questions.

Most individuals who work for call centers make approximately 9 dollars an hour, and some of them even receive other benefits, such as health or dental insurance. If you do think that you want to work for a call center, here are some characteristics and tools that you should make sure you have before you take the next step:

• Attentiveness: Unfortunately, the call center industry is full of companies who will try to scam you. No one wants to fall prey to this, and I am sure that you are no exception. Do some research about the company before you ever officially accept the position, and make sure that you contact the Better Business Bureau in order to ensure that no complaints have been made against it.

Additionally, spend a little time searching for information on the Internet, and see what past employees are saying.

• The Proper Supplies: Although working for a call center does not require that many different tools, it is important that you have a few things. Make sure that you have a computer, Internet/Wi-Fi, a landline, and headphones. You will most likely be required to purchase these items yourself, and very few companies will ever consider hiring you if you do not already own them.

It is also always a good idea to make sure that you are buying acceptable items before you make the purchases, and that they are up to the standards that these companies require.

• Poise: You will be answering a lot of phone calls and you will be dealing with a lot of people. It takes a certain kind of personality to successfully do this, and there are many people in this world who are not able to.

In order to work for a call center, you must be able to work well under pressure, and you should also be able to multi-task. You will be switching back and forth between many different things, and there will be very little idle time.

• Dedication: The best way to work up the ranks within a call center company is to be dedicated to your job, and to prove to your employers that you deserve a higher position. This will take a certain level of ambition, and it will also require that you stick with it for quite some time.

If you are consistently making an effort with your work, I guarantee that your superiors will wind up noticing.


Very few people in this world have the time or skills to alter their own clothes, thus creating a huge need for individuals who do actually know how to properly sew. If you do know how to sew, there are many different kinds of opportunities available to you. You can choose to either create clothes from scratch and then sell them, or you can decide to instead alter and hem clothes on demand for customers.

There are many different items that you choose to make, including wedding dresses, purses and tote bags, draperies and curtains, and other forms of upholstery and household items. People love to buy homemade items, and if you are skilled at making them, your products are guaranteed to sell.

But, despite how in demand your skills may currently be, it's important that you take a look at some of the potential problems that you may face. Knowing what obstacles may lay in your future is pivotal for eventually overcoming them.

• Equipment Requirements: Being a seamstress or tailor requires a substantial amount of sewing equipment. To begin with, you will need to have a very high quality sewing machine. These machines can cost upwards of 2,000 dollars, and it is impossible to succeed in this industry without one. Additionally, you will need to own other tools, such as sewing shears, thread, needles, fabric, and tables and cutting boards to work on. The start up fees for sewing can be expensive, but they are definitely worth it in the end.

• Extensive Skills: If you are going to sew for a living, you must be incredibly talented. You will need to have years of experience and practice in order to make items that are nice enough to sell on the market, and people will be expecting top notch work from you. It is important that you make sure that you are ready for this undertaking before you ever officially go through with it.

• Zoning Procedures: You will be having quite a few customers going to your home on multiple occasions in order to drop off and pick up their clothes, and there may be zoning regulations because of this. It is important that you check with the local authorities before you begin in order to make sure that that you are correctly following procedure.

• Effective Advertisement: As with all of the other at home companies that we have previously spoken of, you will need to make sure that you implement successful advertising tactics. The first step to spreading the word about your sewing business is to make high quality business cards.

You can leave these at other businesses and restaurants, and you can also ask your friends and family to hand them out as well. Putting up fliers around town and in stores is also always a great idea, and it can be very effective. Finally, you need to make sure that you have a nice website that will enable potential customers to get into contact with you if you they would like to hire you for your services.


Most individuals are aware of the fact that you can sell textbooks back to companies for reimbursement, but very few people realize that you can also sell your regular books for money as well. I only learned this several years ago when I was looking to get rid of all my old books before I moved across the country.

At first, I figured that I would donate them to the library or a used bookstore, but I soon found out from a friend that many sites such as Amazon, Ebay, and Abebooks are great ways to sell them for cash.

If you play your cards right, you can visit events such as swap meets, garage sales, and estate sales in order to find cheap books that are actually worth a lot more than they are selling for. Once you purchase them, you can then take the books and resell them online for a pretty penny.

There are people who do this as a full time career, and it has become quite popular over the last few years. Although this type of work may seem difficult to get the hang of at first, there are several tricks that will allow you to get the swing of things in no time.

• Finance and Math Skills: If you want to resell old books, you will have to make sure that you brush up on your finance and math skills. This type of job requires that you are able to do math quickly in your head, and that you are able to instantly decide right then and there whether you should buy a book or not.

If you sell your books through websites such as Amazon and Ebay, you have to be aware of the fact that they will take a commission off of the sale, and that you must decide whether it is worth it or not to go through with the transaction. Additionally, many of these sites also charge listing fees, and that should be factored into your decision as well.

• Storing Your Books: If your business really does start to grow, you will have to decide how you are going to store all of your books. Do you have enough room in your home to keep them? Will you have to get a small storage unit instead? The key to being successful with this business is keeping all of your books in one place, and keeping them organized.

Disorganization will severely limit the amount of money that you can make, and it will make it incredibly difficult for you to grow your small company as well.

• Shipping Your Orders: Once you do have incoming orders for your books, you will have to make a shipping schedule. Most customers expect their orders to be shipped within 3-4 days after they have paid, and some individuals might start to get angry and annoyed if it is any later.

Because you will have orders coming in on different days, you will have to decide how often you will go to the post office, and then make one large trip in order to mail multiple packages at one time. This is the most efficient way to do things, and it will make your entire experience much easier.

• Keep Ratings in Mind: Whenever a customer purchases a book from you, they will be able to rate your transaction. One rating can ruin your entire reputation on the Internet, and you do not want that to happen. Make sure that you put the same thought and effort into every single order, and that you do everything within your power to make sure that your customers are content with your service.

• Stay Up to Date: You want to make sure that you are selling books that are current and popular. If no one is interested in the books that you are selling, you will wind up making very little money, and there will be no point to your business.



Consultants are people who offer other individuals or businesses their guidance and expertise for a set price.

Many start up companies tend to hire consultants in order to help them get the ball rolling, and some non-profits also do the same.

New business owners may be very skilled at whatever their business entails, but then know nothing about the business aspect.

This is where consultants come into play.

Essentially, if you are very skilled in some specific area, you can market yourself as a professional and offer help and guidance to almost anyone.

Read on to learn how to break into this up and coming field.

• Acquire as Much Experience as Possible: People only want to hire individuals who truly are professionals. If there are any extra classes that you can take in order to help add to your credentials, I strongly recommend that you do so. The more experience that you have underneath your belt, the more likely people will be to trust you and your guidance. When it comes to being a consultant, you can never be over qualified.

• Pick a Proper Workspace: If you do become a consultant, you will be working from home. It is guaranteed that clients will be visiting you quite often, and you are going to require a professional workspace where they can meet with you. Try to pick a room that is secluded from the rest of the house as much as possible, and make sure that it is organized and neatly set up. You want to convey to your clients that you are professional and trustworthy.

• Effective Marketing: Becoming a consultant means that you will no longer be advertising a company, but you instead will be advertising yourself. You will have to create business cards, brochures, a portfolio, and most likely a website. Your main goal should be to make yourself seem as skilled and impressive as possible.

Make sure to talk to as many people as you can about your services, and try to have friends, family, and past customers spread the word. Additionally, look to see if there are any organizations or events that are located in your area and that pertain to your specialty. These are a great way to make connections and to get to know potential clients.


If you are savvy with a computer and are also very skilled at typing, working with medical transcription may be a great option for you. It is currently in high demand, and most people don't know that these jobs are even available.

When doctors make notes on patients by recording their voice, they need a worker to then listen to the audio recordings and transcribe their notes onto paper. It is a great opportunity for typists, and once you are hired, you can then complete all of your work from home.

It always helps to have some background knowledge on health related topics and the medical field, but this is by no means necessary.

Before you do accept a job in the medical transcription field, make sure to go through this checklist:

• Specialized Training: If you wish to become a medical transcriptionist, you must know that you will have to go through formal training. You will have to learn all of the medical terms that you will be dealing with, and this can sometimes require extra classes.

The entire training program lasts between 9 to 18 months, and it can cost upwards of 3,000 dollars. Although there are opportunities for financial aid and scholarships, it is a very big commitment, and you need to realize this before you decide to go through with it.

• Getting Started: Many individuals in this field have found that the hardest part is obtaining their first job. Once you complete your training, it can sometimes take awhile to get hired. If this happens to you, the best thing you can do is remain determined and not become deterred. You will find work eventually; it just may take some time.

• Required Equipment: Although this job does not require a ton of equipment, there still are some things that you should own. You must own a high quality computer, and you must also have fast Internet. Slow Internet will make your job almost impossible, and you do not want to have to deal with that.

• Networking: Because obtaining a job in this field can be so difficult, it is important that you socialize and make connections. Networking is key in any industry, and it may just be the determining factor in regards to whether you get hired or not.

The Truth To Working From Home

For some individuals, their dream job is to work in an office, or out in public. For others, this situation is just simply not feasible. If you do wish to work from home, there are numerous options for you to choose from, and the choices are truly endless.

The key to successfully working from home is self-discipline and scheduling. You must make sure that you stay on track, as there is no boss present to ensure that you are getting your work done. Additionally, always be on the lookout for scams, and never fully trust a job or company until you have good reason to do so. It is worth it to be wary if it means that you will not be taken advantage of.

These are just a few ideas for jobs that you can complete from home, but there are many others out there.


What other ideas have you heard of? Is working from home your main source of income? Leave your comments below and let us know what has worked for you or how you got started.


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