Top 1% Advisory Review – James Altucher’s 1000% Backdoor Investment Newsletter Report

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The Altucher Report – Top 1% Advisory Investing

The Altucher Report is a research report written by hedge fund manager, author, entrepreneur, and millionaire James Altucher.

The report is also called “The 1,000% Backdoor.”

The report is intended to be an explanation of how you can invest in startup companies that can create a massive return on investment. These are investment opportunities that aren’t available to the average citizen under normal circumstances, but can be found through “backdoor” methods.

Altucher says that in the report he will share his secrets for backdoor investing, which he says have allowed him to make millions of dollars and become a successful investor and so-called expert.

The Company

The Altucher Report isn’t a company; rather, it’s an entity being sold by Altucher himself. Altucher touts himself as having a rather amazing rags to riches story. He says that he doesn’t consider himself a businessman, but that he’s become a millionaire by investing in social media startup companies.

His story begins, according to him, in 2006 when he was struggling to pay his bills and save money just like any other person. He took $2,000 and invested in a small startup company that had no other source of revenue and no other employees. He states that nine months later he sold his shares in the company for $10 million. Altucher says he’s repeated the process of investing in a startup and receiving a massive return several times.

Prior to his foray into the investment world, Altucher graduated from Cornell wth a degree in computer science and later enrolled in a doctorate program in computer science at Carnegie Mellon University. He later worked for HBO in their IT department. After leaving HBO, he began writing about stocks and hedge funds, ultimately running several hedge funds and having a hand in several notable companies, helping to amass millions upon millions of dollars for himself.

In addition to becoming an investment expert, Altucher has also published more than a dozen books, including some that have received great praise from noteworthy publications and others that have reached the top of best-seller lists. He has also been a columnist for several high-profile financial publications, as well as a frequent guest on CNBC. Altucher has also been the founder and host of several podcasts in which has interviewed several notable figures and answered questions from people related to business and investing.

The 1000% Backdoor Investment Newsletter Product

On The Altucher Report website, Altucher begins his pitch for the report with a 10-minute video on the “Backdoor Approach.” He makes the speech on a stage in front of what appears to be a studio audience, as if he were filming a television show. Altucher begins the talk by saying that the backdoor approach is what changed his life and enabled to become a millionaire many times over. He tells his audience that he was once like them: a person in need of money who was looking for financial security but only had a couple thousands dollars to spare.

Altuchcer says that he wasn’t interested in investing in traditional stocks and bonds; instead, he was looking for something new and different. That something new and different turned out to be social media startups, as he gave examples of companies like Uber and Dropbox that seemingly sprung out of nowhere to become hugely successful and deliver a substantial return to those who invested in the company. Altucher goes on to explain that the reason for the success of startups and the advantage of investing in startups is a fundamental shift in the economy. He says that the “old-fashioned” economy of looking for a company that offers a great product or service no longer exists. Instead, we have seen a switch to what he calls the “idea economy,” in which there is money to be made by being able to identify and invest in the best ideas that will become the next Uber or Dropbox.

The next point Altucher makes in his speech that relates to his report on backdoor investing is to find a company that is focused solely on one breakthrough idea and invest in that company. It sites an example comparing Apple to a company that is solely focused on smartphones. He says that while Apple’s smartphone was a revolutionary idea, the company took the technology for the smartphone and spread it out over a multitude of products. Altucher then says that investing in a company that chooses to focus on smartphones and only smartphones could lead to a greater return on investment, even more so than investing in a company the caliber and profile of Apple.

Finally, Altucher gets to the crux of his speech, which is the problem of getting on the ground floor of startups. He notes that there are federal laws in place to prevent ordinary citizens from investing in startups, as only people who are worth more than $1 million or have made over $200,000 in consecutive years are eligible to invest in startup companies. However, he says that there are backdoor methods that can allow an ordinary person to invest in startups online. Altucher says this is how he first got involved in investing in the startup companies that ultimately helped him to make millions. However, he merely gives examples of occasions that he used backdoor investing to get on the ground floor of a company that eventually took off. He does not go into specifics about how one can actually access these “backdoors” on the Internet, forcing people to purchase his report to gain access to that information.

James Altucher's Investment Advisory Opportunity

Unfortunately, Altucher’s presentation does not conclude with the end of his 10 minute talk on backdoor investing, as there is no call to action for investors. Instead, the presentation continues in the form of a long-winded speech that is mostly just Altucher speaking accompanied by a closed captioning of his exact speech, interrupted every now and then by a graph. This becomes his primary pitch for you buying his report.

He starts out by assuring you that that his methods for investing and making large sums of money are completely legal despite the fact that he continues to use the phase “backdoor investing,” which doesn’t exactly sound like the most law-abiding maneuver in the world. Altucher also makes sure to mention all of his credentials, from the books he’s written to the jobs he’s been offered to the appearances he’s made on high-profile talk shows.

Once he establishes his credibility, Altucher goes on to talk about being able to spot the best ideas, and how he’s been able to do so over the years with great regularity, although he does admit that he’s made plenty of mistakes when it comes to his investments. He says on multiple occasions during the presentation that little is known about most ideas before you sign on with the company as an investor, although this goes without saying and should be obvious to anyone with even a small amount of experience investing in stocks, bonds, or startups.

Citing a myriad of examples, Altucher explains that much of his success has come from studying past startups that have gone on to be successful and looking for any commonalities that they share. Through that research, he has noticed a slew of investors whose names show up time and time again as having a role in successful companies, asserting that most investors are not “one-hit wonders” when it comes to picking companies that are going to survive and find long-term success. Thus, he simplifies the process of picking the right companies by basing it on who else has chosen to make an investment in the company rather than the idea of the company or the skills and credentials of its founders. This feels a bit contradictory to what he mentions earlier about picking the right idea, as this method seems to be more about the right people than the right idea.

From there, Altucher goes on to mention a personal project he undertook in which he made connections with some of the most prominent people and firms in venture capitalism. He mentions that he knows Mad Money host Jim Cramer, and then proceeds to name drop a slew of other well-known individuals in the venture capital industry. Through this, he simply reiterates that smart and successful people are attracted to the best ideas, and that the key to finding quality startups to invest in is to follow investors who have shown a knack for investing in successful companies. Of course, he does not mention the fact that most people don’t have the connections within the venture capital industry to know where to look. This is done by Altucher purposely as a means to create demand for the products he offers at the end of his presentation.

Finally, Altucher gets around to mentioning his report, “The 1,000% Backdoor.” He says with it you will be able to make five to 10 times your investment and learn important strategies used by hedge funds to find the best ideas. According to the presentation, the report usually sells for $2,500, even though Altucher asserts it’s worth 10 times that. By signing up soon, he teases, you can receive a $500 discount. This utilizes the classic sales technique of creating a sense of urgency for the consumer.

As a bonus for signing up right now, Altucher says he will give you one year of access to his “premium” research, in which he lets you know the top 1% of ideas that will make for the best investments. He warns that some of the ideas are over the top and not for people who are looking to play it safe. However, he asserts that he is an expert when it comes to “backdoors and big ideas” and for those those willing to take risks, the purchase will pay off in the long run.

The Verdict

It’s difficult to dispute any of Altucher’s credentials when it comes to investing or being a successful think outside the box entrepreneur. He clearly knows what he’s talking about and understands how to make smart investments that are time-sensitive and cutting-edge which should in theory put you far ahead and above the crowd. But that doesn’t mean you should be sold on his presentation or willing to take him up on his offer to purchase his report and research unless you are serious and committed to growing your financial future and portfolio through new, semi-risky investments.

For starters, his presentation is mostly a tease with little substance (that is why you want to purchase his $2,000 investment newsletter to actually get the meat and potatoes). At times he comes off as intelligent and an expert in his field, but he is also long winded and never arrives at his point to only keep you educated just enough and on the edge of your seat to see what golden nuggets he will give away for free. While this is incredibly frustrating for the (free) viewer, you will soon see why should you decide to buy James Altucher's Top 1% Advisory program which will not be available for long or to everyone (at its current price point).

Every time you feel as if he’s going to tell you something meaningful, he simply gives another example, which is nothing more than him bragging about his accomplishments and the money he’s made from his investments – which is exactly what should entertain you in purchasing and receiving James' Top 1 Advisory investment newsletter on a monthly basis. This is nothing more than a sales technique, and using phrases like “special offer” and “closing soon” late in the presentation when he finally mentions that his research is available for purchase only adds to that feeling.

To be fair, Altucher makes an effort at the beginning of his talk to align himself with the average person and make it seem as if he has had the same experiences as a majority of other people, but that is simply not true, and it hurts his credibility. Altucher has relationships with many notable figures in the venture capital industry, as well as a history working for hedge funds. In fact, at times his talk becomes an exercise in name dropping major players in the field of venture capitalism. This may impress the audience and add credibility, but at the same time Altucher loses any connection he made with people earlier in his presentation.

In the end, Altucher does offer and develop plenty enough trust during his presentation for people to buy into what he’s selling. While the teasing tidbits and examples used instead of open-aired information might frustrate you, that is why if you have even the smallest inkling this could be exactly what you need – it does come with a James Altucher-backed refund policy.

While the average person might not be convinced of James Altucher and his proven track record and overall successful career as a backdoor investor, you can bet your bottom dollar there will be more than a few who get in on the inside when it comes to learning and leaning on one of the most public financial investors we have saw online in the last decade – the question is, can you afford it and is it worth it – from someone who bought it personally – I can tell you it has been well worth the cause and money to invest into this Top 1% Advisory program James put together (and will continue to for the next year plus).

Let us know and future financially intrigued individuals know your comments, thoughts and feedback on the program. Our last thought would be, if you want to become a make money expert, you better learn to surround yourself with the right people and act on the right information – and that's why our expert team is giving James Altucher's Top 1% Backdoor Investment Advisory program a 2-thumbs up.

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