Simple Savvy Strategies For Website Monetization

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It is no secret by now that the World Wide Web is here to stay – the question now becomes how do you HTTP and how do you monetize your website traffic, visitors and spectators.

Making money with blogs and websites is one of our favorite strong-suits to discuss and go over because there is a few simple yet savvy discoveries that can have you blogging all the way to the bank.

website marketing monetizationTo say this is incredibly and inevitably easy is not what we want to depict – however there are seemingly endless amounts of ways you can make money online with a website but we wanted to list and include 11 savvy but simple strategies to go about generating website monetization:

1) SEO

This is our number one method, but we will not elaborate in-depth here as we have tons of unique and usable SEO content here.

2) PPC Advertising

Google Adsense is by far the most popular option in this category but there are several other alternatives. To make money with PPC advertising networks, you need to signup to the network and add snippets of code to your website. The network then serves ads relevant to your site and you will earn money for every click.

How much you earn will depend on your amount of traffic, your CTR, and the cost of clicks. Obviously a site geared towards the financial niche will earn more than say a site about history.

The source of traffic also will play an important role because search visitors tend to click on ads more since they were already searching for something. Social media traffic on the other hand often has incredibly low CTRs.

Alternatives to Adsense include:

• Chitika
• Clicksor
• BidVertiser

3) CPM Advertising

CPM advertising works similarly to PPC advertising but instead of getting paid for clicks you get paid for the number of impressions. CPM stands for cost per mille, and it means the cost per 1,000 impressions.

CPM rates vary on a network basis, the position of the ad, and the format. Your niche also matters as well because advertisers will pay more for a valuable niche.

4) Direct Banner Advertising

If you don’t want to work with a network, you can sell advertising directly to advertisers. If you have a popular website, advertisers will often come to you directly but there are websites that you can use to find advertisers if you need to fill in spots.

5) Affiliate ads

Affiliate marketing is a common type of marketing on the Internet. Under this system, you the webmaster will promote a product or service and the merchant will pay you on a CPA basis (cost per action).

The action could be filling in an email address, submitting a form, or even buying a product. There are several affiliate networks that host several hundred offers for you to search through to see if any affiliate offers fit your niche.

6) Sponsored Reviews

If you’re considered an authority figure in your niche, then you’ll often receive requests to do a sponsored review. Essentially, you’ll be paid to honestly review a product or service. There are requirements about what you must do but you can earn a fair amount of money per review depending on your niche and how much of an authority figure you are viewed as.

7) Private Forums

While most forums are free in nature, you can start a nice forum and make it private so members have to pay to view the forum.

This type of forum only really works in some niches like the financial niche or in the money making niche.

8) Forum Marketplaces

Creating a marketplace on your forum is a great way to make money from your forum as well. If you have a forum where people sell services to each other (think freelancing forum), then you can charge forum users to post. You can even charge a monthly fee or a recurring fee to keep a thread open to keep the money flowing in.

9) Flipping websites

Some guys like to build websites only to flip them later for a huge profit. This method is tough for most people to master but once you do, it can become an insanely profitable business method.

To flip your websites, you’ll need to build a real community that actively makes money. Once you can show your website has sustained growth and has earned a decent net profit, you can flip the website for a huge profit.

10) Selling a product or service

Obviously the easiest way to make money with a website is to sell a product or service. You’ll need a high quality landing page so you can maximize your conversions so you can sell more and make more money.

11) Build an email list

The ‘last but certainly not least' would apply directly to our 11th tip. Creating a squeeze page to collect emails is a great way to create a source of long-term income. To make money off of your email list, you’ll need to provide your subscribers with value before selling something. If your in the weight loss niche, offer some tips and secrets to losing weight faster before selling a weight loss supplement.

The more value you provide your subscribers, the more valuable your list will be.

There are several other bonus and equally epic ways to make money online, but these methods are by far the most popular methods. Other methods to make money with a website include:

• In-text advertising
• Audio/video ads
• Pop-ups or pop-unders
• Donations
• Paid surveys
• Sponsorships
• Premium Content

We just wanted to write up this simple website monetization as an appreciation to all of our loyal and growing base. Hopefully it will bring you up to speed and spark a few ideas that may help you get your business off the ground faster.

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