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As an natural SEO advocate and enthusiast, we are always coming across new products and reviews for SEO-related functionality and enhancements.

With so many countless (and valueless) search engine optimization products available, we want to pick out a handful of the products with legit merit and credit in terms of SEO tools that can actually assist you in boosting your rankings and results the right way (the experts way).

SEO IQ is a powerful data analysis plugin that allows you to instantly view the SEO data of your websites and blogs; and you can do the same thing to ANY website as long as you are using a Firefox or Chrome browser.

It basically gives you the chance to “spy” on your competitor's sites and you will know exactly what search engines (like Google and Yahoo!) like and dislike about their site's SEO structure.

The SEO IQ plugin has the ability to search for all the major criteria like backlinking structure and on-page SEO practices (header tags, titles, div tags, etc.).

These will be displayed right on the screen in just a few clicks. The real value of having all this information at hand is that you can use them to your advantage.

If your competitor's site is sowing success, then you are given the chance to peek and emulate what works for them. On the other side, if you have the capability to see what is NOT working for your competitor, then you can capitalize on it as well.

Coming up with your own SEO campaigns would no longer be as hard as it used to be.

The “spy” feature of the SEO IQ can help you come up with a successful SEO structure with a lot less effort. Using all these to your advantage, you can easily outrank competition.

In a nutshell, the following are the benefits that you can expect from the new SEO IQ plugin:

  • It is FREE to download the SEO IQ plugin
  • It provides instant Data Analysis through your On-Screen Window
  • Firefox and Chrome browsers compatible
  • SEO IQ Plugin is lightweight and loads data fast
  • It provides scores for each site (1 to 100; 100 being the highest/best score)
  • It is backed by two of the best in the in the industry – Brad and Matt Callen

Once you have downloaded the free version of SEO IQ from its official website, you can upgrade to the SEO IQ Elite version which opens more opportunities to get tons of analytics on the social media sites from basically any website that you want.

This feature allows you to receive information about the strength of the site's social following. You also become an automatic affiliate that can earn you 75% of the purchase price from every successful upgrade that's done using your Clickbank link.

And lastly, which is the best offer of all, Elite members become entitled to two top level affiliate links at the very top of page 1 on both Google and Bing where regular paid ads are usually seen, except that you will not be paying for them!

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  1. amine

    thanks fo sharing i want to know what this tool give me exactly if i can to get ranking higher on google i will prchase it are you trying it ??

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