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UPDATE DECEMBER 2014: Alex Becker Closed Down Source Phoenix SEO Training – Now Google Sniper 3.0 by George Brown is the next running gig.

As search engine optimization becomes a booming business now more than ever, SEO-focused products are emerging and running rampant like Source Phoenix – which is from one of the industry's biggest teachers and trainers, Source Wave's Alex Becker.

Being a SEO advocate and white-hat wearing gentlemen myself, I always find interest in expertly evaluating and reviewing ‘the best of the best' to see if their strips met their match or not – to see how solid it's flexibility is versus rigidity – basically boiling down to ‘is a good idea for you' or one you should side-step and catch the next SEO guru train… SEO heaven or hogwash my friends…

Before we get into the fruits and veggies, nuts and bolts of Source Phoenix SEO software suite and system – let's talk about the success of Alex Becker (yay).

For starters, from the top down, he has been in charge by pioneering one of the more-open level platforms for sharing and outting SEO-driven communication about “what's working in seo” more than anyone to date … if anyone is outdoing Source Wave, please notify us accordingly and will gladly take a look to compare.

source phoenixThe point is – as experts we know success leaves clues – and if Becker is doing $200,000+ a month (and his 2 other partners for SourcePhoenix are doing another combined $100k a month) – then we can only and hopefully imagine that he will be sharing his secrets and insight on how he is able to nitpick niches and cherry pick the riches just like we all should be able to do – especially if that is what his training and plugin and modules will be centered around.

But that's why we opened up our Source Phoenix review with Alex Becker – because of his honesty and transparency that he has so willingly and wittingly gave us over the years.

Love or hate – passive or aggressive – he is one of the biggest and now has one of the most active and engaged followings in the SEO community.

Which transitions us right into, “What the heck is Source Phoenix

What Is Source Phoenix?

Another bonus about Source Phoenix is due to Becker's proactive search in seo-development in regards to plugins, tools, and automated process that help govern and anchor all of his SEO activities.

With smash hits like seo omega and seo zen, his newest SEO Nova Plugin is a sure bet to be the best one yet.

Remember, other than outsourcing – automation and systems make up the perfect trifecta for making money and scaling it fast.

This is the circulation of optimization Source Phoenix focuses on.

Who Can Benefit From Source Phoenix

From beginners to expert veterans, it is our belief you can stand to gain and profit from the knowledge, strategies, and techniques put forth by this SEO software suite and system.

Whether you are ranking your own websites or attracting clients and local businesses for SEO improvements and enhancements, you will see how these 3 SEO'ers are combining for over $300,000 actively per month!

Anyone doing those kind of numbers better and will have proof – and that's exactly what is shown in the Source Phoenix curriculum.

Source Phoenix Overview

Let's give you an overview of the inner workings of Source Phoenix:

• Includes Complete 4 Step Module for Obtaining and Optimizing Rankings

• SEO Nova plugin and a brand new PR trading program called Source Catalyst

• 2 Months of Hands-on Group Coaching and Live Q/A SEO webinar

Source Phoenix Course Map

——– Core Training Module

  • What Is SEO
  • How SEO Works
  • How Money Is Made With SEO
  • Picking A Niche
  • Setting Up A Site
  • Creating An SEO Optimized Site
  • Linking To The Website

——– Affiliate SEO And Rankings

  • What Is Affiliate SEO
  • Choosing The Best Offers To Promote
  • Choosing The Best Keywords
  • Setting Up An Affiliate Site To Convert (2 Videos)
  • How To Build Web 2.0s To Rank With (Dan)
  • On-page Tactics
  • Outsourcing Affiliate SEO (how To Get An Employee And What To Have Them Do And What Not To Have Them Do)
  • Foreign SEO Niches
  • Handling The New Changes And Managing Link Fluctuations
  • Buying PBNs
  • Untrackable Setup With Stephen Floyd
  • Anchor Text And Safe Linking
  • Affiliate Rankings With Alex Miller

——– Client SEO

  • What Is Client SEO
  • The Keys To Ranking A Clients Site
  • Best Services To Sell Clients And How To Provide Them
  • Basic Ways To Get Clients
  • Advanced Ways To Get Clients 1
  • Advanced Ways To Get Clients 2
  • Using Facebook To Get Clients
  • he Unrefusable Other Method
  • Elance Method

——– Quick Cash Methods

  • What Are Quick Cash Methods
  • Pr Site Rental
  • High End Niche Method
  • PBN Builder
  • Launch Jacking/Webinar Jacking
  • SEO Services

Source Phoenix Modules

Let's breakdown each of the Modules for SP SEO:

Module 1 – Knowing The Ropes

Just like any boxer, defense and knowing your surroundings are vital to your success – in other words – good defense leads to great offense – to be on the attack in SEO means to be precise and persevering – patience yet proactive.

Once you start learning the ropes, which is what Alex Becker is notoriously known for expressing and expanding upon – you can start trimming the fat and focusing on what actually works to get incremental increases in your rankings, traffic, and results.

Module 2 – Advanced Affiliate SEO

Bringing in the specialities for this one, Dan Anderson, a $100k earner via SEO – is going to highlight the passive residual income streams he has created and made all from affiliate SEO avenues and methods. He promises this will give people the competitive advantage you've been missing to take your ranks and businesses to the next level. Also be on the look out for his ‘The Cutting Edge' follow up series that outlines powerful, proven strategies he has used first-hand for epic results.

Module 3 – Optimizing for Clients

Attracting SEO clients is easy … if you know what your doing and where to look – and Jake Tanner, a $50k a month earner, along with Becker, will show you exactly how they are getting massive, high paying SEO clients that make for a very lucrative and profitable ROI.

Providing these services to pre-existing businesses is one of the fastest ways to generate profit from your clients and for your clients.

Module 4 – Fast Cash SEO Services

At the end of the day, most people who are into the SEO business world have the end goal as being to make money. Becker and his team are going to reveal the best ways to flip revenue from your rankings using the Source Phoenix training and SEO nova plugin.

Becker will also cover how to rank first and sell second and how to effectively and efficiently go about doing this.

That wraps up the 4 modules (more details can be found by clicking the link below)

Final Thoughts

In closing, truthfully, we are excited to share and review Source Phoenix. Every once in a while, great products surface and we believe to be an expert and super networker you have to mimic and master what others who are wildly-successful are doing.

We know that Source Wave's Source Phoenix SEO software and training will be superb based on their reputation and track record.

Because we are actively saying as experts – try this product out – we are going to up the ante and give you a make money expert bonus for grabbing Source Phoenix.

That is a live coaching call with us that will act as a free business consultation for purchasing SP through us.

This will be 60 minute live phone call that goes directly over your current business and existing funnels to see how we can get you to earn and learn from this course's training material.

It is a win-win-win situation – your knowledge and awareness goes up, your business presence goes up, and our drive towards helping people continues to grow.

Thanks for stopping by – leave us some feedback below! You can check out more information on the Official Source Phoenix website.

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  1. Mick

    Did this course not long ago, highly recommend it, it’s still missing some information, but the info I learnt from it has been highly useful, even as someone who has been doing SEO for 5 years 🙂

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