We are a little late to the party – but waned to shed some valuable light on SEO Zen wordpress plugin by Source Wave's Alex Becker and Alexander Cass for one main reason; Source Phoenix.

A lot of people involved in SEO are getting the impression that, as a result of the constant algorithm changes in Google, it is now very difficult to get a good ranking in the SERPs.

However, if you will just study what Google is really looking for in these websites, then you can take your cue from there and discover that ranking in Google today is actually easier than ever.

There are SEO experts who take the time to study what is and isn't working for Google nowadays. They conduct extensive testing and have actually uncovered some very interesting things. For one, it was found out that Google highly favors sites with clean site structure particularly a silo structure.

These sites do get higher Google rankings. A Youtube video on your site is also enough to give it a bit of a boost. Utilizing unique “keyword” topic content is another secret SEO weapon.

Knowing all the things that Google wants, you are now in a better position to make better strategies for your site. This is where SEO Zen comes in. SEO Zen is a plugin so powerful that once you install it, your site can be built in silo structure style. It will also contain the right internal links, create unique content, and add relevant videos to guarantee that Google will love your website.

Further, once the site is up and running with relevant content, SEO Zen plugin does its work to search for high PR links that will be anchored back to your newly created content. Literally, in just a few seconds, your site is already on your way to ranking high in the SERPs with the help of SEO Zen.

In a highly competitive online field, getting the opportunity to be one step ahead of your competitor is always a good thing. In a nutshell, these are what SEO Zen can do for you:

  • Easily build a perfectly structured site that Google will love
  • Monetize your website in just a short span of time
  • Create quality and non-plagiarized content
  • Decrease bounce rates on your pages
  • Give you the top rankings that you are wishing for
  • Search for high PR links that will point back to your content

Again, we just wanted to share a little insight on what the proven track record and history of and their SEO success. SEO Zen was a huge product, and we expect SourcePhoenix and Source Catalyst to be even better and bigger as a product that many SEO'ers desperately and vitally need.

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