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Here's How Lead Gen Folks are Doing Local

Creating a website for your online business is a lot easier than it used to be, but lead generation is still as difficult as ever.  It's still all about SEO for the lead generation crowd, but times have changed and now there's a new kid on the block: “local SEO”.

Insiders call it just “local”.  It's very similar to trying to rank in the organic search engine results, with just a few tweaks.  The lead generation folks who are already using local are ahead of the curve, but it's not too late to learn about it yourself.

One thing we must mention before giving away free local lead generation tips is that you can always find a system that helps train you on strategies and techniques to do it right from the start. One of our favorite local leads-focused communities and programs is Job Killing. It comes highly recommend for those searching for ways to connect the dots from marketers to local business owners.

Local is hot.

In the SEO world, nothing is hotter right now than “local”, meaning competing for top spots in local searches is key.  Why is this happening?  Two main reasons…

  1. More mobile searchers are entering the scene.  They want search results which give location-specific answers for what they're doing and where they're going at the moment.
  2. Since 2012, local has grown and grown (Google's “Penguin” update swooped down that year, demolishing sites who had gained links by buying them or via link networks whose sole function was to manipulate the search engine results pages (SERPS).

Local's growth spurt isn't over yet, and search is still a primary method of gaining quality leads.  There is an entire mountain of opportunity for anyone with an online local-based business.  However, that mountain of opportunity translates into a mountain of work, which can be daunting.  Taking local nationwide is an even bigger task, but the effort will pay off for those ready to put in some long days and nights.

Lead gen folks are cutting-edge.

Want to know how the savviest marketers are making use of local search?  Look to an industry that's considered to be cutting edge: lead generation.  What these movers and shakers are doing to drive quality traffic via local search results is some of the most creative marketing happening right now.

Look what happens when the two get together.

As one of the most forward-thinking (and risk-taking!) crowd of marketers within an already progressive industry, lead generation folks are doing things right.  Here's what you can expect to see if you were to peer into the daily log books of top lead gen marketers utilizing local SEO strategies.

They're using local search on a national scale.

They're not only making full use of local SEO, they're also taking it nationwide.  That means optimizing a business for local results in multiple geo spots on the map (gourmet popcorn in Detroit, gourmet popcorn in Dallas, etc).  This drives an incredible amount of volume.

There are other sources of high-volume traffic out there, but local SEO produces something better: quality volume.

They're employing geo-specific strategies.

Mobile search drives lots of traffic that's also targeted (i.e. quality) traffic.  Marketers should learn to harness that so the quality remains and even improves.  They key is to pay attention to the way each locality might be unique, and incorporate that data into local strategies.

For example, keywords can change from region to region.  Demand is another factor that changes regionally.  Track your data, do your research, and plan your local SEO strategy accordingly.

They're targeting their messages based on location.

Finally, knowing the location of a visitor means you have a higher chance of turning him or her into a lead.  Location helps marketers target the message, the deals, and even the platform on which they are delivered.  That means what a 20-something female living in L.A. sees on a website might differ from what an elderly man from Ann Arbor would see.  They're different, and so should their browsing experience be different.

They're working hard.

Probably the biggest challenge to the lead gen crowd will be the time it takes to implement a full-fledged local SEO campaign.  It takes time and also commitment, but this crowd is no stranger to either.  After all, it's what separates the wheat from the chaff.  Some will see this momentous task as an opportunity while others will give up and fail.  It's exciting times to be in the lead gen business!

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