Learn How to Write the Ultimate Blog Post

How To Write A Blog

If you are like many new comers into the world of online blogging, or you are a veteran looking for more ways to create money online, then you may have questions on how to start writing your first blog post or setting up your blog posts to get readers to take action.

9 Steps To A Great Blog Post

Here are the general guidelines for creating a blog post and increasing clicks. Headline Main Goal: Grab Readers’ Attention Whenever an individual visits your website, the first thing that they will immediately notice is your site’s headline. Because of this fact, the main goal of your headline should always be to intrigue your reader, and to make them want to continue reading. Opening What You Should Focus On: If you manage to get your reader to read past the first 3-4 lines of your introduction, you’re set. Unfortunately, the difficult part is accomplishing this. Make sure that your opening is interesting, clear, and to the point. After reading it, an individual should be able to know exactly what the rest of your webpage will discuss. Half Width Image Things to Remember: Large chunks of text tend to make people less inclined to read an article, and this is where half width images come into play. Inserting images into your paragraphs is a great way to make your lines shorter, and to spice up your layout as well. Sub-Head Keep in Mind: A sub-head has one purpose and one purpose only: to convince readers to look at the first piece of content that you post on your webpage. The best way to do this is to make sure that there is enough information in your subhead to entice site visitors, while also leaving mystery and a reason for them to read on. After looking at your sub-head, readers should see a clear benefit for them to look at the rest of your content. Content Connect with Your Readers The main goal of your first piece of content should be to connect with your readers emotionally. When emotions are triggered within an individual, they will want to read more. Content that doesn’t cause people to feel anything when they are reading it will not bring visitors back to your site. Call To Action 1 Make Yourself an Authority Figure This is the prime spot for you to include an option for readers to tweet your quotations. The main reason that people quote articles is because they believe the authors to be authority figures in their fields, and they think that their knowledge is valuable enough to share with others. If you present your readers with an option to quote you, they will unconsciously begin to consider you as an authority figure in your niche. Additionally, tweeting is also an easy way for you to get more traffic to your site. Subhead Make a Big Promise to Your Visitors Your second sub-head should be to promise your readers what they will learn by reading your content. You have connected with them emotionally, and you have convinced them to stay on your site. Now it is time to explain to them the valuable information that they will receive in return. Content The “How To” In this piece of content, you should provide readers with a straightforward “how to” article. Your advice should be easy to understand, simple, and most importantly- useful. Practical content is the best type of content, and if your article is relevant, it is guaranteed to be shared. Call To Action 2 Time to Close Out Your Article Once you have concluded your article, it is time for you to present your reader with what I like to refer to as a “call to action”. I prefer to end my articles with the phrase “subscribe now”, but many other individuals also use “buy now”. This decision is up to your personal preference.

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