7 Steps To Making a Successful Blog in 7 Days

7 Steps To Creating A Popular Blog

The easiest and most dependable way to make money from blogging is to create a very specific niche blog that is constantly updated with new information about that niche.

Once you have appealed to your ideal audience and gained a solid following, you can then start promoting related products on your blog, and can earn commission from selling them. More people than ever are starting to make money from doing this, and it is much more simple to achieve than it sounds.

How To Create A Blog — The Right Way

Read on to learn about the seven steps to making a successful blog in just one week.

Day 1: Strategically Pick Your Niche
The best kinds of niches are those that are considered to be ‘desperate’. The reasoning behind this is because millions of dollars are spent in these niches every single year. People become desperate to fix their problems, and they throw money at them in order to accomplish this.

And, if they have been dealing with these problems for long enough, consumers will spend their money on almost anything. This is where you come to play. If you notice a niche that is desperate, this is the perfect place for you to market your products, earn money, and simultaneously help out your customers. You always want to pick a niche that you are sure has a demand for your products.

Day 2: Decide on and Purchase Your Domain and Hosting
Now that you have decided on the topic for your blog, you must come up with the perfect domain name for it. Choosing a domain name is one of the most important steps of creating a blog. It will help you to establish your blog’s brand, and it also has the potential to bring you a substantial amount of traffic. Once you have decided on your domain name, and you have ensured that it is for sale, register it through a company such as NameCheap or GoDaddy.

After this, you should also pick a reliable hosting company that will work with both your domain and blog files. Whatever hosting company you use should offer you unlimited web space, unlimited bandwidth, and 99% uptime. If you do not have any ideas for which hosting company you would like to use, I recommend that you try either BlueHost or HostGator.

Day 3: Write High Quality and Relevant Content for Your Site
Now that the basic infrastructure of your blog has been created, it is time for you to start posting articles on it. Your main goal for writing blog content should be to create evergreen content, rather than temporary content. Evergreen content is simply high quality, relevant content that will remain timeless.

It will retain its value for years, and you will not have to update it as often as you would temporary content. You should strive to fill your site with as much evergreen content as you possibly can during the first few months of its existence, as this will help to strengthen both your reputation and your rankings.


Day 4: Link Your Site to Social Media
In today’s society, social media is everywhere, and it will not be decreasing in importance anytime soon. When determining a site’s blog rank, search engines put a substantial amount of emphasis on social media popularity and connections.

Because of this, it is important that you start to establish these connections as early as possible. They will help you to rank higher in search engine results, and they will bring you more visitors in the long run.

Day 5: Make a Video Channel for Your Blog
Youtube channels are a great source of traffic, and having one is guaranteed to increase the amount of visitors to your blog. You should update your Youtube channel as often as you can, and you should ensure that your videos are relevant, professional, and related to your niche.

Increasing your number of subscribers should always be one of your main goals, as well as promoting your blog and increasing traffic.

Day 6: Write Guest Posts for Other Blogs
Establishing connections between your blog and other blogs that are similar is also a great way to increase traffic. Doing so will help make you a reputable source among people in your niche, and it will make readers view you as an authority figure in your field.

If you write guest posts regularly enough, you will give new audiences access to your site, and you will be consistently adding to your number of new followers. It is definitely worth the time and effort to create high quality and informative guest posts.

Day 7: Earn Yourself a Respectable Reputation on Forums
The last step to creating a successful niche blog is to establish your presence in online forums. A majority of the people consistently reading your blog most likely also frequent forums in order to discuss your niche. Because of this, forums are a great way to advertise your blog and to also make new connections.

Go out of your way to be nice to the individuals in these forums, and take the time to talk to them. If you prove that you are a reputable source and that they can trust you, not only will they frequent your blog, but they will also recommend it to others.

Time To Take Action — Create A Successful Blog

If you follow these seven steps, you will be able to create a successful niche blog in only a week. You can always choose to take longer than 7 days in order to complete these steps, and your timeframe should depend on what you would personally like to do.

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