Profit Accumulator Review

Profit Accumulator reviews the world of making money with Matched Betting by offering a membership to learn how to accumulate profits online. But is it right for you in 2015?

Profit Accumulator

Profit Accumulator

If you don't know what “Matched Betting” is, then you won't understand how to make money by joining Profit Accumulator. Therefore, I'm going to jump right into a brief description of this opportunity which promises to be a powerful money-making technique. Be warned: this is for people from the UK or Ireland only!

Matched Betting

The first thing to know about matched betting is that there are supposedly no risks. How can this be? The concept is quite simple: you bet on every possible outcome of a bet so no matter what happens, you win. Here are the types of bets:

  1. Back Bet. A standard bet placed to win. Placed with a bookmaker.
  2. Lay Bet. YOU are the bookmaker and you're betting against your own back bet.

The 2 bets cancel each other out. Where you make out is by placing your bets using a promotional code that gets you free bets. You register your back bets with William Hill, and your lay bets with Betfair.

Find opposite bets with very close odds using odds-matching software, which is where Profit Accumulator comes in. There's a tricky bet calculator and in the end you wind up making money. For more details it's best to watch the videos on the Profit Accumulator website. Somehow they're convinced it always works out in your favor. Huffington Post also has some good info on matched betting.

The Company

Based in the OK, Profit Accumulator is aimed at UK citizens (everything is in Pounds) and has a stated goal of showing people how to make money with matched betting.

They state very plainly that this is not gambling but rather a long-term solution for profits. Their motto is that they want you to make enough from matched betting so that

you'll never have to worry about money again”

The Founder

Goodness this guy is young. He's a 23-year old from Nottingham, England who I'm willing to bet is pretty smart. He insists this is for everyone, even “single mums” but what he means is “anyone from the UK.”

In other words, unless you're from the UK or Ireland, this won't really work for you since you won't be eligible for most of the bonuses offered, which is where the profits come from.

The “Product” or Program

What you're buying into is an easy to manage system that not only teaches you about matched betting but also helps you do it with special calculators in your admin area once you're logged in.

The idea works on the fact that bookmakers give away free bets and cash sums in order to attract new customers and to keep the existing ones betting. Profit Accumulator simply exploits these offers and teaches you how to profit from them.

The membership levels are as follows:

  1. Free Trial. You get 2 bookmaker bonuses. No card required. Earn up to £45
  2. Platinum Monthly. This is the monthly plan, and gets you:
    • 100+ bookmaker bonuses
    • new reload offers every day
    • up to £2000 monthly
    • cost: £17.99 per month
  3. Platinum Yearly. Same plan as Platinum monthly but cost is a one-time £115

There are no contracts and you may cancel at any time. There's also a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

The Compensation Plan

There is an affiliate program, where people who refer new people to the program earn money. It's very straightforward: you get 50% of any purchases they make. Just subtract VAT.

When you join the affiliate program, you get your own unique URL for signups under your name. You get notifications in your dashboard of any pending commissions. Payments are made once a month.

The Verdict

This is definitely one of a kind situation- a matched betting affiliate program run by a 23-year old. We also know of Oddsmonkey but their commission is only 25% and there's very little info on their website anyways. The good thing is, you can start small and see how it works out for you before you get in too deep.

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