Grandbux is a fairly new online marketing platform that joins advertisers with targeted ad viewers who sing up to make money by watching ads.

Who is Grandbux?

They're little over a year old, having registered under the name of GrandTeam, LLC in January of 2014. They're based out of Santa Monica, CA. According to their website stats, they've already paid out over $300,000 and have 111,790 members in their advertising network.

That's quite a bang-up start for just one year! Is it actually true?

What About the Product?

For advertisers who pay Grandbux to advertise on the Grandbux platform, they're getting:

  • Geo-targeted placement of ads to viewers who really matter
  • A wider market than they can reach with just their Facebook friends
  • 1000 hits can be as low as $2.50…so it's also cheaper than Facebook at this point
  • Assurance of 100% unique visitors
  • Anti-cheat protection so ad-watching members can't cheat the system

For the members, they get a chance to earn money simply by watching ads presented to them when they log into their Grandbux account.

There are several different ways for advertisers to get their product in front of members' eyes. They are:

  • Paid to Click Ads. These start at $2.50 for 1000 credits. Get a hundred thousand credits for $245.
  • Micro Jobs. 10 credits will cost you $2.
  • Banner Ads. 100,000 impressions for $2.
  • Fixed Paid to Click Ads. 15 seconds for $15.
  • Special Packages. combos starting at $.35.

Micro jobs might be something like signing up for something, completing 100 clicks, complete a profile page, getting a bonus for completing 500 clicks, etc. You might also be directed to visit a website and click on a few ads.

There are also rental referrals, which means you can pay other members to be in your downlines so you can earn money off their clicks. There seems to be a problem with rented referrals clicking only the Fixed ads, which pay less. Hopefully Grandbux will prove themselves to be proactive and look into why this happens.

It may be because rented members are often the non-upgraded members, who don't even get to see the higher-paying jobs usually.

What About the Opportunity?

There are two ways to earn money. One is to view advertisements. You have to watch a heck of a lot of ads to get any real cash, though. I'll give you an idea: watch 10 fixed advertisements and earn one penny! Your account is tallied by monitoring your clicks.

The other way to earn is to bring more members to the Grandbux family.

You also get referral clicks. These are clicks made by people you referred to the program. In general, these are worth half as much as your own clicks.

Members may upgrade to Silver level for $29 annually or Gold for $49, which dramatically increases the amount they get per ad clicked or watched. Another advantage of upgrading is that it's not always guaranteed that you'll have any ads to watch when you log into your account, if you're not an upgraded member.

The Verdict

Any online business opp that returns so little information about their program when you search on it is not going to be recommended by yours truly. Really, they must be on the outs because the website is pretty much empty, and there's a scary notion about their payment system: they suddenly require members to show all sorts of proof of identity when it comes time to get their money.

Of course that's after they've finally earned enough to make withdrawal worth it (remember: 10 clicks = $.01!). Is this normal? You must send a photo ID to get paid…is that even a secure thing to do?

In the information age, one should not be spending 10 minutes simply trying to find any shred of information about an online company. And details on the compensation plan? Forget it! They're virtually non-existent. Where are those supposed 100,000+ members now? Surely they're not online.

Alexa doesn't know about Grandbux either, reporting that there's simply no data on their website traffic to speak of.

That's all I need to know- no thank you, Grandbux!

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