Module 6: Making Business Deals on the Phone

While I know many of you are sad to see our first Expert Money training course and series come to an end, we hope that you have learned through a savvy sequence of perfected methods and ways to really start making money online.

As most of you know, here at Make Money Expert we believe a light touch can have a lasting effect – and our effort and intention here is to shed attention on the ability to close people using your mobile phone and devices.

Whether it is picking up the phone to connect or getting on your favorite social media messenger or instant message chat application – there is definitely a solid and fluid way to start closing interested prospects and spectators with ease.

Making Business Deals on the Phone

What many individuals tend to not realize is that their competition is one of the main reasons why it is so easy for them to receive new customers and clients.

Your competition does not have an upper hand on you simply because they are only focused on the sale; they are not focused on their potential customers’ problems.

Building Connections With Your Clients

If you want to make strong connections with your clients that will last for quite some time, you need to know what problems they are having and be able to provide solutions for those problems.

  • When you give an individual a solution to his or her problem, they will respond 100 percent of the time, no matter what. The best way to find out what a person’s problems are in the first place is to listen closely and ask many questions.
  • Take the time to discover what people are here for, and work off of that. This may seem tedious at first, but trust me: it will be worth it in the end. They will stick around for longer, work harder with your company, and be a loyal client that helps to make you lots of money.
  • The only way that people will truly respond to your sales pitches is if you show them the value in what you are saying. If you do successfully accomplish this, they will realize the worth of what you are saying and will see that it can solve their problems.
  • If someone has an objection, this is by no means a speed bump in the road. To put it simply: objections are not real. They can be easily overcome, and you just need to continue providing them with solutions. If you make it past a person’s objections, they will be even more drawn in than before.
  • Keep in mind that they are joining your vision and belief, and that you need to make sure that if they do join you, they should always get everything that you said they would.

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