Tech Coin ICO – USI Tech Cryptocurrency Initial Coin Offering?

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Has USI Tech Jumped On The Cryptocurrency Bandwagon?

Now that USI Tech has announced that they have launched their TECH Coin initial coin offering, it sure seems that they have in fact jumped on the cryptocoin bandwagon. They have kicked off this promotion at their most recent conference, which was live in London on October 28th. Along with the launch of their initial coin offering, they are also unveiling a whole slew of upgrades and updates that have come from their owners and cooperate team.

These updates include a new website update that includes the tagline “The Future of Cryptocurrency”, on November 1st they will have a new backoffice live, and a compensation plan that may include reward bonuses for those who refer Tech Coin. They have also made a 10 million dollar a month commitment for new upgrades and mining equipment and a 70 million dollar GPU mining server contracts for Ethereum and other similar digital coins. They have also started a world-wide Bitcoin ATM project which will be covered later. Along with that, they will no longer be selling Forex trading software to members and there will be a new customer support team with more responsive and helpful service.

For those who are affiliated with USI Tech, this was definitely what they were hoping to hear. That being said, the announcement of the Tech Coins appears to be what most people are focusing on, finding it to be the greatest risk as much as it is the greatest ROI.

Tech Coin Initial Coin Offering Packages

In order to bring in some more funds, USI Tech is offering five packages with the launch of their initial coin offering. These packages include silver, gold, ruby, emerald and diamond. In simple terms, the more you spend, the more tokens you can get for a lower price tag.

Keep in mind that this initial coin offering is extremely new, therefore there are not many details out there as to the possibilities of how well these coins will perform down the road, but if USI keeps going forward with it, there is plenty of room for money to be made.

Within the first two days, the total supply of TECH was 500,000,000 tokens. They had around 3,700 people purchase coins in that time, leading to nearly 16,325,000 coins sold. This means that within two days, they have already generated around 1,600 bitcoins (BTC) which is just under 10 million dollars raised, when you consider that the current bitcoin price is 6,100 USD.

While the following prices are not one hundred percent accurate, these are the current projections once TECH Coin lands in the exchanges.


With a cost of 58 USD or 0.009433 Bitcoins, the silver packages includes 100 Tech Coin tokens, which are valued at about .58 USD each. The projected income when it goes to the market would be 1 USD equaling 100 USD, 10 USD equaling 1,000 USD and 100 USD equaling 10,000 USD.


With a cost of 2,900 USD or 0.47165 Bitcoins, the gold package includes 5,000 tokens plus one bonus. This bonus is 10,000 tokens. The 10,000 tokens are valued at about .29 USD each. The projected income when it goes to market would be 1 USD equaling 10,000 USD, 10 USD equaling 100,000 USD and 100 USD equaling 1 million USD.


With a cost of 11,600 USD or 1.8866 Bitcoins, the ruby package includes 20,000 tokens and two bonuses. The first bonus is 40,000 tokens. The second is 80,000 tokens, which are valued at about .14 USD each. The projected income when it goes to market would be 1 USD equaling 80,000 USD, 10 USD equaling 800,000 USD and 100 USD equaling 8 million USD.


With a cost of 29,000 USD or 4.7165 Bitcoins, the emerald package includes 400,000 tokens, which are priced at about .07 USD each. The projected income when it goes to market would be 1 USD equaling 400,000 USD, 10 USD equaling 4 million USD and 100 USD equaling 40 million USD.


With a cost of 58,000 USD or 9.433 Bitcoins, the diamond package includes 100,000 tokens and four bonuses. The first bonus is 200,000 tokens. The second bonus is 400,000 tokens. The third bonus is 800,000 tokens. The fourth bonus is 1,600,000 tokens, which are priced at .03 USD each. The projected income when it goes to market would be 1 USD equaling 1.6 million USD, 10 USD equaling 16 million USD and 100 USD equaling 160 million USD.

Keep in mind that the comp plan equals the same as the Bitcoin Package Uni-level which is 10 percent front line. Also note that when you have a bonus, no matter which package you end up purchasing, you earn 20 percent front line on the people who have purchased that package or the packages lower 10 percent on any package you did not purchase.

In order to purchase any of these packages however, you need to have a Bitcoin wallet. USI Tech only accepts Bitcoins as a form of payment and they only pay commissions via Bitcoin.

Here is a little crash course so you understand what is being talked about. If you purchased the Ruby package for 11,600 USD or 1.8866 Bitcoins, which includes 80,000 tokens, when each coin increases by 1 USD, your investment will got from 11,600 USD to 80,000 USD. When the coins increase to 10 USD, then your investment jumps from 11,600 USD to 800,000 USD. When the coin value increases to 100 USD each, then you will see a jump from 11,600 USD to 8 million USD.

Now, if you are affiliated with USI-Tech, this is an awesome investment. If the tokens gain value as they are projecting to, then this is an amazing way to earn huge amounts of money relatively easily. However, that is permitted that they are able to keep growing and advancing over time.

However, much like the stock market, there is no guarantee that will happen. While USI-Tech has a lot of internal big rig organizations that will purchase tokens during the initial coin offering, which will definitely increase the price of Tech Coin, if they purchase the emerald and diamond packages and sell them off immediately, then that could definitely have a damper on the economy. It is definitely all a matter of time as to whether Tech Coin will succeed or not.

Is USI Tech And Their Tech Coin Worth The Risk?

USI Tech is well known for keeping their promises and they are a very popular investment for those who are looking to become affiliated with a bitcoin multiplier. They are legitimate and honest about what their plans are. Considering the profits that investors have generated, it is definitely looking good for Tech Coin sales. If people continue to invest in Tech Coin, the value is definitely going to go up in the weeks to come.

Bear in mind, however, that much like when you put money on the stock market, you should only invest an amount that you are comfortable with losing if things do not go the way you hope. This will give yourself a chance to see if it is something you would like to continue investing in as the prices begin to change and true statistics are formed.

It is said that USI Tech has both welcomed new technology and has access to technology that will allow better cryptocurrency mining, which in turn, will generate excess heat which can be recycled into electricity that will lead to better efficiency and margins as time passes. As time goes on, you will be able to find more and more information on this by doing a bit of research.

Ready To Take The Plunge?

By following the below listed steps, you will be able to purchase your own Tech Coin tokens!

First, you need to log into your account and choose which token package you would like to purchase. Then, you will purchase the token package of your choosing and copy the wallet code that is generated to complete the transaction by using your Bitcoin wallet.

Things To Consider Regarding USI Tech’s Initial Coin Offering

There are a couple things you must keep in mind while taking advantage of USI Tech’s initial coin offering.

  • If you close your browser before you send payment, your wallet ID addresses will still be linked to your account. They are believed to be linked to your account indefinitely.
  • If you send payment after the ten minute pop up invoice has expired, your order will be marked and unpaid and your bitcoin will be returned to your wallet within 24 hours.
  • If you close your browser before the blockchain transaction is confirmed, your packages will still be marked as paid, no worries there!
  • If you are looking for the official whitepaper for the USI Tech Coin initial coin offering, you will have to wait just a little longer. The whitepaper is not being released until the first 500,000,000 coins are all accounted for. That is when they will be able to give you information on unique coin features and cases. That is when they are planning to release another 500 million coins for the public to buy and sell as well.

So, What Comes Next?

USI Tech’s founders are going to be hosting another event on November 11th in Dallas to go over the details that were explained at the London conference. What more people are excited for it to see what comes in the next few months as to whether or not USI Tech has made the right move or if they have set themselves up to fail.

All In All

Now that you know what USI Tech has to offer in regards to not only their new updates and features, but with their TECH Coin initial coin offering, it is up to you, are you going to take the risk and purchase one of the five token packages available? Remember, as with any cryptocurrency, you are always risking everything you invest when you make a purchase. While some cryptocurrencies have had success in recent years, many haven not. The choice is ultimately yours, however, the best thing to remember is that you should never invest more than you are willing to lose.

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