Smart Money Secret Review – Scott Hilton’s 11 Word Credit Repair Program?

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Smart Money Secret is a new online training program and physical book that promises to give you the knowledge you need to raise your credit score by 165 points in just 30 days using 11 secret words. Here’s our Smart Money Secret review.

What is Smart Money Secret?

Smart Money Secret introduces itself online in the form of a 30 minute video. If you would rather see the text you can also read the transcript by prompting the pop-up to come by trying to leave the page.

In any case, Smart Money Secret goes on a lengthy explanation about how bankers and credit card companies are ruining the world – leaving average consumers like you in a “personal financial hell”. No matter how hard you try, you can’t escape the prison they’ve made for you – until, of course, you understand what exactly the Smart Money Secret is all about.

Smart Money Secret consists of a printed physical book along with a subscription to something called the Smart Money Club. When you buy the Smart Money Secret book, you also get 30 days of free access to the Smart Money Club (to try before you buy and see how you like it which we’ll explain below).

In any case, Smart Money Secret claims to teach you the fastest, easiest, and 100% legal way to fix your credit.

So what’s the big “secret” behind Smart Money Secret? Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

What’s the Story Behind Smart Money Secret?

Before we explain how Smart Money Secret works, it’s helpful to know the story behind the program.

Smart Money Secret is introduced by a guy named Jay Hannon. He claims that he spent 5 awful years “deep inside the bottom-feeding, shark-infested waters of the credit industry”, sitting at a cubicle for 8 hours a day.

He revealed he watched as his employees threatened people for not paying their credit card bills. He claims his coworkers were ex-convicts who would happily destroy someone’s private property for not paying their credit card bills. Yes, his coworkers were that passionate about their jobs.

In any case, Jay claims while he was inside the industry he learned the secret to turning the entire $95 billion credit industry upside down – although he’s afraid to tell you because he “couldn’t help but think about mine and my family’s safety.”

He learned the secret from Scott and Alison Hilton, who are authors of the book.

And according to the video which you should watch in its entirety, Jay is telling you this secret today. He shows the credit repair secret that is a safe and legal way to boost your credit rating by up to 165 points. So instead of being victim to high interest rates and other “scams” in the credit industry, you can fight back against these “banksters”, as Jay calls them.

Okay, you get it. So what’s this big secret?

How Does Smart Money Secret Work?

Smart Money Secret was built to show and teach you a safe, 100% legal way to clean up “every single negative mark on your credit report” and raise your credit score by 165 points in under 30 days.

You can do this without filing for bankruptcy or impacting your future credit score. You also don’t need to hire a pricey lawyer or work with a scammy credit repair/consolidation agency. Best of all, you don’t even have to call your creditors or collectors on the phone or have any previous knowledge of credit laws.

Does all of this sound too good to be true? Like most of us, we realize how wild and chaotic the financial credit industry can be but this is the core of the Smart Money Secret and what it has to offer.

Jay calls it “a loophole that can’t EVER be closed.” It relies on two important federal regulations, including:

  • The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)
  • The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

Jay claims that hidden within these regulations is a powerful 11 word phrase that – when used in exactly the right away – activates a “powerful credit protection mechanism” that instantly prevents creditors from harassing you.

In any case, Smart Money Secret gives you a specific set of instructions that helps set you up to speak the 11 word phrase.

You also get letters you can send to your creditors to prevent them from harassing you which is a pretty big deal in itself given how harsh and tedious these agencies and collection services can be.

What’s Included with Smart Money Secret?

Smart Money Secret includes the Smart Money Secret text (printed and delivered to your house) along with a series of bonuses. Here’s everything that’s included with the program:

  • Smart Money Secret Book
  • Scott & Alison’s Credit Secret (60 minute online video that explains how Scott and Alison Hilton used the lessons above to finance a Maserati at a lower rate)
  • The Exact 3 Step Letter Sequence That Can Raise Your Credit Score Up to 165 Points in Less than 30 Days
  • 30 days free access to the “Smart Money Club” (you’re automatically charged a monthly fee once these 30 days are over)

What is the Smart Money Credit Repair Club?

The Smart Money Secret is described as an exclusive “world renowned” club filled with other Smart Money Secret members, many of whom have already raised their credit scores by 165 points in 30 days. You get access to a forum where you can read their stories or talk to these people.

Smart Money Club also sends you weekly emails explaining “money and credit hacks available anywhere”. Some of the latest “hacks” have included:

  • How to increase your purchasing power by 2100%
  • How to get rid of a tax lien, repossession, or a past bankruptcy on your credit rating
  • How to finance two of your dream cars at the same time
  • How to get negative credit marks removed from your credit history
  • How to get free shipping from your favorite stores

Smart Money Club is advertised as a 30 day free trial. Most people may not agree with the free trial, but it is an excellent way to try before you buy and should not be considered a scam as they allow you complete access to see if it is right for you. Yes, your credit card will be automatically charged after the 30 day grace period and you will also be getting notifications via SMS text messages on your phone to remind you.

Any wise and educated consumer will understand this and should this be something of interest to you, it offers a great deal to see the inside of the secret credit repair program before you join as a full member and pay the recurring fee after 30 days.

Smart Money Secret Pricing

Smart Money Secret is priced at $49. You can only buy it through the official website.

Note: The official website for Smart Money Secret claims that they have a ‘limited supply’ of books and products in stock. This was done for a reason and should not be considered a trick or gimmick. While the one is a PDF file, you also receive a physical book in the mail that goes in-depth and elaborates on the entire program and method to boost your credit scores higher.

When deciding your financial future, your credit score can mean a lot and they do not know how long this exact offer will be publically available. While they do their best to not make you make a rushed decision and have a countdown timer on the website, we all know that doing nothing in this case will never help and being proactive can only help.

In order to receive the book and try out the Smart Money Secret credit repair trial program and receive the 11 words, you will have to pay an additional $1.99 fee (which is billed in a separate transaction) for shipping insurance and is something you can not decline. Do not look at these as mysterious charges or hidden fees, as they are doing this to protect themselves and have it labeled right there on the site when making a decision to join and receive the Smart Money Secret system.

All purchases come with a 30 day money back guarantee and they honor that with a no questions asked policy. You can request a refund anytime within 30 days of making your purchase. However, you’ll need to pay to ship the book back yourself which is common in today’s online free trial buying process.

Who Made Smart Money Secret?

Smart Money Secret was purportedly written by Scott and Alison Hilton with some participation by Jay Hannon. However, the book was actually published online by a company named Info Up, LLC. It’s unclear how these three are connected to Info Up.

Info Up, LLC claims that its products and services have been proven “for over 15 years” to provide consumers with the solutions they need to fix their credit. They list their address as:

10531 4S Commons Dr Suite 586
San Diego, CA 92127

If you actually Google that address, you’ll find a UPS Store. Info Up, LLC doesn’t give us its real address (if it has one). It just uses a mailbox at a UPS Store.

In any case, you can contact the company by email at or by phone at (877) 215-6015.

Should You Sign Up for Smart Money Secret to Fix your Credit Rating?

Smart Money Secret makes legitimate promises about its ability to fix your credit history. It references loopholes in two tax laws and then gives you a step-by-step guide to how to leverage these laws to fix your own credit history.

We have read other reviews about the marketing practices that the Smart Money Secret company abides by, but most of them were positive in the information and guidance being shared. Just goes to show you doing extra research and due diligence can go along way so you are aware of what you are getting involved with before you sign up and try it out.

The 30 Day free trial is actually a great advantage for those who are looking to repair their credit scores in a practical, government-aided way should you know where to look and who to follow for advice. Should you keep your subscription active with the Smart Money Secret program, you will receive new updates and newsletters every month that talks a lot about how to save money and improve your vital credit rating.

From what we have found currently online, there are great take-home lessons inside the Smart Money Secret. As money experts, we recommend you give this product a shot so long as you understand you are getting into a try before you buy outright and give us feedback on how it helped (or hurt) your credit history.

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