When To Quit An Online Business

When to Quit and When to Accept Failure :

I strongly dislike when someone tells me “I quit”, even though I know sometimes they didn’t have a choice. In reality, some people who are just not cut out for this business. However, I don’t consider this failure. When you fail, I believe you actually are closer to success.

There is one main difference between failure and quitting. When you quit, your dream dies with you. Failure makes you stronger in most cases although you can’t fail too many times.

I knew I could never quit because I had a dream and I knew I couldn’t work for somebody else. My dreams kept me motivated even after failing for the fifth time.

If you haven’t failed then you probably are not prepared to handle the unknowns of owning an online business. Without knowing how to deal with adversity, your business is much more likely to crumble and fail the first time something bad happens.

Don’t believe me? Have you ever wondered why some of the richest people in the world went bankrupt once or sometimes even more times? It’s because they learned how to deal with adversity and learned from their mistakes. They planned for the worst and because of that they were able to succeed later in life.

When I started working online, I failed so many times I can’t even count. It felt like there was just something invisible that just would not let me succeed. However, unlike a quitter, I knew I could be successful if I kept at it.

Quitting on the other hand is something that nobody should want to do. I was close to quitting because some of my projects failed horrible after I dedicated my time and money to them. I myself took the opportunity to relax and observe what successful people were doing and because of that, I was able to succeed.

Had I of quit, I’d probably be miserable. I would most likely hate my life and be sitting at a desk working all day for somebody else making them rich. Instead, I kept focus and decided to follow my dream and because of this, I am financially independent.

Today, I am stronger than ever. I am finally succeeding and every month my revenue is constantly on the rise. If I were to fail again, I know I’ll simply come out stronger and harder again.

When should I quit Online Marketing?

Well if I were lying, I would say never. However, like I said some people just do not have that motivation or strength to keep chugging along when things get tough. For some people, quitting might seem like a better solution depending on their financial and personal situation. If you are not confident after failing, you should really consider the idea of owning an online business.

I do realize that I can show you how to build an online business and you might want to cut corners. This will prevent you from being successful. I like you wanted to work from home and avoid making someone else rich. I wanted to work on my own ideas and make myself rich. I did not want to work on not somebody else’s idea and make them rich.

If you consistently fail, eventually you have to ask yourself if this is really right for you. It’s entirely possible that maybe it isn’t right for you. If your constantly unhappy then move on, you tried and couldn’t succeed. If you still want to follow your dream, then quitting is simply not an option.

In my opinion, one of the biggest reasons people quit is because they do not have enough capital to act on one of their ideas. Think about it like this.. If you failed and someone gave you $1 million in case to try again, what do you think would happen?

I personally think you’d be reenergized and motivated to work harder than ever. You’d probably be more careful and do things right to be successful. In reality, failure generally comes down to money and because of this, I believe people quit.

To add on what I just said, if you don’t have enough cash flow you really cannot experiment and try new things.

Not having money is a roadblock for success. Sometimes people have amazing ideas but simply do not have the capital to continue developing this idea and they quit.

In my personal opinion, quitting is only acceptable if your family life or health is on the line. Nothing should be more important than your health or your family. If one of these two things is in jeopardy, then quitting is okay in my book.

Accepting Failure

If you’re like me, then you will never accept failure. Instead, you’ll welcome it and become stronger and better. Failure is good to some extent. It develops character and makes you a better businessperson believe it or not.

The only way you are not going to fail is if you only try something easy. If you don’t take any risk, you have no chance to fail but at the same time, you are putting yourself in a position to not succeed as much as you could.

Knowing that you failed is the first step when dealing with failure. If you constantly are testing a method and it just simply isn’t working, then you’ve failed. Don’t worry about it, take some time, sit back, and evaluate how you can do something different to succeed.
Knowing your weakness is the second step. Chances are if you fail, you’ll quickly learn exactly what these strengths and weaknesses are. Failing and succeeding will both help you learn what exactly you are good at.

You should not be afraid to fail by any means. Sure we all want to be successful and rich, but if you are afraid to take a risk, you’ll never make it. It’s not embarrassing If you do fail. In fact, most people fail. The only time you should feel embarrassed is if you didn’t try because you were afraid that you were going to fail.

Facing your fears and taking a risk is the best thing you can do. If your dream was like mine and was real, then consider failure a test that you need to pass in order to succeed and achieve your goals.

There are plenty of opportunities to make money online. All you have to figure out is how to claim your piece of the pie. If you don’t your piece, somebody else will. It’s how the Internet works. Do you want this to happen to you? No! So do something about it and start working on building a business.

I hope you understand the opportunity I am telling you that you have. Success is not going to be easy. It’s going to be hard for most of you. It’s going to require work. It’s going to require you to push yourself harder than ever. However, once you reach that first milestone, you’ll feel better than ever about yourself.

The only way you are truly going to succeed is by not letting failure get you down. If you are still reading this guide, then chances are you the type of person who has exactly what it takes to be successful.

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