RiseUp 2015 Challenge

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Rise Up 2015 is a 21 day blogging challenge inspired by leading online blogger, author, publisher and marketer Tracey Walker of Empower Network’s Dream Team in light of the new Kalatu blogging system launch.

Seeing that it is a #RiseUp2015 challenge, getting digitally tagged or untagged, playing virtual hide and seek or not; being the genuine geeks that we are here at #Make #Money #Expert, we just wanted to redefine that art and science of “first page rankings” for any term and trending topic imaginable.

So here we are 2015 riser uppers challengers, mustering up the magical mustard moving matter masterfully like mister miyagi…make more meaning?

Mmm : )

My mistake…

Hopefully the wavy wrath of the wonderful world wide web does not come wildly crashing in like a tsunami, but how can you blame me for seeking cognitive liberty by expressing timeless SEO theories throughout my digital diaries because I know you desperately require the ability to rank at will all to say I am for hire so let me know what you want to transpire… you can call us the SEO snipers fresh outta baby diapers…

Moving higher, my entire desire to hold your feet to the fire and say you can have whatever you want to acquire so shoot us a make money message through the grapevine wire…

Peace out from the omen optimizers.

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