Questra World Review – Marketing Strategies Lifestyle MLM Company?

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Questra World bills itself as an investment opportunity that can provide as much as a 6.47% weekly ROI across 52 weeks. Questra World also provides affiliate recruitment income opportunities as well.

What Is Questra World?

Questra World's website is decidedly light when it comes to the amount of information it offers on ownership of the company.

Supposedly based in Madrid, Questra World has a listed CEO with the name Jose Manuel Gilabert. However, there seems to be little else about this Gilabert anywhere else on the internet.

Additionally, there's no other information on the rest of Questra World's corporate structure, and the address for the Madrid offices matches that of a one-bedroom apartment listed on AirBnB for rent.

The Questra World site itself is registered to Questra Holdings, a company that looks to have been launched in 2015.

However, Questra Holdings ran afoul of Belgian authorities in September of 2016, with the country's Financial Services and Markets Authority issuing warnings that the company was not authorized to act as a financial investment firm within Belgium's borders and that Questra Holdings could be a possible pyramid scam.

Questra World Product

Questra World has no product line to offer. Instead, the only activities available are investment in the program and then recruitment of new investors as affiliates under you.

Questra World Opportunity

Questra World offers two types of revenue streams: ROI from investments on a 52-week payout and referral commissions paid out from the amount of money recruits deposit into the investment opportunity.

Investors can deposit anywhere from 90 to 999,999 Euros into Questra World in exchange for a set ROI, anywhere from 4% to 6.47% depending on amount deposited. Unlocking the top rate involves depositing at least 100,000 Euros.

The second component, the referral commissions, are based on a unilevel compensation scheme. Investors receive a percentage of their recruits' investment amounts. Percentages range from 5% to 15%, based on what Affiliate level you are.

Affiliate levels are not tied to your personal deposits but how much investment activity you and your referred recruits do in general.

You need to personally recruit additional referrals who invest set amounts to gain access to more lucrative commission rates. To unlock the 15% commission rate, for instance, requires direct recruits that have invested at least 100,000 Euros.

Questra World Verdict

If you haven't figured it out by now, Questra World is almost certainly some sort of scam. How can we be so sure? Well, let's review:

There's no way to verify who runs the company. the CEO seems to be just a name, and there are no other individuals listed. Additionally, the address given for the Madrid headquarters is just an AirBnB rental.

Not enough? Well, let's not forget how the entire country of Belgium called out Questra World's parent company as probably nothing but a scam. Is an entire country wrong? You tell me.

Even if you still think it's a good idea, let's look at how Questra World provides you a 52-week investment opportunity with a weekly ROI of up to 6.47%. The answer is: we can't, because Questra World never says what it does to earn money.

So where's the money come from? Other investors, of course. The more investors pouring money into the system, the more money there is to pay initial investors off when their investments mature.

However, if recruitment ever dies down – or dies off completely – these initial investors won't be able to claim their money, because there's simply not enough of it to go around.

At this point, the anonymous admins of Questra World will disappear and go count their money in whatever overseas tax shelter they've been funneling all the cash to while completely pulling the wool over everyone else's eyes.

Questra World is going to go down in flames eventually. Might take some time for the truth to come to light, thanks to its 52-week payout cycle, but mark our words – this one is as scammy as it gets. Steer clear if you value your wallet.

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