WorldVentures Review (DreamTrips Vacation Travel Club)

WorldVentures DreamTrips

WorldVentures DreamTrips is a members-only travel club that caters to those who want to travel a lot, but also want to do it in style and with a touch of “exclusivity” to their travel packages.

The Dream Trips are perfect for people who'd like to impress someone with travel (guys who want to impress a girlfriend with high-end travel, for example). If you think you know of a way to tap into that market, you may be able to take advantage of the direct-selling opportunity that exists by becoming as associate.

If that sounds like you, we've provided a review of the opportunity below…so you can decide for yourself.

The Program

World Ventures Dream Trips offers three levels of “belonging” to their travel club:

  1. Membership. You get access to travel deals and the chance to build points in a loyalty program. Get four people to become members in a month and your monthly fee is waived for that month. Do it again the following month, and again your fee is waived (but you don't have to).
  2. Gold Level Membership. Upgrade to Gold level and it's $199.99 initial membership fee plus a $54.99 monthly fee. Benefits include access to Voluntours, travel extras like airport transfers are now included when you travel, flight accident insurance, discounts on airfare, and more.
  3. Platinum Level Membership. $299.99 initial fee plus $99.99 monthly fee. Benefits include access to Platinum-only travel, upgrade airport transfer, other travel extras like late checkout, spa discounts, resort credits, and earn more DreamTrips Points than lower membership levels.

The Opportunity

You can make money with World Ventures Dream Trips through direct commissions, bonuses, and residual commissions.

How difficult is it to earn cash? Honestly, asking this question is like asking the same question in any sales job: it's what you make of it. How good will you be at convincing people this travel membership is worth their money? How good will you be at finding the right market for luxury travel, so people will buy Platinum memberships from you?

Is World Ventures Dream Travel a Scam?

What we can do here is tell you the facts, and let you decide where you'll be able to take this business. Yes, it's MLM. No, it's not pyramid. Pyramid schemes have no real product. It's not required that you sell memberships- but the opportunity it there if you want it. So no: World Ventures Dream Travel is not a scam.

It may be hard for some people to earn money in this business, but that doesn't make it a scam.

Ways of Earning Money
  1. Direct commissions: sell travel, get commissions. There is no need to sign people on, nor is there any need to enroll new associates…just plain salesmanship here.
  2. Personal Sales Bonus: Earn $100 if you bring in 3 new customers in a 28-day period. A customer means a new World Member Dream Travel member: you must become a member in order to book a trip. Bonus depends on what membership level you're at.
  3. Earn $300 if you sponsor 5 new customers and your “team” sells a volume of $2999 in a month.
  4. Earn up to $100 weekly sales bonus if your team sells enough each week.
  5. Monthly residual commissions: earn $$ as your team earns $$, typical of the industry

There are more bonuses available as you move up the ladder of importance at World Ventures – the trick is to keep it rolling with continuous sales each week & month so you don't lose traction.

The Takeaway: Will You Succeed With World Ventures Dream Trips?

Sounds like lots of work? You betcha. Sounds hard? For some, it will be impossible. Nobody ever promised you a free ride in life, and the internet, MLM and World Ventures Dream Travel is no different. You will work very hard in spite of what Dream Travel reps may tell you. They're fond of forcing the image of lounging on a beach and checking in a few times a day to keep your business going, but in truth it takes a lot of hard work, especially at first.

If you can sell the prospect of exclusive travel deals and vacations that are better that what you could get elsewhere, World Ventures Dream Trips could work for you.

World Ventures Review

WorldVentures is a committed and trustworthy company that runs a transparent direct-selling campaign. It is best known for its open management philosophy.

What Is WorldVentures?

Since it is committed to high-quality, the great and innovative products WorldVentures sells made this business one of the biggest company of direct sellers. Its corporate citizenship developed a network of more than 110,000 Independent Representatives.

They are spread in 24 countries. WorldVentures offers the great opportunity of making money while doing what you love. They say you can make money just by living.

Who launched WorldVentures?

The founders of WorldVentures are Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue. These two people have had great success in their careers, as business owners. With two different points of view, they got together to launch a new business: WorldVentures.

Wayne Nugent was a man that believed work should not be all about money. He always imagined one’s work requires passion, fun and also adventure. Mike Azcue’s life has been very affected by his career as he had to work long hours. This influenced his personal and family life in a bad way.

These life and work experiences of Wayne and Mike lend them to create a new money making method, which’s management would involve fun, freedom and fulfillment. Their business philosophy is simple and easily achievable: do your work while having fun. This is how the WorldVentures lifestyle emerged.

What does WorldVentures sell?

WorldVentures sells vacation and entertainment memberships. As simple as this… It offers people the opportunity to work full or part-time. It is a job that can be done from anywhere in the world, as long as the representative owns a computer.

Everyone’s invited to explore the rich opportunities WorldVentures offers. Become an Independent Representative and learn the direct-selling model WorldVentures provide. You will benefit from every piece of material needed to sell your products.

Why direct-selling?

Many would ask why WorldVentures chosen the direct-selling way. It is very simple. The company decided on this approach because the products WorldVentures sells are touching the personal side of a costumer. Selling vacations and entertainment requires a more personal approach.

The WorldVentures Independent Representatives have to help and convince the costumers to make the right membership choice. Having three different vacation and entertainment club options, next to a impressive array of local experiences, the approach of a Representative must be hands-on and impressive.

The WorldVentures Memberships

Depending on members’ budget and usage, WorldVentures offers different membership packages. The DreamTrips vacation club incorporates many levels providing different experiences.

The DreamTrips Membership

For now available only in certain countries, this package is especially designed for those who want an awesome vacation on a limited budget.

DreamTrips Life Membership

There are many lifestyle and vacation benefits offered with this package. You can enjoy traveling all over the world. More than this, you can benefit from unique experiences and day to day opportunities that can put you on the tip of the iceberg.

Luxury DreamTrips Membership

This premium membership redefines luxury. It spoils the costumer and lets him/her soak in the best resorts vacation places have to offer.


  1. Rudi Middleton

    That’s a great review. Captures the company pretty well. Just like to point out though, when you help 4 of your friends get started (at the same level as you or above) your monthly fees are indeed waived but you DO NOT have to repeat this month after month. If these 4 friends remain members your fees remain waived.

    There’s no elevator to success here but we have steps. If you have a desire to climb you’ll have a lot of fun doing it here. Enjoy. RM.

  2. Randall

    It always amazes me how “all MLM’s” are portrayed as scams. People rave “you have to put in your own money for training….Wow, welcome to the real world. Poor pitiful people shouldn’t have to put in their own money should they? Then there is the obligatory “Pyramid Scheme” banter that is accepted as Gospel. Most people don’t have it in them to run or start a business. They are too busy grabbing chicken from Popeye’s at the drive through just to hurry home so they can binge watch Game of Thrones or something. You will hear these same people intelligently declare that they got in a mlm and it was a scam.

    What about scamming yourself? Try working instead of excuses..

    Fair and honest review.


    • Eddy

      You are so right,Randall.People who are so quick to shout ”Scam” or ”Pyramid scam” argue that not all independent reps make money.And i ask them:” Do you think that all students who go to college will find jobs when they graduate? Is college a scam?
      Do you think it’s OK for the C.E.O and top executives in your company making 10 times more than employees?
      I really don’t waste my time with people who are happy with their JOB.
      ‘’Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the result’’
      Oscar Wilde

  3. Nathan Argenta

    WOW this is a great and very informative review on WorldVentures. Thanks for sharing!

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